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"Breakdown"崩潰 (Rose) We all come in from the cold We come down from the wire An everybody warms themselves to a different fire When sometimes we get burned You'd think sometime we'd learn The one you love is the one That should take you higher You ain't got no one You better go back out and find her 我們都從寒冷裡一路走來 我們從繩索上下來 每個人各自需要不同的溫暖 當有時候我們燙傷了 你會想說有時我們該學會 你愛的人應該是能讓你更上層樓的人 如果你沒看到 你最好回去重新找過 Just like children hidin' in a closet Can't tell what's goin' on outside Sometimes we're so far off the beaten track We'll get taken for a ride By a parlor trick or some words of wit A hidden hand up a sleeve To think the one you love could hurt you now Is a little hard to believe But everybody darlin' sometimes Bites the hand that feeds 像躲在衣櫥裡的小鬼 不知道外面發生什麼事 有時候我們從預期的軌道 滾落太遠 就像派對魔術或是機智問答 魔術師神秘的留一手 你覺得最愛的人竟然會傷害你 是件難以置信的事 但親愛的 每個人有時都會以怨報德 When I look around Everybody always brings me down Well is it them or me Well I just can't see But there ain't no peace to found But if someone really cared Well they'd take the time to spare A moment to try and understand Another one's despair Remember in this game we call life That no one said it's fair 當我環顧四周 每個人都想扯我下水 是他們的問題還是我有問題 我真的不知道 不過從來就沒有和平這種東西 但如果有人真的關心你 他們會找時間陪你 試著理解另一個人的悲傷 切記在這個名為生命的遊戲裡 沒人說它是公平的 Breakdown Let me hear it now Breakdown let me hear it now Yeah Breakdown Let me hear it now Breakdown let me hear it now Get down with yo' bad self Alright 崩潰 讓我聽見吧 崩潰 讓我聽見吧 耶 崩潰 讓我聽見吧 崩潰 讓我聽見吧 跟你那一半罪惡的自己沉淪吧 I've come to know the cold I think of it as home When there ain't enough of me to go around I'd rather be left alone But if I call you out of habit I'm out of love and I gotta have it Would you give it to me if I fit you needs Like when we both knew we had it But now the damage's done And we're back out on the run Fun how ev'rything was roses When we held on to the guns Just because you're winnin' Don't mean you're the lucky ones 我理解寒冷是怎麼回事 我覺得像回家一樣舒適 當我沒有力氣到處啪啪走 我寧願獨自一人 但如果我出於習慣打給妳說 我缺乏愛 我想要愛 如果我讓妳看對眼 妳願意給我嗎 就像我們都知道彼此的心意 但現在傷害已經造成了 我們各自不相為謀 好笑的是雖然過去的事都像玫瑰一樣溫暖 我們手上卻拿著槍 只因為妳贏了 並不表示妳是幸運兒 Breakdown Let me hear it now Breakdown Yeah Breakdown Breakdown Let me hear it now 崩潰 讓我聽見吧 崩潰 耶 崩潰 崩潰 讓我聽見吧 O.S. (採自電影Vanishing point, Axl朗讀) "There goes the challenger being chased By the blue blue meanies on wheels The vicious traffic squad cars are after our lone driver The last American hero The-the electric sintar The demi-god, The super driver of the golden west! Two nasty Nazi cars are close behind The beautiful lone driver The police cars are getting closer-closer... Closer to our soul hero in his soul mobile Yeah baby! They about to strike, They gonna get him, Smash! Rape! The last beautiful free soul on this planet But...it is written if the Evil Spirit arms the Tiger with claws Brahman provided wings for the Dove Thus spake the Super Guru" * "藍色的四輪巨獸追上挑戰者了 邪惡的車隊正在追逐我們的孤獨英雄 最後的美國英雄 機械動力的半人馬 半人半神 金色大西部的超級駕駛! 兩台死納粹車正慢慢趕上 我們帥氣的車手 警車也慢慢接近 我們的無敵英雄和他的無敵座車 耶!寶貝! 他們準備攻擊 他們準備逮到他 衝撞!希巴爛! 這地球上最後一個美麗的自由靈魂 但是....書上寫著 如果惡魔讓老虎裝備了爪子 婆羅門就給了鴿子翅膀一飛沖天 超級大師是這麼說的" "Did you hear that" "你聽懂了嗎" -- Come Come Come here at once On a night with no moon Because all of my being is now in pining All of my being is now in pining -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc) ◆ From:
rabbit44:我好愛這首~~謝謝版主的翻譯 12/20 16:53
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Kej:開車上高速公路時超愛放這首XD 12/20 17:12
arkchen:因為這首歌,讓我從頭複習起前面的歌詞翻譯> 12/20 17:14
h780728:我也好愛這首 謝謝! 12/20 17:22
jarvisbrett:這首棒!SLASH的吉他很狂! 12/20 17:38
bigballs:我覺得這首Civil War, Estranged,和Locomotive是Axl寫過 12/20 19:00
bigballs:最像詩的詞 12/20 19:01
IKUZO:這首聽起來超有活力的呀!! 12/20 19:08
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lovelve:最喜歡最前面的口哨~~ 12/20 22:48
dorae0903:回去翻UYI來聽特有感 雖然我還是喜歡AFD的直接清脆 不過 12/21 16:16
dorae0903:UYI兩張真的是最能展現樂團才華的專輯了~ 12/21 16:17