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※ 引述《KaMiRyuu (神龍)》之銘言: : BDG: What are the plans now and in the future for Andrew Bynum in terms of : the triangle, because obviously he's not going to be seeing a lot of playing : time this year. BDG:因為很明顯的,Andrew Bynum看起來並不會在今年球季有很多的上場時間, 所以究竟對於他去跑三角戰術,現在以及未來有什麼計劃? : Tex Winter: Well we don’t know about that. I personally feel like we’ve got : to get him into the “baptism of fire” pretty soon, because he’s a guy that : I think they’re [planning] on becoming their center. It’s going to take : some time– no question about that. It will be a natural maturing process for : him, but [I hope] he can get enough playing time so we can get a chance to : see what he can do and go from there. Tex:嗯,目前我們還不清楚.我個人的感覺是,我們會很快的讓他面臨到"嚴酷的考驗", 因為我認為他們正計劃讓他成為球隊的中鋒.雖然毫無疑問的,那將會需要一些時間. 那對於他是個很自然的成長過程,但我希望他能有足夠的上場時間,以便我們能有機 會看到他到底能作什麼. : BDG: Phil has a well-known aversion to playing rookies, the younger players : especially, do you think we’re going to see a bit more flexibility on his : part in playing Andrew Bynum this year, especially considering how high he : was picked? BDG:Phil是出了名的討厭用菜鳥跟年輕的球員,你覺得我們會看到他稍微更有彈性的運用 Andrew Bynum,尤其是考慮到湖人用很高的順位去選他嗎? : Winter: Yeah, it’s a different situation for Phil. He’s had veteran teams : and superstars his whole career of coaching, and now it’s an entirely : different situation. So I don’t think he’ll be reluctant to play younger : players and give them as much playing time as he can because it’s a : developing process and I think that he’ll do all he can to give Bynum as : much time as he can. [This goes for] even some of the other younger players, : because it’s a new deal. Tex:當然,現在對於Phil來說是個不同的狀況.在他執教的生涯裡,他以往所帶的都是有經 驗的隊伍和多位超級球星.但是 -這就是人蔘.....XD- 現在是個完全不同的狀況. 我不認為他會不願意使用年輕球員,他應該會給年輕球員們足夠的上場空間-只要他能 給的話,因為那是發展球隊的過程.他會給Bynum他所能給的所有上場時間. 並且對於其他年輕球員來說,也是一樣的,因為現在完全是另外一回事. : BDG: Von Wafer, a 6'5" guard out of Florida State– what is his role going to : be in the triangle? BDG:Von Wafer在三角戰術裡面的定位是什麼? : Winter: I think he would probably be a two-guard. They say he’s a very good : shooter. I didn’t see any of his college games, so I don’t really have a : read on him. But he’s supposed to be a very good shooter and he does have : size as you say so I would image they’ll probably try to utilize him at : shooting guard. Tex:我認為他可能會被當成是個PG/SG雙能衛,他們說他是個很好的射手.但我並未看過他 的任何一場大學比賽,所以我並不能斷定. 但他應該可以成為一個好射手,且他的確如你所說的有身材,所以我會覺得他們可能在 嘗試著把他當成一個SG. : BDG: Are there going to be any noticeable differences in the triangle this : year considering there’s no big guy down low and the roster has changed? BDG:對於這季缺乏大傢伙,以及球員名單改變的三角戰術,有沒有什麼值得注意的地方? : Winter: Of course our stress with Shaq was to get the ball into him, : generally as deep as we could, and so there was ball movement and basically : everyone was looking to penetrate the ball into Shaq. I think maybe the : complexion of the triangle will change. We’ll still have the center as the : apex, but I think he won’t be as quite as deep in the lane and he’ll be out : of the lane more and probably become a little bit more of a feeder. So we : should see a little bit more ball movement, player movement with a purpose, : and the center doing a little bit more feeding of the ball as opposed to : trying to score every time he touches it. Tex:之前Shaq的重要性就在於我們會不斷的把球交給他,能給多深就給多深. 然後我們就可以有球的流動,以及其他球員能夠透過Shaq運轉起來(這地方不確定) 我想三角戰術的外貌或許會有所改變. 我們仍然會有個中鋒站在高位,但是我想他沒辦法完全的沉底,他應該會被要求多離開 底線,因為他更有可能會被當成一個分球的球員.所以我們應該會看到更多球的流動, 球員的跑動,而中鋒在拿到球的時候會嘗試傳球多過於嘗試得分. : BDG: What are Phil’s hopes for Lamar Odom, is he going to be using him as a : Scottie Pippen-type player, and do you hope that [Kobe Bryant and Lamar] : would form a tandem similar to that of Jordan and Pippen? BDG:Phil對於Lamar Odom的期望是什麼?他是否會讓Odom成為一個類似PIP角色的球員? 並且你會不會希望KOBE跟Odom能夠串連起來,就跟Jordan跟PIP一樣? : Winter: Well as you know, Lamar is a very talented all-around player. I wouldn : ’t be surprised if what Phil does is to try to utilize him some bringing the : ball up, [as] a big point guard. Then [we would] post him up so that he has : mismatches. But, he’s versatile, so he can certainly be a 3 (small forward), : probably his best position right now, and he may even have to play some 4 : (power forward). I hope not. I hope he can be a three and someone else can : step up and fill that 4 role because that’s a very important need right now : for the Lakers. Tex:呃....如你所知道的,Odom是個非常有天份的全能球員.我並不會訝異如果Phil讓Odom 執行帶球的任務,就像一個大號的PG一樣.這樣我們會清開空間讓他能夠利用mismatch 單打.但他是多才多藝的,所以他現在確定會被當成SF,一個或許是他目前最佳的位置, 並且他也可能會頂一下PF的位置.雖然我並不希望這樣. 我希望有人能夠站出來頂住PF的這個位置,讓Odom能夠打到SF, 因為這是目前湖人所迫切需要的. -- http://spaces.msn.com/members/colarally/ -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc) ◆ From: ※ 編輯: RAGERACER 來自: (07/16 02:15)
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