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※ [本文轉錄自 KobeBryant 看板] 作者: RAGERACER (暱稱打啥關你屌事) 看板: KobeBryant 標題: [閒聊] 外電綜合包 時間: Wed Dec 26 14:29:16 2007 http://tinyurl.com/3ya3zq 節錄: ------------------------- Andrew Bynum outplayed two-time All-Star Amare Stoudemire, Kobe Bryant provided a stirring second half on the way to 38 points, and the Lakers won for the ninth time in their last 11 games while continuing to build an impressive resume, all in front of an amped-up Christmas Day crowd at Staples Center. Bynum表現的比兩屆明星賽球員Amare還好,Kobe由於下半場的活躍整場拿下38分, 最後湖人在聖誕節的滿場觀眾的加油聲中,拿下最近11場比賽的第九場勝利。 The Lakers' ledger, as it now stands: victories over Houston, Detroit, Utah, Phoenix (twice), Denver (twice) and a depleted San Antonio team. A very merry Christmas for them, indeed. 目前湖人贏過火箭(一勝一負)、沒有Billups的活塞(一勝)、爵士(一勝一負)、 太陽(二勝)、金塊(二勝)、三頭缺二的馬刺(一勝一負) "We have a solid foundation," Bryant said. "We've got length, we've got speed, we have quickness, we have shot-blocking, we have guys that get after the ball and steal it, we have playmakers. It's looking very solid." Kobe: "球隊目前的基礎很堅固,我們有高度、速度、靈活性,有火鍋有抄截,也有能主導 攻勢的人。目前看起來真的很穩。" Bynum also played a season-high 42 minutes. "I feel like I could play another game right now," he said. "They were hitting me right under the basket, so I have no choice but to dunk the ball." Bynum(今天上場本季最高的42分鐘): "我覺得我還可以馬上再打一場比賽,他們一直在籃下推擠我,所以我除了他X的把球 塞進去之外沒別的事可以做。" The Staples Center crowd seemed more fiery than usual, perhaps because of the lingering tension between the teams, or possibly the anticipation of seeing the Lakers (18-10) continue to blow past mediocre expectations. Fans even offered a seldom-heard derisive chant toward an opponent in the waning seconds, a boisterous reminder that the Lakers appear to have come a ways since consecutive first-round playoff flameouts against the Suns. The Lakers themselves seemed slightly less enthused, perhaps because the recent rallying cry has been their 26-13 start last season, which dissolved into a 42-40 record and a five-game playoff loss to the Suns. 今晚的湖人迷比以往更瘋狂,或許是因為兩隊之間揮之不去的緊張氣氛,也或許是因 為期待看到目前的湖人好還要更好。 現場球迷甚至給了太陽難得在湖人主場聽到的嘲諷聲(PHX Sucks! PHX Sucks!),讓太 陽了解到湖人從連續兩年季後賽第一輪輸給太陽的窘境中爬回來了。 但湖人球員並沒有表現出太大的激情,可能是因為上一季打出26勝13負的開季,最後 卻以42勝40負結束例行賽,並且第一輪打了五場就輸給太陽。 http://tinyurl.com/2438mm 節錄: ------------------------- What's more, the Lakers improved to 2-0 this season against the Suns, the team that eliminated them from the first round of the playoffs the last two seasons. Suddenly, there are obvious matchup advantages for the Lakers beyond Kobe Bryant's domination of Phoenix's Raja Bell. For example, Andrew Bynum was too big and powerful for the Suns to handle in the paint and Derek Fisher ran the point almost as capably as Steve Nash did for the Suns. 湖人把今年的對戰紀錄推進到二勝零負,太陽連續兩季在季後賽第一輪淘汰湖人。 突然,湖人對太陽的明顯優勢除了Kobe對上Raja Bell還有別的。 Bynum的高大身材跟力量在禁區造成了太陽很大的麻煩,Fisher的戰術跑位幾乎可 以做到跟Nash幫太陽所做的一樣好。 At game's end, the Lakers wanted to talk about anything but the obvious. They simply did not wish to address the fact that they might have finally caught up to the Suns. 湖人並不希望滿足於他們好像終於趕上太陽的現況。 "We are aware of the standings," Lakers coach Phil Jackson said, "but we also know that last year we were 10 games over .500 (actually, they were 26-13 last Jan. 17) and moving along, then injuries slew the dragon, so to speak. Phil爺爺: "我們知道目前我們的戰績不錯,但我們也知道上一季曾經比五成勝率還要多十勝 (其實在一月十七日時是26勝13負),接著便是傷兵不斷的打擊湖人,最後終結。" "In many ways, we just have to play every game and not think about anything else, just what's ahead of us. We are playing better as a team. There are some things that we are still working on ... but we're a better offensive team." There is plenty of work to be done before the Lakers can be considered an elite team in the Western Conference, Bryant said. "It's a day-to-day thing," he said. "You can't allow yourself to get comfortable. We'll move on from here and get ready for the next one. We're getting better, but again, it's about getting better each day. "We're happy and excited about the win, but beyond that I don't think anybody is getting ahead of themselves." Kobe: "我們必須打好每一場比賽,無論如何。目前球隊很團結,進攻打的不錯,但還是有 一些其他事情必須要努力。 在湖人要被認定成是西區的頂尖球隊之前,還有很多事要做。 你不能允許自己放鬆下來,隨時準備好下一場比賽,我們會變的更強,但就是要每 天努力。對於今天的贏球我們都很爽,但我想應該沒有人得意忘形。 Near the end, with the game in hand, many Lakers fans among a sellout crowd of 18,997 directed a profane chant toward the Suns. It certainly wasn't in the Christmas spirit, and it wasn't exactly accurate since the Suns still lead the Lakers. But it did underscore the Lakers' dominance Tuesday. PHX在湖人主場聽到不太符合聖誕節氣氛的噓聲,而且那噓聲也不太符合事實,在太 陽仍然戰績領先湖人的時候。 "We just couldn't stop them," Phoenix coach Mike D'Antoni said of the Lakers. "They played well. Bynum killed us and Kobe, too." Asked specifically about Bynum, D'Antoni said, "I don't know if he's up-and-coming. He's there. I hope he's not up-and-coming. You've got to give him credit." D'Antoni said Bynum's rapid development this season and the Lakers' signing of Fisher during the offseason make them a vastly more competitive team than the one the Suns knocked out of the last two postseasons. "They've got two better players than they had last (spring)," D'Antoni said of Bynum and Fisher. "So, that's a huge difference." D'Antoni: "我們就是沒辦法擋下他們,他們打的很好,Bynum跟Kobe就搞死我們了。" 對於Bynum的感想 - "我不知道他算不算已經準備大展身手,他就在那邊。我希望他不是,不過你必須給 他一定的尊敬。" D'Antoni認為Bynum的快速成長跟簽下Fisher讓湖人變成比之前太陽在季後賽擊敗的 湖人還要更有競爭力(拜嫩 -> 霸男 旋轉門 -> 漁夫)。 -- 驚! 下次再讓天氣變冷我就開槍 ○)/ ﹃_○ / <\︵ |) / /\ -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc) ◆ From: -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc) ◆ From:
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