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: : 遊戲名稱: Clicker Heroes : : 遊戲簡稱: Clicker Heroes : : 遊戲類型: 放置 滑鼠 升級 : : 官方網站: http://www.clickerheroes.com/ 最近一直在玩這個,都快入迷了 然後去他的論壇看了很多資料 幫忙將 FAQ 簡單翻譯給大家 資料來源: http://www.reddit.com/r/ClickerHeroes FAQ: http://www.reddit.com/r/ClickerHeroes/comments/2fkme3/beginners_faq/ When do I buy the next hero? The general consensus seems to be that you lvl up a hero to level 10 and buy the first upgrade, then you move on to the next hero. It's not horribly important to get this in an absolutely perfect order, since you can level your heroes pretty fast in the beginning. 我什麼時候該買下一個英雄? 建議,將英雄升到10級並且買了第一個技能之後,購買下一個英雄 When and why should I ascend? Ascending (aka soft resetting) provides you with Hero Souls. You get one Hero Soul for every 2000 hero levels. The advice most commonly given is that you should try to get at least 5 souls per ascension in the beginning. Getting 6 or 7 is fine too. Whenever you feel like it's starting to get slow to play further, it's probably time to ascend. 為什麼我要重置遊戲(ascend)? 重置可以讓你獲得 Hero Soul,重置時,每2000個英雄等級可以讓你獲得一個 Hero Soul 最好是每次重置可以拿到5個 Hero Soul 以上 How many hero souls should I get? The more the better of coarse. [Needs to be updated for 0.12]. 我應該要拿幾個 Hero Soul 越多越好 Damn, things are getting so slow and leveling Frostleaf hardly makes a difference. When you start experiencing this, it's probably time to start leveling Treebeast (one of the first heroes) to level 1000. After level 200 heroes dps will multiply by 4 every 25 levels. Every 1000 levels their dps will multiply by 10. 打怪越來越慢,就算升級也沒什麼差別?! 你可以升級你的基本英雄 英雄在200級之後,每25級傷害會乘四 而每1000級,傷害會乘十 I lost my save, what now? If it's gone it's gone. You should try to make a habbit of exporting your savefile at least once every day, but probably even a bit more often if you're scared of losing progress. 我的紀錄消失了,怎麼辦? 紀錄消失就沒救了 How do I export my savefile? Click the wrench icon on the top right and click save. 5 seconds of work that can probably save you hours. 要怎麼匯出紀錄 點右上的板手,然後再點 save Why can't I see the update? Make sure you refresh your window because it won't update otherwise. If you're playing on Kongregate,updates can take a bit longer to arrive (I think). 為什麼我看不到更新(新版本) 請重新整理頁面 What's the best dps combo? Despite the DPS x3, experience shows that 1 8 2 3 7 is on par with 1 2 8 3 7. 1 2 3 8 7 is far better than these two but quite incredibly 8 1 2 3 7 seems to be the highest DPS combo currently possible! 怎樣的順序使用技能傷害最高 18237 比 12837 和 12387 還要高 但想不到傷害最高的卻是 81237 What's the best way to profit from the Dark Ritual? Energize, Dark Ritual, Reload, Energize, Reload and back to the start. This works best with full cooldown reduction (75 hero souls). 怎樣使用 Dark Ritual 最好 Energize, Dark Ritual, Reload, Energize, Reload 等待冷卻時間,然後再重頭開始 這需要搭配滿級的減少冷卻時間使用(一共要75個 hero souls) Will we get [more heroes]/[feature X] in the future? Maybe we will, maybe we don't. Most of the time new features are a surprise for us users. 以後會有更多英雄和功能嗎? 可能會 When I click it says "NICE TRY" "LOL" etc, is my game broken? No, you're either holding shift or ctrl while clicking monsters. You still do damage, but not extra damage. 點擊時出現 "NICE TRY" "LOL",遊戲壞掉了嗎? 沒有,你只是按住 ctrl 或 shift 點擊怪物而已 Omg, have you seen this monster with a face? Yes, it's been posted about 4 times today :P 你有見過這個有臉的怪物嗎 是,這是今天第四次被問了 (猜測是之前的某節日活動,出現特殊怪物) How do I reroll a gilded hero? At the bottom of your heroes list, beneath Frostleaf there's a green button that gives you access to the gilded hero overview. 我要怎麼重擲一個鍍金的英雄 在英雄列表的最下面有一個按鈕可以重擲 Which gilded heroes should I reroll and which ones should I aim for? http://www.reddit.com/r/ClickerHeroes/comments/2f84w9/list_of_total_hero_dps_upgrades/ The higher the number the better. 哪一個英雄鍍金效果最好 http://goo.gl/pR2J4h 網址內,分數越高的越好 How do I get Hero Souls? You can get Hero Souls by leveling up heroes 2000 times, and buying Amenhotep's last upgrade. You'll get 1 Hero Soul per 2000 levels. You can also get souls by killing Primal Bosses. 我要怎麼獲得 Hero Soul 重置遊戲時每 2000 級可以獲得一個 Hero Soul。 英雄 Amenhotep 的最後一個技能 "ascend" 可以重置遊戲 你也可以殺死 Primal Boss 來獲得 Hero Soul Who is Amenhotep? He is one of the heroes. Seriously, play the game through and you'll find him eventually. 誰是 Amenhotep 他是英雄之一 What are Primal Bosses? They are special glowing bosses that may appear every 5 zones after zone 105. They'll give you a number of Hero Souls depending on what zone you're on. Higher zones give more souls. If a boss is primal, he will only be so the first time you kill him. If you fail to kill him, he stays primal until you kill him, so there's no rush. The new souls will become active after your next ascend. 什麼是 Primal Boss Primal Boss 是一種特別的 Boss(王),在105關之後每五關有機會出現 殺死他會獲得 Hero Soul 越後面的關殺死可以得到越多 Hero Soul Primal Boss 只有在你第一次殺死他時會給你 Hero Soul 但是在你殺死他為之前他都不會消失 How do I get Gilded Heroes? Floor((Your Highest Zone Beaten - 90) / 10). Floor is just a function that rounds integers to the nearest unit. So if your highest zone ever is 312, you should have 22 Gilded Heroes, since Floor((312 - 90) / 10) is 22.2, which rounds down to 22. The big takeaway here is that the higher you go, the more Gilded Heroes you'll have. 要怎麼獲得鍍金的英雄 公式: 無條件捨去((你最高到達的關卡-90)/10) 範例: 假設你到達最高的關卡是 312 (312 - 90)/10 = 22.2 無條件捨去後等於 22 I've been hearing a lot about "Kappa Face." What is Kappa Face? It's an easter egg, a rare one too. It's just a Turtloid with the Twitch meme/emote Kappa pasted onto it. It has no benefits that I know of. Just kill it and move on! 我有聽過 Kappa Face,什麼是 Kappa Face 這是復活節彩蛋 Is Cid actually a girl? Yes, she is. She's very helpful too. Cid 是女的嗎?What's the most effective level to grind? The rules here are set in stone. The two areas immediately after a boss have a lower Gold Per Second than the boss himself, but the two areas after the first two have a higher g/s than the boss. As such, you should always farm the highest area that you can reach. If you can't AFK farm the 75th floor boss, but can still defeat it by blowing all of your skills at once, then you should do so and farm the 79th floor. Additionally, you gain gold faster when the game is closed than when the game is open. This means that you should make a habit of closing your game when you aren't progressing to the next boss or using skills. 在哪一關賺錢最有效率 王關會比下兩關賺的還快,但是比不上再之後的兩關 所以你應該盡可能的再最高的一關賺錢 此外,如果你沒有技能可以用的話,關掉遊戲會比開著遊戲賺得更快 等到技能的冷卻時間到了再打開來使用技能 如果有錯誤請告知 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: ※ 文章網址: http://www.ptt.cc/bbs/Little-Games/M.1411983973.A.F0D.html
Workforme : 果然 關掉比開著掛賺得快 = = 09/29 17:59
kas1106 : 我太早重置了 我都英雄4000就重置 拿2個soul而已 09/29 18:19
kas1106 : 不過我有放技能都會加巨集一起點 所以爆發很快 09/29 18:22
no1kk : 問一下,hero soul不要用掉的話是不是每個會+10%dps 09/29 20:14
Workforme : 有啊 :) 09/29 20:59
tsoahans : 居然是81237比較強 09/30 17:38
tsoahans : 是說Dark Ritual不知道能不能累積加上去? 09/30 17:41
no1kk : Dark Ritual 加的傷害是永久的.. 09/30 18:02
no1kk : 有用滑鼠連點的話,我認為是 12387比較強 09/30 18:02
dbpdbp : 有滑鼠連點的話 我認為8237比較強 1可以用連點取代( 09/30 23:44
dbpdbp : 每秒點擊次數似乎有限制?) 09/30 23:44
swallowcc : 有人發現8可以先按起來放嗎 XD 10/03 11:18
minbyminby : 我有發現XD 11/03 18:21
lacoste1113 : 為什麼我基本英雄175~257沒有乘四倍阿? 11/05 13:42