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來源:https://www.ssbwiki.com/Plot_summary_of_The_Subspace_Emissary 好啦繼續,就像昨天講的,一次放兩章 這兩章進度是從開頭天空體育場瑪莉歐V.S.卡比,到火狐和狄狄剛逃走 ======================================= Chapter one 第一章 A large crowd fills the Midair Stadium for a battle between Mario and Kirby. In addition to the generic crowd, Peach and Zelda are in attendance, and Pit watches from a magical fountain in Skyworld. As one participant defeats the other, the loser reverts to his trophy form; the winner revives him in good sportsmanship and they both wave to the crowd. 空中體育場擠滿了來看瑪莉歐和卡比的對決的觀眾,其中包括碧姬和薩爾達,彼特則是在 天界用一個魔法噴泉收看。當其中一名參賽者擊敗另一個時,輸家會變回公仔,贏家則會 秉著運動家精神把他變回來,兩人一起向群眾揮手致意。(譯註:兩人一起玩時就是圍毆 模式,當時我和我妹用兩隻卡比圍毆瑪莉歐) An ominous howling noise fills the stadium as the sky is filled with red clouds. The Halberd arrives and drops Shadow Bugs into the stadium, which form into Subspace Army troops. Peach and Zelda join Mario and Kirby as they fight off the invaders. Shortly afterwards, the Ancient Minister appears, dropping a Subspace Bomb that is prepped with two R.O.B.s and set for detonation in three minutes; the Ancient Minister quickly retreats to the Halberd as it begins to depart. As Mario dashes to investigate the bomb, a mysterious smoke cloud appears, and a cannonball is fired from it that propels Mario out of the stadium far into the sky. In the chaos, Peach and Zelda are thrown into individual cages, which are held by Petey Piranha. Only Kirby is left to fight Petey. 突然,不詳的咆哮籠罩會場,天空佈滿紅雲,戰艦Halberd出現在會場上方,並把影蟲放 到場內,變成了亞空間軍隊。在瑪莉歐和卡比對抗入侵者時,碧姬和薩爾達加入了他們。 過了不久,遠古大使出現,並扔下一枚由兩個R.O.B.操作的亞空間炸彈,並設定成三分鐘 後引爆,遠古大使隨後馬上撤回Halberd並啟航。瑪莉歐衝過去要檢查炸彈,突然出現一 陣神秘的煙霧,從中飛出一枚砲彈把瑪莉歐炸出體育場外。混亂之中,碧姬和薩爾達被大 吞食花(Petev Piranaha,食人花大招)各用一個鐵籠關起來,只剩下卡比獨自對抗大吞食 花。 Upon breaking one of the cages, Petey explodes in defeat, as Kirby and the princess he freed (Peach/Zelda) jump away. Wario makes an entrance, leaping in from nowhere with his Dark Cannon pointed at Kirby and Peach/Zelda. He prepares to fire, but notices that the other cage has broken and Zelda/Peach is lying outside it, in no condition to evade. Wario turns his Dark Cannon to the easier target and fires, turning Zelda/Peach into a trophy; he quickly grabs the trophy and leaps away. Kirby and Peach/Zelda begin chasing him, but Kirby notices that the Subspace Bomb is about to explode, and summons a Warp Star for the pair to escape on. The Midair Stadium is then consumed by Subspace. 在打破其中一個籠子之後,大吞食花就會在爆炸中被擊敗,而卡比會跟他救出的公主(碧 姬/薩爾達)(譯註:當時我和我妹是救薩俺達,因為我很喜歡薩爾達傳說XD)閃到一旁 。此時瓦利歐突然跳出來,並以黑暗加農砲指著卡比和碧姬/薩爾達,當他準備要開火時 ,注意到另一個籠子也壞了,而薩爾達/碧姬正躺在籠子外,無法立刻閃躲。瓦利歐朝更 好瞄的目標開火,把薩爾達/碧姬變成了公仔,並迅速抓住公仔跳走。卡比和碧姬/薩爾達 在後面追趕,但卡比注意到亞空間炸彈準備要爆炸了,他召喚出曲速之星(Warp Star), 載著卡比組一起逃走,空中體育場隨後被亞空間所吞噬。 Pit watches from Skyworld as the stadium is sucked into Subspace. He turns away to find Palutena, who provides him with a Palutena Bow and commands him to go and fight the Subspace Army. Pit leaps outside and into the clouds to begin his task. He finds the Halberd quickly; it passes through Skyworld and drops a group of Shadow Bugs that become opponents for him to fight. After some travelling, Pit comes upon Mario. After Pit revives him, Mario teams up with Pit to try and chase down the Halberd, but the pair run out of terrain to traverse, leaving them unable to continue chase. However, an Arwing flies by, which also appears to be pursuing the Halberd. 彼特在天界目睹了這一切,他找到了帕露蒂娜,後者給他帕露帝娜之弓並命令他前往跟亞 空間大軍作戰。彼特跳入雲層開始行動,並馬上發現了Halberd,後者航行過天界並扔下 一群影蟲,變成他要對付的敵人。一陣子後,彼特發現了瑪莉歐並復活他,瑪莉歐便和彼 特一起追趕Halberd。但他們跑到了天界土地的盡頭,無法繼續追下去,不過一架Arwing 戰機飛了過去,看來也是在追Halberd。 Kirby and Peach/Zelda also appear to be following the Halberd, though it somehow ends up behind them. Kirby attempts to land on the Halberd's deck, which is more or less successful. Immediately the Arwing catches up, and attempts to fight the Halberd, but the Combo Cannon's arm scores a hit on the Arwing. As it comes crashing down, it flies past the pair, who are then blown off the Halberd. Landing in the Sea of Clouds, the two climb down onto solid ground, fighting the Army throughout, and attempt to pursue the ship on foot. 卡比和碧姬/薩爾達也在追Halberd,結果卻莫名其妙超車了。卡比試著要降落到Halberd 的甲板上,原本快成功了。此時Arwing趕上並打算發動攻擊,但被戰艦的連射炮擊中,在 墜毀前飛過卡比組,並把他們吹飛離Halberd。卡比組掉到雲海上,和出現的敵人戰鬥, 並打算用雙腳追擊Halberd。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter two 第二章 To the east of the Midair Stadium and Skyworld is a jungle. The Koopa Troop is perpetuating hijinks, carrying a Cargo full of bananas and moving at high speed away from the jungle, where Donkey Kong is attacking the jungle's inhabitants, enraged that his banana hoard has been stolen. As DK spots the Cargo, it fires Bullet Bills at DK, but Diddy Kong appears and shoots them out of the air with his Peanut Popguns. The pair traverse the jungle and through the Koopa Troop to retrieve the bananas. The two eventually find the bananas and dance in happiness, but Bowser then steps into view from behind and prepares to fire his Dark Cannon at the two. DK realizes the setup was a trap and that trying to fight a backed-up Bowser plus an unknown weapon is foolish, so he punches Diddy away from the scene, taking the shot himself. Diddy sees DK get turned into a trophy as he flies away, while Bowser claims DK as a prize. 空中體育場和天界的東邊是一個叢林,庫巴軍團正在邊狂歡邊用一台貨車裝滿香蕉運離叢 林,此時大金剛正在因為他的香蕉被偷走而暴怒痛扁其他叢林的居民。當他發現貨車時, 貨車朝他發射砲彈比爾(Bullet Bill),但狄狄剛出現並用花生槍把砲彈比爾打下來。他 們追著庫巴軍團穿過整個叢林以追回他們的香蕉,最後終於發現香蕉並歡天喜地的跳舞, 但庫巴從他們背後出現並打算用黑暗加農砲一炮收兩個。大金剛發現這是個陷阱,且要跟 拿著不知名武器摸到背後的庫巴戰鬥是不智的行為,因此他把狄狄剛一拳打飛,自己吃了 加農砲的一擊。狄狄剛飛走時看著大金剛被變成公仔,並被庫巴拿走當作戰利品。 Meanwhile, Mario and Pit have come to solid ground and are traversing a plain, continuing their pursuit of the Halberd. When they catch up to the Ancient Minister, he escapes without much effort. 此時,瑪莉歐組來到平地上繼續追擊Halberd,他們遇到遠古大使,但被他輕易逃脫。 Having landed from his flight, Diddy moves through the jungle searching for help to rescue DK. He finds the crashed Arwing beside a lake and tries to investigate when Rayquaza emerges from the lake. Seemingly upset that its territory has been invaded, Rayquaza fires an energy ball at the Arwing, then grabs Diddy with intent to harm him. Fox then leaps out of the Arwing and frees Diddy, with the two proceeding to defeat Rayquaza. Afterwards, Diddy physically convinces Fox to join him in trying to save DK, and the two battle through more of the Koopa Troop. Eventually Bowser appears - but with an odd purple aura and glowing yellow eyes. He is defeated, but dissolves into Shadow Bugs as the real Bowser fires a Dark Cannon shot from just out of view, which misses. Diddy intends to fight Bowser to avenge DK, but Fox pulls Diddy away and escapes with him, sharing DK's sentiment about it being too dangerous to fight Bowser. 落地後,狄狄剛在叢林裡找幫手以解救大金剛,他在一個湖旁發現墜毀的Arwing,上前調 查時烈空座從湖裡竄出。因為領土被侵犯而生氣的烈空座朝Arwing射了一顆能量球並把狄 狄剛抓起來要扁他,此時火狐從Arwing中跳出來救了狄狄剛,兩人聯手擊敗了烈空座。之 後,狄狄剛說服(物理)火狐一起去救大金剛,動物組一路上打了一堆庫巴軍團,直到最 後庫巴出現,但他周遭纏繞著奇怪的紫煙,而且眼睛是閃耀的黃色。庫巴被擊敗,但分解 成一團影蟲,真正的庫巴則在視野之外朝他們發射黑暗加農砲但沒打中。狄狄剛想攻擊庫 巴以替大金剛報仇,但火狐拉住狄狄剛並逃走,途中跟他分析大金剛覺得跟庫巴對打很危 險的理由。 ======================================= 越翻越懷念,我一定要找時間把亞空使者重破一遍 以前是跟我老妹一起破的 大概是這樣 請大家指正我的翻譯內容,感謝 --
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