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來源:https://www.ssbwiki.com/Plot_summary_of_The_Subspace_Emissary 今天放第五第六章 從Lucas和小智去抓噴火龍,到狄狄剛等人救出大金剛 ======================================= Chapter five 第五章 To the east of the ruined zoo, Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer see a wild Charizard fly towards a cluster of ruins; as the Trainer is seeking a Charizard, the pair head down the path to the ruins. Upon going through a cave and back outside, they run into Wario again. Remembering what happened to Ness, Lucas decides to get revenge and fights Wario alongside the Pokémon Trainer. Wario is defeated and transformed into a trophy. Lucas and the Poké mon Trainer are ecstatic at first, but Lucas is then saddened because Ness is nowhere in sight; the Trainer suggests he could be in the remainder of the ruins. 在廢棄動物園的東邊,琉加和神奇寶貝訓練師看到一隻野生的噴火龍飛向一個遺跡,訓練 師想要抓一隻噴火龍,因此他們踏上往遺跡的道路。在穿過一個洞穴後,他們再次遇到瓦 利歐,這次琉加決定要替奈斯復仇,訓練師也陪他一起戰鬥。瓦利歐被兩人擊敗變成公仔 ,琉加和訓練師一開始很開心,但琉加找不到奈斯而隨即難過起來。訓練師安慰他說奈斯 可能在遺跡的其他地方。 In his castle, King Dedede has his collection of three trophies - Ness, Luigi, and Zelda/Peach. He applies his Dedede Brooches to the first two, but runs out of them; he decides to use the one he was saving for himself on the princess, planning to make some more later. However, the Koopa Troop attacks, and the ceiling caves in, dropping a large chunk on Dedede's head and knocking him out (he eventually becomes a trophy). The cave-in also leaves Luigi, Ness, and Dedede covered in rubble, so when Bowser and the Koopa Troop glance around, they only spot the Zelda/Peach trophy to take. 帝帝帝大王的城堡裡已經蒐集了三個公仔—奈斯、路易吉和薩爾達/碧姬。他給前兩個公 仔貼了他做的帝帝帝胸針,但沒剩下的胸針給公主了,他決定把自己的胸針貼到公主身上 (譯註:我當時直接被帝帝帝大王圈粉),並打算做更多胸針。但是庫巴軍團在此時發動 攻擊,天花板因而崩塌,其中一大塊直接把帝帝帝大王砸暈(之後變成了公仔)。這場崩 塌把路易吉、奈斯和帝帝帝大王埋了起來,因此當庫巴和庫巴軍團進來尋找時,他們只帶 走薩爾達/碧姬的公仔。 Mario's group also reaches the castle. Seeing nothing but a hole in the wall, they traverse a second set of caves and catch up to Bowser. Mario attempts to get the jump on him, but he uses the princess as a shield, neutering the attack. Pit quickly fires an arrow that Bowser successfully dodges, which causes the Dedede Brooch to fly off the princess and Bowser to fall off a cliff - though he lands directly in his Koopa Clown Car, and escapes to the Halberd. While Kirby inspects the Dedede Brooch, the Ancient Minister detonates a Subspace Bomb that engulfs Dedede's castle. Ganondorf observes the castle get swallowed by Subspace just before a new message comes in from Master Hand. 馬利歐團也抵達城堡,但除了牆上的一個大洞以外什麼都沒看到。他們穿過第二個洞窟並 逮到了庫巴,馬利歐想要跳他,但他用公主當盾牌擋住這一下,彼特朝庫巴射了一箭但被 躲過,庫巴閃躲時公主的帝帝帝胸針飛了出去,庫巴則摔下懸崖但掉到他的庫巴小丑車裡 ,逃回了戰艦Halberd。卡比在檢查帝帝帝胸針時,遠古大使引爆了一枚亞空間炸彈,吞 噬了帝帝帝大王的城堡,加儂多夫全程目睹這一切,而後他接到Master Hand的一通新訊 息。 Back in the ruins, Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer continue to fight through the cavernous constructs - during which the Trainer captures a trophyized wild Ivysaur and battles the previously seen Charizard, capturing it too. The duo then wind up at a dead end. 回到遺跡區,琉加和訓練師繼續打穿整個洞窟,途中訓練師收服了一個公仔化的野生妙蛙 草,並和之前遇到的野生噴火龍戰鬥並收服牠。兩人最後遇到了死路。 Meta Knight, Marth, and Ike have progressed eastward across the desert to the east of the battlefield. Having lost the Ancient Minister, they find Galleom in his tank form cruising across the desert, and decide to follow it. Upon catching up, the swordsmen defeat Galleom in battle, who leaps off a cliff and crashes into the ruins right next to Wario's trophy - and into the room that Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer have entered. Galleom attacks for its second battle in a row, but is defeated again. Instead of simply falling apart, Galleom grabs hold of its opponents and propels itself skywards, activating a 15-second countdown on a Subspace Bomb embedded in his head. Seeing the Trainer has fainted, Lucas gains a sudden confidence boost and uses PK Thunder to break off Galleom's arm, freeing the two, but sending them falling towards the ground. Lucas holds the Trainer as they fall to their doom, but the two are then quickly caught by Meta Knight, who carries them away to Marth and Ike's location while Galleom's Subspace Bomb detonates in midair, barely reaching the ground and sucking up Wario's trophy. Upon landing, the Trainer regains consciousness, and shakes Lucas' hand. 劍客組穿過戰場東邊的沙漠追擊遠古大使,但失去了他的行跡。他們看到以坦克型態穿越 沙漠的Galleom(譯註:燈火之星最後出現的大機器人就是他),並決定跟上去。劍客組 逮到並擊敗了Galleom,它摔下懸崖並撞穿了瓦利歐公仔身旁的遺跡,正好摔進琉卡和訓 練師所在的房間內。Galleom對他們發起攻擊,但再度被擊敗。它並沒有因此碎成一團, 而是抓住了兩人並往上飛,並啟動位於頭部的亞空間炸彈,預計15秒後爆炸。琉卡看著昏 厥的訓練師,突然勇氣爆發,發動PK雷電打斷Galleom的手臂解放他們兩個,但這也使他 們往地表墜落。琉卡握住訓練師的手準備迎接命運,但魅塔騎士迅速出現抓住了他們兩個 ,帶到馬爾斯和艾克的所在位置,而Galleom的亞空間炸彈正好在半空中爆炸,爆炸範圍 幾乎碰到地表,並吞噬了瓦利歐的公仔。落地後,訓練師恢復意識,並和琉卡握手。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter six 第六章 The Ancient Minister watches Galleom's Subspace Bomb from back in the desert and exhibits an increasing degree of sorrow over how R.O.B.s must be sacrificed for each bomb. He is roused by one of Pit's arrows, which he dodges as the group resumes their chase. After a short while the Ancient Minister deploys the bomb he was carrying, which the Smashers fail to stop, and so must escape as several nearby R.O.B.s are destroyed. 遠古大使看著Galleom的亞空間炸彈在沙漠中爆炸,想到每顆炸彈都要犧牲R.O.B.去引爆 ,而陷入深沈的悲傷之中。一隻彼特的箭讓他醒過來並閃開,而馬利歐等人正在後面追擊 。一陣子的追擊戰後,遠古大使部署了他帶著的炸彈,趁著追擊組忙著摧毀引爆炸彈的 R.O.B.時逃走。 Diddy Kong and Fox continue to travel east through the jungle and reach a more swamp-like area. As they move on, Bowser successfully nails Diddy with a Dark Cannon shot from a distance, and sends in a troop of Shadow Bugs to clone him. Fox is about to face a two-on-one when Falco shows up, punts the Dark Cannon out of Bowser's hands, and destroys it with two Blasters. Bowser is displeased and leaves in his Clown Car, but first commands many more Shadow Bugs to merge with the existing Diddy clone, rendering it significantly larger and stronger. Fox revives the real Diddy, who is shocked by the humongous clone. Together with Falco, they defeat the imposter. Diddy then physically convinces Falco to join them in their goal of saving DK, and the trio continue through the swamp. Upon reaching a cliffside waterfall, they spot the Smash Skiff, which takes off towards the Isle of Ancients with DK's trophy on board. Diddy grunts in anger thinking the chase cannot continue, but Falco has a plan and summons the Great Fox. 狄狄剛和火狐穿過叢林繼續往東走,到達一個沼澤區。他們前進時,庫巴在遠處成功用黑 暗加農砲打中狄狄剛,並送出一群影蟲做出狄狄剛複製人,火狐原本要一次面對兩人,但 法爾科(Falco)颯爽登場,把庫巴手上的黑暗加農砲打下來並用兩發雷射槍破壞它。發怒 的庫巴跳上小丑車離開,但叫了更大群的影蟲往狄狄剛複製人集中過去,把它變得更大更 強。被火狐復活的狄狄剛被自己的巨人複製版嚇到,隨後三人一起擊敗巨大狄狄剛。狄狄 剛隨後說服(物理)法爾科跟他們一起解救大金剛,動物組穿越沼澤區來到一個瀑布崖邊 ,看到載著大金剛公仔的大亂鬥小艇(Smash Skiff)往遠古之島開過去。狄狄剛因為不能 繼續追下去而暴怒,但法爾科打算要召喚戰艦Great Fox過來。 Samus and Pikachu continue through the research facility. Upon reaching the room with the Power Suit, two Shadow Bug clones of it appear. The pair defeats the fakes, and Samus suits up as they continue to move through the facility. Suddenly, Ridley appears and bashes Samus against the wall. Pikachu attacks Ridley and frees Samus with Thunder. Although Samus is hurt, she and Pikachu fight and defeat Ridley. Afterwards, they find an exit to the Isle of Ancients' surface, alongside another exit with R.O.B.s carrying Subspace Bombs out of it. They decide to enter it. 薩姆斯和皮卡丘繼續探索研究設施,在抵達放裝甲的房間時,兩個影蟲複製體出現在面前 。她們擊敗了複製體,薩姆斯穿上裝甲後繼續探索設施。突然間利德雷(Ridley)出現並把 薩姆斯打到牆上,皮卡丘攻擊利德雷並用打雷解救薩姆斯。雖然薩姆斯受傷了,但她和皮 卡丘仍然聯手擊敗了利德雷。之後她們找到一個出口來到遠古之島的地表,R.O.B.們正從 另一個出口把亞空間炸彈運出去,她們決定從那個出口進去。 Elsewhere on the Isle's surface, near a different set of ruins, Olimar is attempting to topple a giant R.O.B. with a hoard of Pikmin. The R.O.B. awakes and shakes all the Pikmin off, killing most of them. Olimar backs away in fear as a red Pikmin points to the Blue Falcon screaming in from the distance. Captain Falcon erupts from it as he delivers a Falcon Punch to the robot's head, easily knocking it over - and killing all but one of the remaining Pikmin. Despite this, the two captains team up and make their way towards the edge of the island, where they see the Smash Skiff with DK on it coming in. An Arwing flies overhead and drops Diddy onto the transport, who knocks off all the Army members currently onboard, as Falco signals success and flies elsewhere. Falcon picks up a terrified Olimar and leaps off the island, landing on the Skiff as Diddy revives DK - who easily breaks free of his chains and is ready to fight alongside the other three as troops try to protect the transport. After the enemies are defeated, the Skiff continues its programmed course into a hangar of some sort into the isle. 在島地表的另一個地方的另一處遺跡,歐利瑪(Olimar)想用一群皮克敏(Pikmin)推倒一個 巨大的R.O.B.。R.O.B.醒來並甩下所有的皮克敏並幹掉其中大部份,歐利瑪害怕的向後逃 跑時,一隻紅色皮克敏發現一台藍色飛隼(Blue Falcon)從遠方呼嘯而來,飛隼隊長 (Captain Falcon)跳出車外並賞R.O.B.的頭一記飛隼拳把它打倒—結果害剩下的皮克敏被 倒下來的R.O.B.壓扁死光光,只剩下一隻。儘管如此,兩位隊長還是組隊往島的邊緣前進 。此時他們看到載著大金剛的大亂鬥小艇靠近,一架Arwing戰機飛過上頭並讓狄狄剛落在 船上,他把上面的所有軍團全部打下船,機上的法爾科看到成功信號之後就飛往別處。飛 隼隊長拎起害怕的歐利瑪,從島上跳到船上,此時狄狄剛復活了大金剛,後者輕易的把鍊 子扯斷,並和另三人一起對付要保護這艘運輸船的軍團。擊敗敵人後,小艇繼續按照原本 的航道開往島內的機棚。 ======================================= 待會要去存錢買大亂鬥攻略本啦:D 大概是這樣 請大家指正我的翻譯內容,感謝 -- 標題 [問題] 任天堂為什麼要賣掉rare的股份?
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