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來源:https://www.ssbwiki.com/Plot_summary_of_The_Subspace_Emissary 今天放的是第七第八章,終於進入我方反攻的階段了 從Meta Knight和雪人兄妹爬山開始,到遠古之島毀滅、三大團合流結束 另外從這篇開始,我會把"Smasher"統一翻譯成「鬥士」 以前是翻「大亂鬥角色」,太凹口了 ======================================= Chapter seven 第七章 It appears that the Great Fox has been directed into combat with the Halberd as some sort of distraction - the two ships are firing incessant blasts at each other. The battle is taking place close to the top of a snowy mountain. Meta Knight sees a chance to reclaim his ship, and abandons his group to begin ascent. He passes the Ice Climbers on the way up, who take his quick speed as a challenge, and the new group fight upwards to reach the summit. Upon reaching the top, a Lucario is found meditating on the peak. It leaps towards Meta Knight and challenges him to a battle; the winner revives the loser as they shake hands in respect. Just then, the Halberd plunges through the clouds grabbing the Great Fox with its Combo Cannon, ramming it into the mountain and knocking the Ice Climbers off. Meta Knight and Lucario manage to use this opportunity to jump onboard. The Ice Climbers land by a canyon next to the Marth/Ike/Lucas/Pokémon Trainer group as the Halberd drops a crowd of Shadow Bugs; Mario's group arrives just as the fight starts, and Mario's group merges with Lucas' group soon after. 火狐的戰艦Great Fox與Halberd在一座雪山的上方發生激烈的戰鬥,雙方以雷射炮互射, 而這是為了要拉住Halberd的注意力使它無法支援他處。魅塔騎士發現能趁機搶回他的戰 艦,便扔下他的同伴獨自衝上山。他經過翻越冰山者(Ice Climbers)兄妹,他們倆看魅塔 騎士跑這麼快就想跟他賽跑,這個新組合就這樣一路打到山頂。有隻路卡利歐(Lucario) 正在山頂冥想,他跳向魅塔騎士,向他發起決鬥,贏家復活輸家後雙方握手以示尊敬。此 時,Halberd衝進雲層用連射炮擊中Great Fox,Great Fox撞到山上,把雪人兄妹敲下山 ,魅塔騎士和路卡利歐看準機會跳上Halberd。雪人兄妹摔進一個峽谷,正好掉到魅塔騎 士原本的隊伍旁邊,Halberd接著放下一群影蟲,雙方爆發戰鬥時紅綠帽團正好抵達,兩 團隨即合流。 Inside the Halberd, Snake decides the time is right, and leaves his cover to begin operations as the damaged Great Fox limps off. He hides in a box upon hearing footsteps, but is shocked to be exposed by Lucario, who notices him due to his aura. A leery Meta Knight is told by Lucario that he is an ally. The trio continue to fight through the Halberd to find what appears to be a cargo bay, with both Peach's and Zelda's trophies in cages; both princesses are cloned by Shadow Bugs, and are summarily defeated. Peach and Zelda are freed and revived, though Snake tells them to stay put while his group moves off. 當受損的Great Fox顛顛簸跛的撤離時,潛伏在Halberd內部的史內克(Snake,大亂鬥官網 目前並沒有給譯名)脫下偽裝開始行動。他注意到路卡利歐等人的腳步聲並躲在箱子裡, 但路卡利歐的透視發現了他並來個經典的史內克驚嘆號。路卡利歐向懷疑的魅塔騎士說史 內克是盟友,三人在Halberd內一路打過去,在貨物區找到碧姬和薩爾達的公仔,影蟲做 出兩人的複製體,但旋即被打敗。碧姬和薩爾達被復活,但史內克要她們待在原地,他們 則繼續前進。 As soon as Snake's group leaves, Zelda takes on the persona of Sheik and sets out on her own journey, with an amused Peach following. The two fight around the Halberd's exterior areas to reach the top deck. Fox is back in another Arwing, and is attempting to destroy the Combo Cannon, which, due to how close the princesses were to it, makes Sheik think he is shooting at them. Sheik teleports onto the Arwing and breaks the window, forcing Fox to eject and land on the Halberd. As Sheik and Fox are about to fight, Peach offers the two some tea, which brings the conflict to an abrupt (and confusing) end. 史內克團一離開,薩爾達隨即變身成希克(Sheik,話說妳明明就是曙光公主版本的是要怎 麼變……)自行出發,被逗樂的碧姬跟在後頭。兩人一路打過Halberd的外部區域直到抵達 頂層甲板,此時火狐駕駛另一台Arwing正試著摧毀連射炮。由於公主團離連射炮太近,希 克以為火狐是在攻擊她們,並傳送到Arwing上把駕駛艙打破,迫使火狐彈射到Halberd上 。兩人正要開打時,碧姬各給他們一人一杯茶,突然且莫名其妙的結束這場衝突。 In the meantime, Meta Knight, Lucario, and Snake have reached the Halberd's bridge. They find that the ship is being run by several clones of Mr. Game & Watch. Snake runs in and busts all the clones out the window, where they land on the deck beside Peach, Zelda, and Fox. Almost immediately, the clones all dissolve into Shadow Bugs and merge into Duon. As Meta Knight remains on the bridge to take control of the ship, Snake and Lucario jump down to help in the fight, in addition to Falco who arrives just in time. Once Duon is defeated, it leaves Mr. Game & Watch's trophy behind; once revived, he joins the group. The Subspace Army has now lost its dropship. 同時,史內克團抵達Halberd的艦橋,他們發現數名Mr. Game & Watch的複製體正在駕駛 這艘船。史內克衝進去把所有複製體炸出窗外,他們正好掉到公主團和火狐旁邊。複製體 立刻分解成影蟲,並集合變成雙面機器人Duon。魅塔騎士留在艦橋以取得Halberd的控制 權,史內克和路卡利歐跳下去幫忙戰鬥,法爾科隨後駕到加入戰局。Duon被擊敗後現出了 Mr. Game & Watch的公仔,他被復活後也加入他們的團隊。亞空間軍團至此失去了他們的 空降戰艦。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter eight 第八章 As Samus and Pikachu fight through the Isle of Ancients' Subspace Bomb Factory from above, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Captain Falcon, and Olimar fight through from below. The six of them meet in what appears to be a storage room, containing dozens of bombs - in addition to the R.O.B. Squad and the Ancient Minister, who appears dejected and has no apparent interest in fighting, much to the Smashers' surprise. Ganondorf rings in as a hologram and commands the R.O.B. Squad to detonate all remaining Subspace Bombs immediately - the Subspace Gunship has been completed, and a rift large enough to allow it entry into the world is necessary, even if it means the destruction of the bomb factory and the Isle of Ancients as a result. The Ancient Minister has had enough; he had only allowed the sacrifice of two per bomb to keep the rest alive, so he commands the confused R.O.B.s to ignore the order. Ganondorf activates some sort of override that causes the R.O.B.s to not only begin preparing the bombs but also open fire on the Ancient Minister, setting his cloak on fire. Ganondorf cuts the communication as he sends in a wave of troops to distract the Smashers, who had been attempting to disrupt the bombs' deployment. 當薩姆斯和皮卡丘從上方打入遠古之島的亞空間炸彈工廠時,大金剛、狄狄剛、飛隼隊長 和歐利瑪則從下面打進去。六人在一個儲藏室會合,裡面有不計其數的炸彈、R.O.B.部隊 、和看起來沮喪毫無戰意的遠古大使,這使鬥士們感到驚訝。加儂多夫以全息投影出現, 命令R.O.B.部隊立刻引爆所有剩下的亞空間炸彈—亞空間炮艦已經完工了,需要夠大的裂 隙讓它進入現世,而這將會摧毀炸彈工廠及整個遠古之島。遠古大使以前為了保護其他剩 下的R.O.B.而每次犧牲兩個R.O.B.去操作炸彈,現在他受夠了,他命令困惑的R.O.B.無視 這道指令。加儂多夫啟動某種超載模式,使R.O.B.們不僅開始準備引爆炸彈,還對遠古大 使開火,讓他的斗篷燒了起來。加儂多夫在切斷通訊之前對想要阻止炸彈部署的六名鬥士 送出部隊以干擾他們。 The burning Ancient Minister takes out some of the enemy forces with his Robo Beams and throws off the remains of his cloak to reveal to the other Smashers that he is a R.O.B. himself, and joins them in combating the Subspace Army troops. Once the enemies are defeated however, they realize there remains no way to stop the Subspace Bombs from detonating. Believing his race's elimination is inevitable, R.O.B. manages to send all the other R.O.B.s into some sort of sleep mode, including himself; DK will have none of it as he carries R.O.B. out of the room, with the group racing to escape the Isle of Ancients and board the Falcon Flyer that Falcon has remotely summoned. After the group reaches and boards the Flyer, Meta Ridley appears, determined to delay or destroy the ship before it can escape the blast zone. The Smashers battle Meta Ridley on the Flyer's roof and are victorious, escaping the Isle of Ancients before it becomes entirely engulfed in Subspace. 燃燒著的遠古大使用機器光線打倒幾名敵人,並脫下剩下的斗篷,現出R.O.B.的真身,並 加入六名鬥士對抗亞空間軍團。他們雖然擊敗了敵人,但已經來不及阻止亞空間炸彈爆炸 。R.O.B.認為他們族群的毀滅已經是無可避免,想讓包括他自己在內的所有R.O.B.進入某 種睡眠模式,但大金剛不鳥他並把他扛出儲藏室,一群人以最大速度逃離遠古之島,衝上 飛隼隊長遠端召喚來的飛隼飛行者(Falcon Flyer)。他們上船後,金屬利德雷(Meta Ridley)出現,想要在他們逃離爆炸範圍前阻撓或摧毀他們的船。鬥士們跟金屬利德雷戰 鬥並獲勝,隨後在遠古之島被亞空間完全吞噬以前逃離。 From the mainland shore, the group of Smashers that had fought at the canyon watch the Isle of Ancients vanish. They are joined by the Falcon Flyer and the Halberd, forming a force of twenty-nine. 本土大陸上,在峽谷裡戰鬥的鬥士們目睹了遠古之島的消失。他們隨後與飛隼飛行者和 Halberd會合,組成了一隻29人的隊伍。 ======================================= 剩下最後兩章啦,先來個目前三大團人物統整 遠古之島冒險團:大金剛、狄狄剛、薩姆斯、皮卡丘、飛隼隊長、歐利瑪、R.O.B. Halberd觀光團:魅塔騎士、史內克、路卡利歐、薩爾達/希克、碧姬、火狐、法爾科、 Mr. Game & Watch 超馬慢跑團:馬利歐、林克、彼特、耀西、卡比、琉加、訓練師、馬爾斯、艾克、 雪人兄妹 這樣明明就只有25人,那個29人八成是把雪人兄妹算成兩個,還加上三隻神奇寶貝 剩下還在睡的:路易吉、奈斯、帝帝帝大王 第七章應該是整個亞空使者裡最爆笑的一章 有史內克驚嘆號,還有碧姬的下午茶,讚 大概是這樣 請大家指正我的翻譯內容,感謝 -- JamesWadeBosh:我正式宣告,再來都是我推文,not1,not2... 7/08 20:10 Maverick :推 6/12 20:11 JamesWadeBosh:推 6/22 20:12
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