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原網址:http://www.freecol.org/docs/FreeCol.html#x1-80002 感謝C老師chenglap給我這個機會磨練自己的英文 由於第一次翻譯這種較為專業的文章,會有不少地方有謬誤之處 整份文件很多,因此會分段貼上來,邊翻譯邊貼這樣 ============================== Chapter 1 Introduction 介紹 Welcome to FreeCol! If you’re interested in development of this program, please see the FreeCol web site. This is a draft version of the user’s guide. You can find the latest version at the FreeCol homepage. 歡迎來到FreeCol!如果你對開發這套系統有興趣,請參觀FreeCol的網頁。這是使用者指 南的草稿版,你可以在FreeCol首頁上找到最新版。 ------------------------------------------------- 1.1 About FreeCol 關於FreeCol ------------------------------------------------- The FreeCol team aims to create an Open Source version of Colonization (released under the GPL). However, FreeCol differs from the original game in two regards: it supports multiplayer games and uses an isometric map. At some point in the future, we might also add support for rectangular tiles similar to those used in the original game. FreeCol團隊的目標,是創造Colonization的開源版本(以GPL協議發佈)。然而, FreeCol與原版遊戲有兩點不同:他支援複數玩家及使用斜角視點。在不久的未來,我們 可能也會把類似於原版的方塊地磚加入遊戲。 FreeCol 1.0 will implement all features and rules of the original game that we are aware of. Although we have not reached that goal yet, the game has been playable for several years now. FreeCol 1.0會使用所有我們在原版遊戲中使用的特色和規則。儘管我們還沒達到這個目 標,它已在數年間達到堪玩的程度了。 At the same time, we are adding features and optional rules not found in the original game. In particular, units, buildings, terrain types, goods and other game objects are far more configurable than they were in the original game. In fact, the game already includes two slightly different rule sets. 同時,我們增加了在原版遊戲中沒有的特色及選擇性的規則。此外,單位、建築、土壤、 貨物及其他遊戲物件的裝配比原版更自由的多。事實上,遊戲已經包含兩個有些許不同的 規則。 ----------------------------------------------------- 1.2 The Original Colonization 原版Colonization ----------------------------------------------------- The original Colonization was released in 1994 by Microprose. Colonization is heavily based on Civilization which some consider to be the best turn-based strategy game for the PC in the history of mankind. 原版的Colonization在1994年由Microprose釋出。Colonization很大部分源自於 Civilization,有些人認為後者是有史以來PC平台上最好的回合制戰略電腦遊戲。 In Civilization the object of the game was to build a nation that could stand the test of time and that could also do one of the following: conquer the world or be the first to launch a spaceship. In Colonization things are bit different... 在Civilization中,遊戲目標是要建立一個經得起時間考驗的國家,並且能做到以下其中 之一:佔領全世界或者成為第一個發射太空船的國家。而在Colonization有些不一樣…… A Colonization game starts in 1492 and the object of the game is to colonize America. You begin the game with one vessel and two colonists. Colonization從1492年開始,目標是殖民美洲,你一開始會有一艘船和兩個殖民者。 As in Civilization you need to build a powerful nation, but fortunately in the early part of the game you’ll be able to send ships back to Europe in order to sell the goods you’ve produced or to bring back some colonists. Getting colonists into the new world is a very important aspect of the game as one game turn takes one year and later on even one season and as a result colonies don’t grow as rapidly as they do in Civilization. You can pay colonists to come to the new world or you can show off with the religious freedom of your people in which case they will hop on your vessels for no money at all. 就如Civillization,你需要建立一個有力的國家。幸運的是,在遊戲早期你可以把生產 出來的物品賣回歐洲或帶回一些殖民者。在一個遊戲年、甚至一個遊戲季中,讓殖民者前 往新世界都是很重要的課題,因此殖民地反而不會像Civilization那樣快速增加。你能付 錢讓殖民者前往新世界,或者你可以對你的人宣揚宗教自由,讓他們不要一毛錢搭上你的 船。 Another important aspect is trade: the source of all income (apart from Inca and Aztec gold). In a land filled with precious resources it is important to build your colonies at the right location and to place craftsmen where they belong. This is not only to have an income but also to be able to live off the land when you can no longer count on the support of Europe. 另一個重要課題是貿易:所有收入的來源(除了印加和阿茲特克的黃金以外)。在一塊豐 饒之地中,把你的殖民地蓋在好的位置和讓工匠能在他擅長的職位上是很重要的。這不只 是為了收入,同時也是為了當從歐洲來的援助斷絕時能在此生活。 Through all this you’ll have to decide whether or not you want to live next to the native americans peacefully. They can teach your colonists new skills that cannot be tought anywhere else and they will offer you goods in case you choose to treat them as your friends. On the other hand, their villages can be attacked and their valuable goods can be taken from them and sold in Europe. 透過所有這些,你將必須決定是否想看你是否要和鄰近的原住民和平相處。他們能教你的 殖民者其他地方學不到的新技巧,如果你把他們當做朋友,他們還會提供你資源。另一方 面,你也能攻擊他們的村莊、搶走有價值的物品並賣回歐洲。 Other European forces are also busy occupying their piece of the new world. Should their borders go too far then take over some of their colonies by force because they wouldn’t hesitate to do the same thing to you. 其他歐洲勢力也忙著在新大陸中佔地為王。如果他們領土範圍太大了,那就搶一些來吧, 因為他們會毫不猶豫的對你做出同樣的事情。 The object of Colonization is to declare your independence and survive an attack of the King’s forces. Before declaring your independence you need to have the majority of the people behind you. This can be done by promoting free speech and by providing a strong governmental system. Colonization的目標是要你宣告獨立並在國王軍的攻擊下存活下來。在你宣告獨立前,你 需要獲得大多數人的支持。這能透過四處宣揚自由思想及創見一個強而有力的政府來達成 ------------------------------------------------------ 1.3 About this manual 關於這份文件 ------------------------------------------------------ FreeCol is slowly turning into a game engine that allows the implementation of many different games based on similar concepts. It is already possible to define different rule sets and to select one of them when starting a new game. At the moment, FreeCol ships with two rule sets accessible to the user: “Classic”, which attempts to emulate the rules of the original game as far as possible, and “FreeCol”, which mainly conforms to the rules of the original game, but differs in a few points. The “FreeCol” rule set introduces four additional European powers with new national advantages, for example. FreeCol正在慢慢轉型為一個遊戲引擎,這能讓許多基於相似觀念上的不同遊戲得以實現 。目前已經能做到先設定不同規則,並在開始新遊戲前選擇其中一種。目前FreeCol對使 用者提供兩種可行的規則:”Classic”,這個模式盡量模仿原版遊戲的規則;”FreeCol ”,這個模式以原版規則為基準,但在某些方面上不一樣。例如說,”FreeCol”模式增 加了四個擁有各自國家加成的歐洲勢力。 In this manual, we always talk about the “Classic” rule set unless we explicitly mention another rule set. Please note that most of the features of terrain types, unit types, building types, founding fathers and so on could be changed by another rule set. If the manual states that a Lumberjack has a movement allowance of three, or that the Prairie produces three units of Cotton, then this applies to the “Classic” rule set and the “FreeCol” rule set. Another rule set might change these values, or might not even include a Lumberjack, the Prairie terrain, or Cotton. 在這份文件,除非有明確提到其他模式,否則會以”Classic”模式為基準。要記住大部 分地形、單位、建築、國父(??)之類的都能換成另外一種模式。如果這份文件說到一 個伐木工人可以動三次、或一個牧場可以產生三單位的棉花,那這是在說”Classic”模 式和”FreeCol”模式。其他模式可能會改變這些值。或甚至根本沒有伐木工人、牧場或 棉花。 --------------------------------------------------------- 1.3.1 Differences between the rule sets 模式之間的不同 The following differences between the “Classic” rule set and the “FreeCol” rule set exist: 底下比較”Classic”模式和”FreeCol”模式的不同: The FreeCol rules introduce four additional nations and four additional national advantages. These additions correct the omission of the Portuguese from the original game, and make multi-player games with up to eight players possible. FreeCol模式新增了四個國家及四種國家加成。這之中包括了葡萄牙,並能讓最多到八個玩 家同時遊戲。 Under the Classic rules, the population of a colony with a stockade or more advanced fortification can not be reduced below three. Therefore, it is usually impossible to abandon a fortified colony. The FreeCol rule set deliberately ignores this rule of the original game. 在Classic模式下,有圍牆或更高級防禦工事的殖民地中人口不得少於三個,因此不能放棄 這些有防禦的殖民地。FreeCol模式扔掉了這條規則。 While the original game awards exploration points only for the discovery of the Pacific Ocean, FreeCol optionally awards exploration points for the discovery of various map regions. The FreeCol rule set enables exploration points by default, whereas the Classic rule set disables them by default. 原版遊戲只能透過發現太平洋來獲得探險點數,FreeCol模式會在發現各種地區時隨機給予 探險點數。FreeCol模式能設定探險點數的初始值,但Classic模式不行。 In the original game, it is impossible to attack units on land with ships or units aboard ships. This makes it possible to create invincible colonies by completely fortifying small islands. FreeCol optionally allows amphibious assaults. The option is on by default in the FreeCol rule set, and off by default in the Classic rule set. 原版中不能攻擊要上下船的單位,而這造成了無敵鐵龜島的現象。FreeCol模式新增了兩棲 作戰,這可以在FreeCol模式中選擇開啟、及在Classic模式中關掉。 FreeCol optionally makes missionaries more useful. Settlements with a mission grant the owner of the mission better prices when trading, visibility of the tiles surrounding the settlement, and are willing to train more than one of his units. This feature is turned off by default in the Classic rule set and turned on by default in the FreeCol rule set. FreeCol讓教會變得更有用。擁有傳教士的殖民地會讓他的主人在貿易時有優惠、擁有殖民 地附近的視野、以及能訓練多於一個的單位。這能在Classic模式和FreeCol模式之間開關 In the original game, the Royal Expeditionary Force simply appears out of the blue, and can not be defeated at sea before unloading most of its troops. In FreeCol, you can decide whether the REF must obey the usual sailing rules. By default, the Classic rules emulate the original game, while the FreeCol rules allow a naval defeat of the REF. 在原版中,皇家遠征軍(REF)只會在海上出現,在讓大多數部隊下船前都無法被擊敗。在 FreeCol中,你能決定是否讓REF也要遵守平常的海上規則。Classic模式會和原版一樣 ,而FreeCol模式則會讓REF在海上也會吃癟。 In the original game, the Custom House ignores all boycotts. This is generally considered a bug rather than a feature. Under the FreeCol rules, custom houses must obey boycotts by default, whereas they ignore boycotts by default under the Classic rules. 原版中的海關無視任何抵制手段,這通常被視為一種bug。在FreeCol模式中,海關也必須 要遵守抵制規則,而在Classic模式中不用。 底下是板友zonemaster的說明: 原文是說FreeCol模式中海關也要遵守抵制規則(應該是說抵制的貨品也無法出口),而 Classic模式中直接無視抵制。原本遊戲中你不乖乖接受國王每次提高的關稅,就會有部份 貨物被母國抵制進口造成生產了一堆庫存賣不掉占空間,而原本遊戲的海關有兩大功能。 一是不必用船運回母國就能賣(省船運時間),二是被母國抵制進口的貨物照賣不誤 It has been claimed that experts can produce a certain amount of goods even if not enough raw materials are available in the original game. Although it is unclear whether this is generally true and is a feature rather than a bug of the original game, the Classic rule set emulates this quirk by default. The FreeCol rule set does not. 大家都知道,在原版中專家們即使在原料不足的情況下也可以生產一定數量的貨物。儘管 不清楚這到底是特色還是bug,Classic模式中還是繼續模仿,FreeCol模式中則取消。 In the original game, the least skilled unit is always educated first. FreeCol optionally allows you to select the unit to be trained yourself. This feature is off by default in the Classic rule set and on by default in the FreeCol rule set. 原版中,能力最差的單位總是會先被訓練。在FreeCol中能讓你自己選擇要訓練哪個單位。 這會在Classic模式中關掉、在FreeCol模式中開啟。 ****************************************************************************** Chapter 2 Installation 安裝 You can download a system independent installer, which should install FreeCol and set up the required shortcuts on your desktop. If everything works as planned, you will only need to double click the icon in order to start the game. If this is not the case, then please read the following paragraphs. 你能下載一個安裝檔,它會安裝FreeCol並在桌面上新增一個潔淨。如果一切如預期,你 只需要快按兩下圖示來開始遊戲。如果不行的話,請閱讀以下段落。 ------------------------------------------------------------ 2.1 System Requirements 系統需求 ------------------------------------------------------------ FreeCol is written in Java. In order to run, it requires a Java Virtual Machine. In theory, FreeCol should run on any platform on which a Java Virtual Machine compatible with Sun Java 5 or higher is available. In practice, however, things are less clear cut. FreeCol是用Java編寫,因此需要用Java虛擬機來運行。理論上,只需要一個能與昇陽 Java第五版以上的版本相容的虛擬機,FreeCol就能在任何平台上運行。然而,事實上有 些差異。 FreeCol is known to work with Sun’s Java 5 and 6. FreeCol also works with OpenJDK, although some minor problems and graphics glitches may remain. FreeCol is known to run on recent versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. If you are using Linux, using Java 6 is recommended, as its font rendering is much better. If you are using FreeCol on a different platform, we would like to hear about it. FreeCol是用昇陽Java第五、六版運行的,它也能在OpenJDK上運作,不過會有些小問題和 破圖。FreeCol也能在最新版的Windows、Linux和Mac OS X上運行。如果你是用Linux系統 ,建議使用Java 6,因為他的字體顯示的會更好。如果你在其他平台上玩FreeCol,請讓 我們知道。 FreeCol requires at least 256 MB memory, although some systems slow down badly and require 512MB. FreeCol works best with a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels. It should also be possible to play the game with a screen resolution of 1024x600 pixels, although some panels will look a bit cramped. You can play the game with an even smaller screen, but we do not support that, and some things might not work. FreeCol需要至少256MB的記憶體空間,不過有些系統運作的比較慢因此最好512MB。 FreeCol最好在1024*768的解析度下運行,雖然也能在1024*600下運行,但有些畫面會太 過狹窄。你能用較小的螢幕來玩,但我們並沒有支援,因此有些東西可能會無法正常顯示 ---------------------------------------------------- 2.1.1 FreeCol on OSX 在OSX平台上運行FreeCol Some users report that they can not start FreeCol on their 64-bit Intel Macs. It seems that these Macs use a 32-bit version of Java 1.5 by default. In order to solve this problem, you can either edit the file "Info.plist" within the application package to select 1.6+, or you can change the default Java version under "/Applications/Utilities/Java/Java Preferences". Just drag "1.5 64-bit" or "1.6 64-bit" to the top of the list and FreeCol should run without any changes in "Info.plist". 有些使用者回報說他們不能在64位元的Intel Mac上運行FreeCol。看起來這些Mac是使用 32位元的Java 1.5。要解決這個問題,你能編輯應用包中的”Info.plist”檔來選擇使用 1.6+版。或者你能在路徑” /Applications/Utilities/Java/Java Preferences”中改變 系統默認的Java版本,只要把"1.5 64-bit" 或 "1.6 64-bit"拉到清單最上方,就能在不 更動"Info.plist"的情況下跑FreeCol。 FreeCol uses context menus in several places. On most platforms, context menus are opened with a click of the right mouse button. If you have only one mouse button, holding down the control key while clicking the mouse button should also work. Some versions of Java on Windows are unable to display context menus that extend beyond the game window correctly. As we are unable to fix that, we display the context menu in the top left corner of the game window in these cases. FreeCol在某些地方會把主選單隱藏起來,在大部分的平台上能點右鍵把主選單叫出來。 如果你的滑鼠只有一個案件,長按也能叫出來。在Windows上有些Java版本會因為主選單 超出遊戲畫面而無法正確顯示,我們無法修復這個問題,但這種情況下我們會讓主選單顯 示在遊戲畫面的最左上角。 ------------------------------------------------------ 2.2 Compiling FreeCol 編譯FreeCol ------------------------------------------------------ In order to compile FreeCol you will need Java and the Ant build system. When these are installed, go to the root directory of FreeCol and type ant to build a JAR file containing the game. The game is started using the command java -Xmx512M -jar FreeCol.jar. 要編譯FreeCol,你需要先安裝Java和Apache Ant。安裝好後,到FreeCol的根目錄,建立 一個包含遊戲在內的JAR檔。遊戲會用指令java -Xmx512M -jar FreeCol.jar開啟。 If something goes wrong, please open a bug report at the SourceForge page of FreeCol. Use the command ant -projecthelp to find out about other kinds of things you can build (this manual, for example). Note that you will require additional software to build the manual, however. 如果出問題了,請到SourceForge網頁上的FreeCol頁面做錯誤回報。使用指令ant – projecthelp來找到其他你能建立的東西(像是這份手冊)。記住你仍然會需要其他軟體 來建立這份手冊。 =============================== 接下來要翻譯佔最多部分的第三章,這裡會獨立一篇 請大家能多多指正我的翻譯,這樣才能在之後的章節裡改進 感謝大家的耐心閱讀 --
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