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經過第三章夢魘後,第四第五章看起來格外的親切可人...... 話說以前根本無法想像一份遊戲說明書會這麼詳細的 同樣還是請大家幫我看看哪裡需要修改的 裡面有些翻譯上的疑問也請大家多多幫忙>"< 還有大家覺得我是否該先把Index翻譯完? ===================================== Chapter 4 The New World 新世界 At the beginning of the game, you will start with a naval vessel and two colonists. Your first task will be to discover the New World, which should lie due West, although sailing North West or South West may prove quicker. As soon as you have discovered land, you can establish your colonies and produce goods to send home to Europe. 在遊戲一開始,你有一艘船和兩個殖民者。你的第一個任務是發現西方的新世界,儘管往 西北或西南可能會更快。一旦你發現陸地,你就能建立你的殖民地並生產貨品送回歐洲。 ------------------------------------------------------- 4.1 Terrain Types 地形種類 ------------------------------------------------------- There are many different types of terrain in the New World, each with its own peculiar advantages. At the beginning of the game you will probably arrive at a High Seas tile (or at the edge of the map). High Seas tiles (and the map edge) allow you to sail between Europe and the New World. As you approach land, the High Seas will be replaced by Ocean tiles, which produce Fish. 新世界有許多不同地形,每種都有他們自己的特殊加成。在遊戲一開始,你可能會抵達一 塊「公海」地磚(或者是地圖邊緣),公海地磚(和地圖邊緣)能讓你在歐洲和新世界之 間航行。等你登陸後,鄰近陸地的公海就會被替換成「海洋」地磚,這種地磚會生產魚。 (譯註:感謝yamaplover板友修正) In the New World, you will also discover Plains, which produce a great deal of Grain, a lesser amount of Cotton, and some Ore; Grassland, on which Grain and Tobacco can be cultivated; Prairie, which are suitable for growing Grain and Cotton; Savannah, which produces Grain and Sugar; Marsh, where Grain can be cultivated and some Ore can be mined; Swamp, which yields some Grain, and small amounts of Sugar, Tobacco and Ore; Desert, which produce some Food, Cotton and Ore; as well as Tundra, where Grain can be grown, and some Ore can be mined. 在新世界你也能發現「平原」,生產大量的榖物、沒那麼多的棉花和一些礦物;「草原」 ,能種植榖物和煙草;「大草原」,適合種植榖物和棉花;「莽原」,生產榖物和糖;「 溼地」,能種植榖物也能挖到一些礦;「沼澤」,能種一些榖物、糖、煙草和挖一些礦; 「沙漠」,生產一些實物、棉花和礦;以及「凍原」,能種榖物以及挖到一些礦。 Large parts of the New World are covered in forests, all of which yield varying amounts of Grain, Lumber and Furs. The Boreal Forest also produces Ore, the Mixed Forest Cotton, the Conifer Forest Tobacco, the Tropical Forest Sugar, the Rain Forest produces small amounts of Ore, Sugar and Tobacco, the Wetland Forest and the Scrub Forest yield some Ore, and the Broadleaf Forest Cotton. 大部分的新世界都被樹林所覆蓋,這些樹林中充斥著大量的榖物、木材和毛皮。「北方林 」也會生產礦物;「混合林」生產棉花;「針葉林」生產煙草;「熱帶林」生產糖;「雨 林」生產少量的礦、糖和煙草;「溼地林」和「灌木林」有一些礦;以及「闊葉林」生產 棉花。 The Hills produce a small amount of Grain, and can be mined for Ore and a lesser amount of Silver. The Mountains are unsuitable for agriculture, but yield some Ore and Silver. Arctic tiles are the least useful type of terrain, as they produce nothing at all. Terrain types that produce no Grain, such as the Mountains and Arctic types, can not support colonies. 「山丘」生產少量的榖物,還能挖到礦和較少量的銀。「山脈」不適合發展農業,但有一 些礦和銀。「極地」是最沒用的地形,因為它們什麼都生產不了。無法生產榖物的地形, 像是山脈和極地,都無法支撐殖民地。 Clearing or plowing a tile, and building a road require spending 20 tools. Therefore, these actions can only be carried out by units carrying at least 20 tools. You can equip your units in your colonies or in Europe. 清理、犁一塊地磚、和在地磚上鋪路都需要20個工具,因此只有身上帶至少20個工具的單 位能執行這些動作。你能在你的殖民地或在歐洲替你的單位裝備工具。 --------------------------------------------------- 4.2 Goods 貨品 --------------------------------------------------- The New World produces many goods, which can be traded in Europe. In order to this, you must use your ships to transport them to your Home Port. As soon as the ship arrives in Europe, you can sell the goods, and buy others, in the Europe Panel. Later in the game, after you have built Custom Houses, goods can be exported automatically. Until then, you can partially automate this process by establishing Trade Routes. 新世界生產許多貨品,這些貨品都能和歐洲交易。要做到這點,你必須要用你的船把貨品 運到你的母港。當船抵達歐洲後你就能在歐洲面板賣這些貨品以及買其他的東西。之後等 你蓋了海關,就能自動出口貨品。這時你可以建立貿易路線來自定義這項動作。 Exporting these goods to Europe will be one of your most important sources of income. At the beginning of the game, you will probably want to export raw materials, such as Sugar and Tobacco, but as prices drop, you should concentrate on luxury products, such as Rum and Cigars, which command higher prices. 出口貨物到歐洲會是你的收入中其中一個重要來源。遊戲一開始,你可能會想出口原料, 像是糖和煙草。但當價格下跌時,你應該集中心力在奢侈品上,像是蘭姆酒和雪茄這種擁 有高價格的物品。 Food is the single most important good, since all your colonists consume two units of food each turn. If this demand can not be met, some of your colonists will starve to death. On the other hand, a colony that has accumulated 200 units of food will produce a new Free Colonist. Unfortunately, buying food in Europe is always expensive, and colonial foodstuffs fetch only poor prices. 食物是最重要的貨品沒有之一,,因為你所有的殖民者每人每回合都要花掉兩單位的食物 。如果無法達到這個要求,那你有些殖民者會餓死。另一方面,累積了兩百單位食物的殖 民者會免費生出一個新的殖民者。不幸的是,從歐洲買食物回來總是很貴,而殖民地食物 價格卻很淒慘。 Food is produced from two basic food stuffs, Grain, which can be cultivated on nearly all land tiles, and Fish, which is produced by ocean and lake tiles. To harvest the bounty of the sea, you will need a Dock, however. 食物產自兩種基本的食物原料。幾乎能種在任何陸地地磚的榖物,及由海洋和湖泊地磚生 產的魚。但你要有個碼頭才能在大海上撈魚。 Horses are special in several ways. Horses will survive by grazing in your colonies’ Pastures, but in order to reproduce they require grain, and there have to be at least two of them. Horses live in herds, and each herd produces no more than two new horses per turn. In the Pasture, a herd consists of fifty horses, but in the Stables, a herd consists of only twenty-five horses, effectively doubling the number of horses you can breed per turn (provided you have enough food). 馬在有幾個特點。馬只要放牧在你的殖民地的牧場就能存活,但要牠們生小孩就需要餵榖 物,而且至少要兩匹馬。馬要群體生活,而且每群馬每回合不會生產超過兩匹新的馬。在 牧場中每群馬有50匹,但在馬棚中一群馬只有25匹,前者每回合能生的馬是後者的兩倍( 前提是有足夠食物)。 The number of horses you can breed is further limited by the fact that horses feed only on grain and not on fish. And Pastures and Stables consume no more than half the food surplus available. In other words, you can not breed more horses by filling your colonies’ warehouses with grain. 你能生產的馬的數量被馬只吃榖物不吃魚這個事實給嚴重限制,而牧場和馬棚不會消耗多 於你食物剩餘量的一半。也就是說,你不能把你的倉庫塞滿榖物來餵更多馬。 Four raw materials are typical for the New World. They will initially generate a good income, but prices will inevitably drop. These goods are Sugar, which is best cultivated on Savannah tiles, Tobacco, best cultivated on Grassland, Cotton, which is most abundant on Prairie tiles, and Furs, which are available on all forested tiles, but most abundantly on Boreal Forest and Mixed Forest tiles. 新世界有四種獨特的原料,它們一開始能賣到很好的價錢,但之後一定會跌價。這些原料 是糖,最適合種植在莽原地磚;煙草,最適合種植在草原地磚;棉花,在大草原地磚上最 充足;和毛皮,能在所有樹林地磚中找到,但在北方林和混合林地磚中最多。 These four materials can be used to produce corresponding luxury goods, which will fetch much higher prices in Europe. In a distillery, Rum is produced from Sugar. Tobacco is used to make Cigars in the Tobacconist’s House. The Weaver weaves Cloth from Cotton in his house, and the Fur Trader turns Furs into Coats in his house. 這四種原料能用來生產相對應的奢侈品,奢侈品能在歐洲賣到高的多的價格。在釀酒場, 糖能做出蘭姆酒;煙草在煙草鋪中被用來製作雪茄;紡織工在他的房子內把棉花紡成衣服 ;毛皮商則會在他的房子裡把毛皮做成外套。 Initially, the resource which fetches the highest prices in Europe is Silver, which can be mined in the Mountains. Small amounts of silver can also be produced on Swamp and Marsh tiles with a minerals resource. 一開始,能在歐洲賣到最高價的資源是銀,銀能在山脈上挖到。在沼澤和溼地地磚中挖礦 時也能挖到少量的銀。 As prices drop, Silver will become less and less useful, however. On the other hand, Hills and Mountains also produce Ore, which is not in great demand in Europe, but which can be refined to produce Tools in the Blacksmith's s House. Tools are required for clearing forests and plowing fields, as well as for constructing advanced buildings and units. Furthermore, Muskets can be produced from Tools in the Armory. 然而,銀在跌價後會變得越來越沒用。另一方面,山丘和山脈也生產礦物。歐洲比較沒那 麼需要礦物,但礦物能在鐵匠鋪被打造為工具。在清除樹林、犁田和建造額外的建築物和 單位時都需要工具。此外,工具能在兵工廠轉變成毛瑟槍。 Lumber also fetches poor prices in Europe, but can be used to produce Hammers in the Carpenter’s House. Hammers are required for constructing all buildings, as well as naval units and Wagon Trains. Hammers are “abstract” goods that can neither be transported nor traded. They represent the work required to finish a building rather than some tangible material. 木材在歐洲也賣不到好價錢,但能在木匠鋪中用來製造槌子。在蓋所有建築、船艦和蓬車 隊時都需要槌子。鎚子是「概念上」的物品,無法運輸也無法交易。鎚子比其他有形的物 資更能表現蓋建築物時所需的勞動。(譯註:感謝yamaplover板友修正) The two other “abstract” goods are Liberty Bells, which are produced in the Town Hall, and Crosses, which are generated by the Church. They represent the concepts of liberty and of religious freedom. Liberty Bells produce liberty points, which are needed to convince your colonists of your policies, and to elect Founding Fathers to the Continental Congress. Crosses generate immigration points, which are needed to attract further immigrants in Europe. 另外兩個「抽象」貨品是自由鐘,在城鎮大廳生產;和十字架,在教堂生產。它們代表行 政自由和宗教自由。自由鐘會產生自由點數,在你要說服你的殖民者支持你的政策和推選 國父到大陸議會之中時會需要用到。十字架產生移民點數,這用來吸引歐洲額外的移民者 Trade Goods, on the other hand, can be transported and traded, but they can not be produced in your colonies. They are only available in Europe and are useful for trading with native settlements, which generally demand Trade Goods. 另一方面,貿易貨品能被運輸和交易,但無法在你的殖民地內生產。它們只能在歐洲得到 ,並在與一般依賴貿易貨品的原住民居住地貿易時很有用。 ------------------------------------------------ 4.2.1 Trade Routes 貿易路線 The orders menu allows you to assign a Trade Route to a ship or wagon train. If you select this order, the trade route dialog, which enables you to select a trade route or create a new trade route, will open. If you have not created a trade route, you must use the edit trade route dialog to do so first. 指令選單能讓你設定一艘船或一列蓬車隊的貿易路線。如果你選擇了這項指令,將會開啟 貿易路線日誌,這能讓你選擇已有的其中一條貿易路線或創造一條新的貿易路線。如果你 還沒有一條貿易路線,你必須先在貿易路線日誌編輯一條。 A trade route consists of two or more stops, which may either be the Home Port, or one of your colonies. Select a destination from the select box and press the add new stop button. If you select the special destination all colonies, then your Home Port and all your colonies will be added to the list of stops. 一條貿易路線包含兩艘以上的船,船可能會在母港或你其中一個殖民地。從選擇區選擇一 個目的地並按「增加新的停靠站」按鈕。如果你選擇特殊目的地「所有殖民地」,那你的 母港和所有你的殖民地都會在停靠站的清單之中。 If you have selected a destination, you can drag and drop goods from the goods panel to the cargo panel. These are the goods your ship or wagon train should have on board when leaving this stop. If the ship or wagon train arrives at the destination with other goods on board, these goods will be unloaded. 如果你已經選擇了一個目的地,你能在貨品面板和裝貨面板之間拖拉貨品,這些貨品會在 你的船或蓬車隊離開停靠站時一起被帶走。如果船或蓬車隊抵達目的地時有其他貨品,這 些貨品會被卸載(譯註:求高手修飾這段)。 Note that the ships and wagon trains will take the capacity and settings of the warehouses in your colonies into account. They will not unload cargo that would be wasted and they will only load goods that should not be kept in reserve. This means that they may wait for a long time until a sufficient number of goods becomes available. 記住船和蓬車隊會受到你殖民地裡倉庫的容量和設定影響。它們不會卸載貨物然後因為爆 倉而浪費掉,它們也只會裝載多於保留數量的貨物。這代表它們可能會在貨品有適合的數 量之前等上很長一段時間。 As soon as a ship or wagon train reaches the last destination of the trade route, it will continue at the first destination. 船或蓬車隊一到達貿易路線的最後一個目的地,它就會往一開始出發點回去。 The behaviour of trade routes can sometimes be confusing. To see exactly what each unit with a trade route is doing, enable the Goods Movement message type, but beware that there can be many messages of this type. 貿易路線的行徑有時候會搞混人。要確實看一條貿易路線上的每個單位到底在幹嘛的話, 要打開「貨物移動」訊息類型,但小心這類型訊息有一大票。 ------------------------------------------------------ 4.3 Special Resources 特殊資源 ------------------------------------------------------ Some types of terrain can also have special resources, which increase the production of a particular type of goods. Most of these resources look just like the goods they will produce. These tiles are particularly valuable. 某些種類地形還有特殊資源能夠增進特定種類貨品的生產。大部分這種資源看起來就像是 它們能生產的貨品。這些地磚非常有價值。 ------------------------------------------------------ 4.4 Native Settlements 原住民居住地 ------------------------------------------------------ The New World is by no means an uninhabited country. Various tribes of Indians already live there, and make use of the land. When your colonists arrive, you will have to decide whether you will attempt to peacefully coexist with the natives, or to wipe them out. The French player has the advantage of generating only half the alarm among the natives. The Spanish player has the advantage of greater military efficiency against the natives. Your choice of Home Country may influence your strategy—or vice versa. 新世界絕對不是一個杳無人煙的地方,各種印第安部落已經住在這裡並使用著這塊土地。 當你的殖民者抵達時,你必須要決定是否與原住民和平共存,或是把他們掃掉。法國玩家 擁有只會受到原住民平常一半的警戒值的加成,西班牙玩家在對抗原住民時有額外的軍事 效益。你選擇的祖國可能會影響到你的戰略或其他的。 Small Native Settlements use the tile they are built on and all the adjacent tiles, just like your Colonies do, and possibly more nearby tiles. Large Native Settlements also use tiles that are two moves away, and possibly more. Your colonists can not use tiles that are already used by natives. If they attempt to do so, the natives will demand some gold for the land. You must then decide whether to pay their price, take the land away from the by force, or to leave the land alone. Naturally, the natives will not be pleased if you take the land away from them. As soon as Peter Minuit has joined the Continental Congress, however, the natives no longer demand payment for their land nor become immediately displeased if it is taken. 小型原住民居住地會用他們居住的地磚及所有臨接的地磚,就像你的殖民地一樣,還可能 包括更多附近的地磚。大型原住民居住地會包括兩次行動遠的地磚,可能會更多。你的殖 民者不能用那些已經被原住民使用的地磚。如果他們想要那樣做,原住民會要你替那塊土 地支付一些黃金,你必須決定是否要照他們開的價格付錢、用武力搶走土地或離開那邊。 如果你搶走原住民的土地,他們自然會不高興。然而,在Peter Minuit加入大陸議會後, 原住民就不會再要求替土地付錢,也不會因為土地被拿走而立刻翻臉。 A special case exists for the center tile of the colonies you found. In the “ classic” ruleset and/or by default in when playing under the “Very Easy” difficulty level the center tile does not have to be paid for. “Easy” difficulty restricts this to only apply to a single colony, “Normal” to a single colony and requires the tribe you are stealing land to have not been contacted, and other levels require payment as usual. 關於殖民地所在的那塊地需不需要向原住民購買的問題。在classic 規則中,「非常簡單 」難度下不需要為殖民地所在的那塊地向原住民支付任何金錢。「簡單」難度下,只有一 個殖民地不需支付金錢,「正常」難度下,不但只有一個殖民地不需支付金錢且僅限於沒 有接觸過的原住民的土地。其他難度則依照一般購買土地規則。(譯註:感謝yamaplover 板友補完) Colonies and armed units near their settlements will alarm the natives and poison your relations. If the natives are happy, they will come to your colonies offering gifts. If they are unhappy, they will come and make demands instead. If they get really angry, they may attack your units or colonies. After a few turns, however, they will usually calm down again. 在原住民居住地附近的殖民地和武裝單位會提昇他們的警覺心,並對你們的關係不利。如 果原住民是開心的,他們會帶著禮物來你的殖民地。如果他們心情不好,那他們會帶著要 求來你的殖民地。如果他們很生氣的話,那他們會帶著武器來找你的單位或殖民地。不過 通常在幾回合後,他們就會再度冷靜下來。 Some types of units may enter Native Settlements. Units that carry goods, such as Wagon Trains and Ships, can enter the settlements and trade with them. Trade always improves your relations with the natives. If you offer your goods as a gift, this will improve your relations even more. 有些種類的單位有機會進入原住民居住地。運貨的單位,像是蓬車隊和船能進入居住地和 他們貿易。貿易總是能增進你和原住民的關係,如果你把貨品當成禮物送給他們,會增進 更多關係。 Scouts can either ask to speak with the chief of the tribe, or demand tribute, which is obviously not good for your relations with the natives. If your scout speaks with the chief, you will learn which skill this settlement teaches and which goods the natives would prefer to acquire. Furthermore, the chief may offer you some gold, or tell you about nearby lands. If your Scout is not a Seasoned Scout already, he may become so. 斥候能要求和部落的酋長講話,或要求進貢,後者很明顯對你和原住民的關係不利。如果 你的斥候和酋長講話,你能學到這個居住地教導的技能,以及得到這些原住民想給的貨品 。此外,酋長可能會給你一些黃金,或告訴你關於附近土地的事情。如果你的斥候並不是 個經驗豐富的斥候,他可能還是會這麼做。 Free Colonists and Indentured Servants may enter a settlement in order to learn the skills of the natives. 一般殖民者和契約工有機會為了學習原住民的技術而進入一個居住地。 Missionaries, which may be either Jesuit Missionaries or ordinary colonists blessed as missionaries in the Home Port or any colony with a Church, are able to establish a Mission or to incite the natives against another European nation. If a Jesuit Missionary, or an ordinary colonist blessed as a missionary is equipped with tools, muskets or horses, he loses his missionary status and is no longer able to establish a mission. 傳教團,無論是耶穌會、在母港受過傳教士祝福的普通殖民者或是任何有教堂的殖民地, 都能對原住民傳教或煽動他們對付別的歐洲國家。如果一個耶穌會教士、或是一個受過傳 教士祝福的普通殖民者有裝備工具、毛瑟槍或馬,他就無法傳教。 The presence of a Mission will reduce tension between the natives and your colonists. In time, some of the natives may also convert and join your colonies as Indian Converts. If the settlement already contains the mission of another European country, your missionary may denounce the teachings of that mission as a heresy. If he is successful, the natives will burn down the old mission and your missionary establishes a new one. 傳教行動會減緩原住民和你的殖民者之間的緊張程度。最後,有些原住民可能會皈依並加 入你的殖民地成為印第安皈依者。如果該居住地已經有其他歐洲國家的傳教士,你的傳教 士能指責該傳教士的佈道為異端邪說。如果他成功了,原住民會燒死原本那個傳教士,你 的傳教士會成為新任。 Note that the missionary will always remain in the settlement. He is effectively lost to you. 記住傳教士會總是待在居住地底,你實際上就是失去了他。 ---------------------------------------------------- 4.5 Lost City Rumours 失落城市的傳聞 ---------------------------------------------------- In the New World, there are also rumours about Lost Cities, such as El Dorado, or Cíbola. The natives do not explore these sites, but your colonists can and, in fact, must do so if they enter a tile with a Lost City Rumour. It is not possible to farm a tile with a Lost City Rumour on it. 在新世界也有關於失落城市的傳聞,像是黃金國或是Cíbola(譯註:傳說中的七個黃金 城市之一)。原住民不會去探索這些地方,但你的殖民者能。事實上,如果他們進入一塊 有著失落城市傳聞的地磚就應該這麼做。不能在一塊有著失落城市傳聞的地磚上種田。 Mostly, the rumour proves to be nothing but a rumour. Occasionally, you might disturb the burial grounds of a native tribe, which will cause the tribe to declare war on you. It is also possible that your expedition simply vanishes without a trace. 通常這些傳聞除了傳聞以外什麼都沒有。偶爾你可能會侵擾到一個原住民部落的墳場,這 會讓該部落對你宣戰。你的探險隊也有可能會消失的無影無蹤。 On the other hand, you might also discover a small tribe and a few trinkets. Your colonist might become a Seasoned Scout if he has no other skill, you might discover the sole survivor of a lost colony, or even one of the Seven Cities of Gold, and a Treasure Train. 另一方面,你也可能會發現一個小部落和一些小玩意,你的殖民者可能會變成經驗豐富的 斥候。如果他沒有其他技能,你可能會發現一個失落殖民地的唯一生還者,或甚至七大黃 金城的其中之一,以及一個寶藏車隊。 Possibly the best outcome is the discovery of the Fountain of Youth, which will cause numerous colonists to appear on the docks in your Home Port. 最好的結果可能是找到青春之泉,這會讓一大票的殖民者出現在你母港的碼頭。 As soon as Hernando de Soto has joined the Continental Congress, Lost City Rumours never yield negative results. 一旦埃爾南多.德.索托(Hernando de Soto)加入了大陸議會,失落城市傳聞就不會造 成負面結果。 ---------------------------------------------------- 4.6 Exploration 探險 ---------------------------------------------------- The original Colonization game awarded exploration points only for the discovery of the Pacific Ocean. This is also the default behaviour for FreeCol. However, you may choose to play with exploration points, in which case you will be awarded exploration points for the discovery of a new region of the New World. 原版Colonizatio只會在發現太平洋時獎勵探險點數,這也是FreeCol的預設值。然而,你 能更改設定,選擇在發現新世界的新地區時就得到探險點數。 A region may be either a large area of land, a mountain range, or a river valley. If you discover a region, you will be asked to name it, and you will be awarded a number of exploration points depending on the size of the region discovered. 一個地區可能是一大塊土地、一片山脈或一個河谷。如果你發現了一個地區,會被要求命 名它,而你會依照發現地區的大小獲得一定數字的探險點數。 ****************************************************************************** Chapter 5 Colonies 殖民地 ------------------------------------------------------- 5.1 Picking a suitable site 選擇一個適合的地點 ------------------------------------------------------- Your colonies are your most important assets in the new world. Therefore, it is very important to build them in the right place. There are several aspects to consider: 你的殖民地是你在新世界最重要的資產,因此把它們蓋在正確的位置是非常重要的。有幾 個觀點要考慮: ------------------------------------------------- 5.1.1 The colony tile 殖民地地磚 The tile your colony is built on is special in several ways. It is the only tile that produces more than one type of goods at the same time and neither requires nor allows the presence of a colonist to do so. On the other hand, you can not choose which types of goods to produce. The colony tile will always produce some kind of food as its primary product, and some raw material other than lumber or silver as its secondary product. The production of food can be increased by plowing the colony tile, but the secondary production will not benefit from artificial tile improvements such as fields and roads. It will, however, benefit from natural tile improvements such as rivers and resources. 要蓋你的殖民地的地磚在幾個方面比較特別。這是能唯一同時生產多於一種貨品的地磚, 不需要也不讓殖民者來做這件事。另一方面,你無法選擇要生產哪種貨品。殖民地會生產 某幾種食物作為主要產品,某些除了木材或銀以外的原料作為次要產品。藉著犁殖民地地 磚能增加食物的生產量,但次要產品不會因為對地磚人工加成,像是墾田或鋪路而受益, 不過會受到自然地磚。像是河流和資源的加成。 Some terrain types are more suitable for establishing a colony than others. Colonies can not be built on Arctic tiles, nor on Mountains, because these terrain types produce no Grain. Hills and Deserts are less suitable than other tiles because they produce less food, which is very important in the long run. Tiles with forest generally produce less food than tiles without, but Pioneers are able to cut down the forest and plow the tile, which will increase food production. The presence of a river will also increase food production. 某些地形比其他的更適合建立殖民地。殖民地不能蓋在極地地磚和山脈地磚,因為這些地 形無法生產榖物。山丘和沙漠比其他地磚不適合,因為它們生產的食物比較少,而食物對 長期經營很重要。有樹林的地磚生產的食物一般比沒有樹林的少,但拓荒者能砍倒樹林並 犁這塊地磚,這會增進食物生產。有河流的地磚也能增進食物生產。 The Hills produce a small amount of Grain, and can be mined for Ore and a lesser amount of Silver. The Mountains are unsuitable for agriculture, but yield some Ore and Silver. Arctic tiles are the least useful type of terrain, as they produce nothing at all. Terrain types that produce no Grain, such as the Mountains and Arctic types, can not support colonies. (譯註:和4-1重複了,不翻譯) The New World is also irrigated by minor and major rivers. The production of most types of Goods is increased by the presence of rivers as well as roads, which your Pioneers can build. All terrain types which produce Grain (except the Hills) can also be plowed by your Pioneers in order increase grain production. If the tile is forested, you must first clear the forest and transform the tile into open land: 新世界也被各種大小河流所灌溉。大部分種類貨品的產量都會因為有河流的存在而增加, 也會因為你的拓荒者鋪的路而增加。所有會生產榖物的地形(除了山丘以外)也能讓你的 拓荒者犁田以增加榖物產量。如果該地磚有樹林,你得先清掉樹林並把這個地磚轉變成開 放的土地: Forested → Cleared 樹林→ 清理後 ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Boreal Forest → Tundra Mixed Forest → Plains Conifer Forest → Grassland Tropical Forest → Savannah Wetland Forest → Marsh Rain Forest → Swamp Scrub Forest → Desert Broadleaf Forest → Prairie 北方林→ 凍原 混合林→ 平原 針葉林→ 草原 熱帶林→ 莽原 溼地林→ 溼地 雨林→ 沼澤 灌木林→ 沙漠 闊葉林→ 大草原 ----------------------------------------------------- 5.1.2 The adjacent tiles 臨接的地磚 In the early stages of the game, you will need to generate cash by selling products from the New World in your Home Port. Thus, many of your early colonies should probably be situated next to bonus tiles, which greatly increase production. Rivers also increase production, though not as much as a bonus resource. On the other hand, they increase the production of many different kinds of goods, unlike a bonus resource. 在遊戲早期階段,你會需要藉著從新世界賣產品回母港來賺錢。因此你早期的殖民地,大 部分都應該要設在有資源加成的地磚旁邊,這會大幅增加產量。河流也會增加產量,但不 會像資源加成那麼多。另一方面,不像單一資源加成,河流能夠增加很多不同種類貨品的 產量。 In order to improve your colony, you will have to construct various buildings. This will require large amounts of lumber. For this reason, you should make sure that at least one tile adjacent to your colony site can produce sufficient amounts of lumber. You will also need tools to construct advanced buildings. Therefore, it is an advantage if the colony can also produce ore, which can be refined to produce tools. However, ore is not as important as lumber. 為了改善你的殖民地,你必須蓋各種各樣的建築,這會用掉大量的木材,因此你必須確保 至少有一個能生產足夠數量木材的地磚接在你的殖民地旁邊。你也會需要工具來蓋進階建 築,因此如果殖民地也能生產礦,用來生產工具會很有利,不過礦並沒有木材那麼重要。 Some of the tiles may be owned by other European powers, or claimed by Indians. Building a colony too close to other settlements is not a good idea, unless you plan to conquer or destroy these settlements. Keeping your own colonies close together is a good strategy, however, as long as you avoid sharing tiles between several colonies as far as possible. 某些地磚可能被其他歐洲勢力或印地安人佔據了。把殖民地蓋的離其他居住地太近不是個 好主意,除非你打算佔據或摧毀這些居住地。不過,只要能避免讓好幾個殖民地共用地磚 ,讓你自己的殖民地互相靠近是個好戰略。 ---------------------------------------------- 5.1.3 Reforestation 重新造林 You can order your pioneers to cut down forests near to your colonies. This will increase the food produced on these tiles, and cause a large, one-off amount of lumber to be delivered to your nearest colony. Under the usual rules, a tile will never produce lumber again once cleared. However, the “ Plant forest” mod, distributed with FreeCol, allows reforestation by your pioneers. 你能命令你的拓荒者砍掉你殖民地附近的樹林,這能增加這些地磚的食物產量,並一次性 的得到大量的木材並送往你最近的殖民地。在正常模式下,一個地磚在清除過樹林後就再 也不能生產木材了,但由FreeCol發佈的「造林」mod能讓你的拓荒者重新造林。 --------------------------------------------------- 5.1.4 Government Efficiency 政府效率 The efficiency of the local governments of your colonies depends on the colonists' support for the Sons of Liberty. If more than 50% of the colonists support the Sons of Liberty, they all produce one additional unit of goods, and if support for the Sons of Liberty increases to 100 %, they even produce two additional units. 你殖民地的地方政府效率與你的殖民者支持自由之子組織的程度有關係。如果如果多於 50%的殖民者都支持自由之子,那他們會多生產一單位的貨品。如果全部的人都支持自由 之子,那他們會多生產兩單位的貨品。 On the other hand, if the number of Tories exceeds a certain number which depends on the difficulty of the game (4 colonists by default), their production decreases by one unit, and if it exceeds this limit by four colonists, their production is decreased by two units. This waste may well destroy your colony and should be avoided at all costs. 另一方面,如果保守派人數在一定數量之內(這個數量根據遊戲難度而定,預設是4個) ,那會減少一單位的產量。如果超過四個殖民者的限制,那會減少兩單位的產量,這些浪 費可能會摧毀你的殖民地,應該要避免這些開支。 In order to prevent this kind of mismanagement, you need to increase the support for the Sons of Liberty. You can do this by producing Freedom Bells in the Town Hall. 為了避免這類的管理不善,你需要增進對自由之子的支持。你能在城鎮大廳生產自由鐘來 做到這件事。 -------------------------------------------------- 5.2 Colony Buildings 殖民地建築 -------------------------------------------------- A newly established colony already includes several buildings, namely a town hall, a carpenter's house, a blacksmith's house, a tobacconist's house, a weaver's house, a distiller's house, a fur trader's house, and a warehouse. You can improve your colonies by upgrading all of these buildings except the town hall, and by constructing various new buildings. However, many buildings can only be constructed in colonies of a certain size, or after certain Founding Fathers have joined the Continental Congress. 新建的殖民地已經包含幾座建築,也就是一個城鎮大廳、一間木匠鋪、一間鐵匠鋪、一間 煙草製成室、一間紡織鋪、一間釀酒場、毛皮商鋪和一間倉庫(譯註:可是下面的建築介 紹講的比這裡多很多,請以下面為準,大概吧)。你能藉著升級除了城鎮大廳以外所有這 些建築、和蓋各種新建築來改善你的殖民地,但很多建築只能蓋在有一定大小的殖民地裡 ,或者特定的國父已經加入大陸議會之後才能蓋。 The craftsmen's houses can be upgraded to workshops, which produce twice as many manufactured goods. After Adam Smith has joined the Continental Congress, workshops can be upgraded to factories, which are more efficient and generally produce one and a half units of manufactured goods from each unit of raw material. While the town hall itself can not be upgraded, the production of Liberty Bells can be boosted by constructing a printing press and then a newspaper. 工匠鋪能升級成小工廠,小工廠能生產兩倍的加工貨品。在亞當.斯密(Adam Smith)加入 大陸議會後,小工廠能升級成工廠,工廠更有效率,而且每單位原料平均能生產一個半的 加工貨品。雖然城鎮大廳不能升級,但自由鐘的產量能藉由蓋印刷廠和報社來提高。 The following buildings are all present in every newly established colony: 下列建築在每個新建立的殖民地都能看到: The Town Hall, which can not be upgraded, provides workplaces for up to three colonists producing Liberty Bells. Its effect can be increased by building a Printing Press and a Newspaper. 城鎮大廳。它無法升級,能提供最多三個殖民者工作並生產自由鐘。它的效率能藉由蓋印 刷廠和報社來提高。 The Carpenter's House, which can be upgraded to a Lumber Mill once the colony's population reaches 3, is used to convert Lumber to Hammers. Hammers are required to construct or upgrade all kinds of buildings. 木匠鋪。它能在殖民地人口到達3以後升級成木材工廠,用來把木材轉變成槌子。槌子在 蓋或升級所有種類建築時都要用到。 The Blacksmith's House, which can be upgraded to a Blacksmith's Workshop, is used to convert Ore to Tools. Tools are required to construct certain kinds of buildings and to upgrade all kinds of buildings. Tools are also used by Pioneers and to produce Muskets. Once the population of the colony has reached 8, the Blacksmith's Workshop can be replaced by Iron Works, provided that Adam Smith has joined the Continental Congress. 鐵匠鋪。它能升級成鐵匠小工廠,用來把礦轉變為工具。工具被用來蓋特定幾種建築以及 用來升級所有種類的建築,也會被拓荒者用來生產毛瑟槍。在殖民地人口到達8以後,鐵 匠小工廠會在亞當.斯密加入大陸議會後被鐵工廠取代。 The Tobacconist's House, which can be upgraded to a Tobacconist's Shop, is used to produce Cigars from Tobacco. Once the colony's population has reached 8, it can be further upgraded to a Cigar Factory, provided that Adam Smith has joined the Continental Congress. 煙草鋪。它能升級成煙草小工廠,用來把煙草轉變成雪茄。在殖民地人口到達8以後,煙 草店能夠在亞當.斯密加入大陸議會後升級成雪茄工廠。 The Weaver's House, which can be upgraded to a Weaver's Shop, is used to turn Cotton into Cloth. It can be upgraded to a Textile Mill as soon as the population of the colony is at least 8 and Adam Smith has joined the Continental Congress. 紡織鋪。它能升級成紡織小工廠,用來把棉花轉變成衣服。在殖民地人口8以上以及亞當 .斯密加入大陸議會後,紡織小工廠能夠升級成紡織工廠。 The Distiller's House, which can be upgraded to a Rum Distillery, is used to produce Rum from Sugar. Once Adam Smith has joined the Continental Congress and the colony's population is at least 8, the rum distillery can be replaced by a Rum Factory. 蒸餾鋪。它能升級成蘭姆酒蒸餾室,用來把糖轉變成蘭姆酒。在殖民地人口8以上以及亞 當.斯密加入大陸議會後,蘭姆酒蒸餾室能換成蘭姆酒工廠。 The Fur Trader's House, which can be upgraded to a Fur Trader's Post, is used to produce Coats from Furs. Once the colony's population has reached 6, it can be further upgraded to a Fur Factory, provided that Adam Smith has joined the Continental Congress. 毛皮鋪。它能升級成毛皮商交易站,用來把毛皮變成外套。在殖民地人口到達6以後,毛 皮商交易站能夠在亞當.斯密加入大陸議會後升級成毛皮工廠。 The Depot stores all kinds of goods. Its initial capacity is 100 units of each kind of goods, but it can be upgraded to a Warehouse with a capacity of 200 units and to a Warehouse Expansion, which holds 300 units. No colonists work in the warehouse buildings. 儲藏室存放所有種類的貨品。初始容量是每種貨品100單位,但能升級成200單位的倉庫, 以及300單位的巨型倉庫。沒有殖民者會在倉庫建築內工作。 The Chapel is a small religious building which produces only a single Cross and does not require a preacher. It can be upgraded to a Church as soon as the population has reached 3 and to a Cathedral as soon as the population reaches 8. Both the Church and the Cathedral may house up to three preachers. The religious freedom of the New World (symbolized by Crosses) causes increased emigration from Europe. 禮拜堂是一個小型宗教建築,只能生產一個十字架而不需要牧師。它能在殖民地人口到達 3後升級成教堂,並在人口到達8後升級成大教堂,教堂和大教堂都能住最多三個牧師。新 世界的宗教自由度(由十字架表示)會增加歐洲移民。 The Pasture surrounding your colony is used to support and breed Horses. It can be upgraded to Stables, which reduces the size of a horse herd from fifty to twenty-five. Since every herd produces no more than two new horses per turn, the stables double the production of horses, provided you have enough grain to feed them. Neither the Pasture nor the Stables need colonists to operate. 環繞你的殖民地的牧場用來養馬和生馬。它能升級成馬棚,馬棚能把馬群大小從五十匹減 少到二十五匹。因為每群馬每回合都不能生出超過兩匹新馬,所以只要能餵足夠的榖物, 馬棚就能把馬的產量變成兩倍。牧場或馬棚都不需要殖民者來生產。 The following eight buildings are not part of your basic colony and have to be constructed later: 底下八個建築都不是你的基本殖民地的一部分,得在之後才能建造: A colony with a population of at least 4 may build a Schoolhouse, which enables some master craftsman to teach an unskilled colonist their trade. As soon as the population reaches 8, it can be upgraded to a College, in which additional trades can be taught by two colonists. Once the population reaches 10, the college can be replaced by a University, at which all trades can be taught by three colonists. See Skills and Education for details. 一個有至少4人口的殖民地就能蓋校舍,校舍能讓一些厲害的工匠教導一個學藝未精的殖 民者關於他們的技術。在人口到達8以後,校舍能升級成學院,學院能把更多技術教給兩 個殖民者。一旦人口到達10後,學院就能用大學取代,大學能教給三名殖民者所有的技術 。請參照「技藝與教育」一節來了解細節。 The Armory is used to produce Muskets from Tools. As soon as the population reaches 8, the armory can be upgraded to a Magazine and then to an Arsenal, provided that Adam Smith has joined the Continental Congress. 軍械庫用來把工具變成毛瑟槍。在人口到達8以後,軍械庫就能升級成彈藥庫,並在亞當 .斯密加入大陸議會後升級成兵工廠。 The Stockade, which can be constructed as soon as the colony's population reaches 3, protects the colonists from attacks. In the original game and the ‘classic’ ruleset of FreeCol, a colony with a stockade could not be abandoned, it can only be burned to the ground by natives. This rule is considered a misfeature by many players and is not part of FreeCol's default rule set. The stockade can be upgraded to a Fort, which provides better protection and bombards Privateers and enemy naval units on adjacent ocean tiles. The fort can be replaced by a Fortress as soon as the population reaches 8. 在人口到達3之後能蓋柵欄,柵欄能替殖民者抵擋攻擊。在原版遊戲及FreeCol「經典」模 式中無法放棄有柵欄的殖民地,只能讓原住民燒成平地。這條規則被許多玩家認為不合理 ,而FreeCol預設模式中並不會有這條。柵欄能升級成山寨,山寨有更強的防禦力,還能 對臨接的海洋地磚上的海盜和敵方船艦開火。在人口到達8以後能把山寨換成要塞。 The Dock allow colonists to produce Fish on ocean tiles adjacent to the colony. As soon as the population is at least 4, it can be upgraded to a Drydock, which allows the colony to repair damaged ships. When the colony's population reaches 8, it can be further upgraded to a Shipyard, which enables the colony to build new ships. 碼頭讓殖民者能在臨接殖民地的海洋地磚捕魚。在人口到達4之後,能把它升級為旱塢, 旱塢讓殖民地能夠修理損壞的船隻。當殖民地人口到達8以後,旱塢還能升級成船塢,船 塢能讓殖民地建造新船。 The Printing Press, which can be upgraded to a Newspaper as soon as the population reaches 4, increases the colony's production of Liberty Bells. 印刷廠會增進殖民地的自由鐘產量,能在人口到達4以後把它升級為報社。 The Custom House, which can be built as soon as Peter Stuyvesant has joined the Continental Congress, allows the colony to export goods to Europe directly without the help of ships. According to our default rules (but not the classic rules), the Custom House can even export boycotted goods provided that Jan de Witt has joined the Continental Congress and that you are at peace with at least one other European nation. Furthermore, there is a game option that allows custom houses to ignore Boycotts in general (see ignoring boycotts). 在Peter Stuyvesant加入大陸議會後,就能建造海關。海關能讓殖民地不需要船隻就能把 貨品出口到歐洲。根據預設規則(但不是經典模式),在Jan de Witt加入大陸議會後, 只要你和至少一個其他歐洲國家保持和平狀態,海關甚至能出口被抵制的貨品。此外,有 個遊戲選項能讓海關在平常就能忽略抵制(參見忽略抵制一節)。 -------------------------------------------------------- 5.3 Using Buildings 使用建築物 -------------------------------------------------------- Some buildings have an immediate effect. The Stockade, for example, provides protection for your colony, and the Docks enable your colonists to go fishing. The effects of these buildings can not be increased by workers. 有些建築蓋了就有用,像柵欄能保護你的殖民地、碼頭能讓你的殖民者去捕魚。這些建築 物的效果不會因為工人而增加。 Most buildings do nothing if they are unoccupied, but provide workers with a place to produce manufactured goods. The Tobacconist's House, for example, allows colonists to make Cigars from Tobacco. Place one or more colonists in a building in order to convert raw materials to manufactured goods, which can be sold for higher prices. For each building, there are expert units that work more effectively than Free Colonists. Other units may work less effectively. 大多數建築沒人就沒用,但能讓工人在裡面生產加工品。舉例來說,煙草鋪能讓殖民者把 煙草變成雪茄。讓一個或更多的殖民者待在一棟建築中把原料轉變成能賣比較高價的加工 品。每個建築中都會有一個比一般殖民者更有效率的專家單位,其他單位工作效率就比較 差。 ------------------------------------------------------- 5.4 Building Units and Buildings 建築單位和建築 ------------------------------------------------------- In order to upgrade buildings, and to construct new buildings and certain kinds of units, such as Artillery and ships, you will need to produce Hammers, which represent work being done. Hammers are made from Lumber, so you need to produce lumber, either by cutting down forests, or by placing a colonist on a forested tile next to your colony and ordering him to work as a lumberjack (right click on the unit to give it orders). Then you can place a colonist in the Carpenter's House in order to convert the lumber to Hammers. 為了要升級建築、蓋新建築和生產特定單位,像是砲兵和船,你會需要生產槌子來完成工 作。槌子從木材轉變而來,所以你需要生產木材,無論是清除樹林或是把一個殖民者放到 你殖民地旁邊的樹林地磚,要他做伐木工(右鍵點擊該單位以下指令)都可以。之後你能 讓一個殖民者進入木匠鋪來把木材轉變為槌子。 Units and advanced buildings also require Tools, which are made from Ore. So you need to place an ore miner on a tile that produces ore (Hills, for example) and another in the Blacksmith’s House, in order to convert the ore into tools. 單位和進階建築還會需要工具,工具由礦轉變而來。因此你需要把一個礦工扔到有產礦的 地磚上(像是山丘),並放別人到鐵匠鋪中把礦轉變為工具。 ================================= 接下來要朝第六第七章前進~ 還是說我要先把Index翻譯好嗎? --
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