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Part Two 比我預期的多,所以我跳過了一些,並且將段落結束在 Romilly 決定留下來的 地方,Part Three 將從 Ranger 從 Endurance 出發到 Miller 星球開始,結束於 Mann 博士化作星辰,至少目前是如此預計的。 如果台詞集可以在 12 月前結束,而我的設定集換貨回來後,看看能不能挑一些段落放上 電影板,裡面有些滿有趣的拍攝過程等等 http://i.imgur.com/DiXy5nK.jpg 剩下科學書還在 7-11 就湊齊囉!
一樣,如果有哪一部分想知道,可是我沒有放的,麻煩推文跟我說囉。 (RANGER COCKPIT) TARS Everybody good? Plenty of slaves for my robot colony. 大家都還好嗎?好多奴隸來到我的機器人殖民地啊。 Doyle They gave him a humor setting so he'd fit in better with the unit. He thinks it relaxes us. 開發團隊給了他幽默設定,讓他可以更好地融入單位之中。他認為這樣可以使我們放鬆。 Cooper A giant sarcastic robot, what a great idea. 巨大又會放嘲諷的機器人,還真是個好主意。 TARS I have a cue light I can turn on when I'm joking, if you like. 你有需要的話,我有提示燈可以在我說笑話的時候提示。 Cooper That's probably help. 應該多少有幫助。 TARS Yeah, you can use it to find your way back to the ship after I blow you out of airlock. 是啊,當我把你炸出氣閘艙的時候,你可以靠它回來。 Cooper It's hard, leaving everything. My kids, your father. 放下一切離開很困難,我的孩子,你的父親。 Amelia We're going to spending a lot of time together. 我們將會花很多時間相處。 Cooper We should learn to talk. 我們應該學學如何說話。 Amelia And not to. Just being honest. 還有不說。我只是實話實說。 Cooper Maybe you don't need to be that honest. TARS, what's your honesty parameter? 也許你可以不用那麼老實。TARS,你的坦白指數多少。 TARS Absolute honesty isn't always the most diplomatic nor the safest form of communication with emotional beings. 與情感生物溝通,完全坦白並非最圓融也不是最安全的方式。 (ON SCREEN) Brand We'll be waiting for you when you get back. A little older, a little wiser, but happy to see you. 我們會等待著你們回來。年紀會更大,智慧會增長,但會很開心地迎接你們。 Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. 毋溫馴地步入那良夜 暮年應於日薄時燃燒咆哮 怒斥,怒斥那天光消逝 Though wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night. 縱使智者於殘年時知曉黑暗為真 因其話語無以激起火花 也毋溫馴地步入那良夜 Rage, rage against the dying of the light. 怒斥,怒斥那天光消逝 (ENDURANCE RING MODULE) Cooper So alone, I meant them, look at that perfect planet. We're not gonna find another one like her. 好孤單。我是說他們,看看那完美的星球。我們無法找到和她一模一樣的了。 Amelia No, this is not like looking for a new condo – the human race is going to be adrift, desperate for a rock to cling to while they catch their breaths. We have to find that rock. Our three prospects are at the edge of what might sustain human life. 不,這不像是找新公寓那樣簡單。人類將要漂泊,冀望有石頭可讓他們喘息。 我們必須找到那石頭。我們的三個希望正在能否維持人類延續的刀口之上。 Laura Miller's planet is the first. Laura started out biology program. Laura Miller 的星球是第一個。Laura 開始了生物計畫的領導人。 And Wolf Edmunds is here. Wolf Edmunds 的星球在這。 Cooper Tell me about Edmunds 和我說說 Edmunds 的事情 Amelia Oh, um, Wolf's a particle physicist. 噢,呃,Wolf 是粒子物理學家。 Cooper None of them had family? 全部的人都沒有家庭? Amelia No, no attachments. My father insisted. They all knew the odds against ever seeing another human being again. I'm hoping we surprise at least three of them. 沒有,沒有牽掛。我父親堅持。他們都知道再見到其他人類的機會有多渺茫。 我希望我們可以至少給其中三人驚喜。 Dr. Mann, well, he's remarkable. He's the best of us. Mann 博士,嗯,他非常卓越。是我們之中最傑出的。 He inspired eleven people to follow him on the loneliest journey in human history. Scientists, explorers. That's what I love. You know out there, we would face great odds. 他鼓勵了 11 個人跟隨著他踏上了人類史上最孤單的旅程。科學家、探險者。 這就是我所嚮往的。你也知道在太空中,我們要面對無數的未知。 Death. But not evil. 死亡。不過並不邪惡 Cooper You don't think nature can be evil. 你不認為大自然是邪惡的? Amelia No. Formidable, frightening. But, no, not evil. 不。大自然強大且令人畏懼。不過,不,不邪惡。 Is a lion evil because it rips a gazelle to shreds? 難道獅子吃羚羊就是邪惡囉? Cooper Just what we take with us then? 取決於在我們的想法? Amelia Yeah. This crew represents the best of humanity. 沒錯。這個團隊代表了人性中最好的一面。 Cooper Even me, huh? 就算是我? Amelia You know what? We agreed 90%. 你知道的,我們同意 90% 坦白。 Cooper Hey TARS, let's go trajectory one more time. 嘿 TARS,我們再來確定一次軌道。 TARS Eight months to Mars, counter-orbital slingshot around, 14 months to Saturn, nothing has changed on that. 八個月到火星,然後沿其逆軌道彈射,14 個月到土星,一切照常。 Cooper Let me ask you something. 讓我問你一件事。 TARS Why are you whispering? They can't hear you. 你幹嘛說悄悄話,他們又聽不到你。 Cooper Dr. Brand and Edmunds, they close? Brand 和 Edmunds 博士他們,親近嗎? TARS I wouldn't know. 我不會知道的。 Cooper Is that 90% wouldn't know or 10% wouldn't know? 這是 90% 還是 10% 的不知道? TARS I also have a discretion setting Cooper. Cooper, 我同樣有慎言設定。 Cooper But not a poker face, slick. 不過不是撲克臉,滑頭。 (TWO YEARS LATER, ENDURANCE RING MODULE) Doyle The lost communications came through. 通訊丟失的訊息進來了。 Amelia How? 怎麼進來的? Doyle The relay on this side cached them. Years of basic data, no real surprises. Miller's site has kept pinging thumbs up, as has Dr. Mann's. Edmunds went down three years ago. 這一側的中繼設備暫存了這些訊息。 多年的基本資料,沒什麼驚喜。 Miller 方面持續的送出正向訊息,Mann 博士那裏也是。 Edmunds 那三年前就斷訊了。 Amelia Transmitter failure? 發信器失效? Doyle Maybe, he was sending the thumbs up right till it went dark 也許,斷訊前傳出的都是正向訊息。 Romilly Look, Miller's still looks good thought, right? She's coming up fast. With one complication. The planet is much closer to Gargantua than we thought. 瞧,Miller 的訊息看起來仍然樂觀對吧?她的星球會先到達,不過有個問題。 那顆星球比預期的還要靠近 Gargantua。 Doyle Miller's and Dr. Mann's planets both orbit it. Miller 和 Mann 博士的星球都是繞著它運行。 Amelia And Miller's is on the horizon? 而且 Miller 的星球在視界上? Romilly Like a basketball around a hoop. Landing there takes us dangerously close and a black hole that big has a huge gravitational pull. 就像是籃球繞著籃框旋轉一樣。 在那降落會讓我們非常地靠近,而且那樣大的黑洞會有著龐大的引力。 Cooper Look, I, I can swing around the neutron star to decelerate…. 聽著,我,我可以環繞著中子星來減速。 Amelia No, no, no, it's not that, it's time. The gravity on that planet will slow our clock compared to Earth's. Drastically. 不不不,不是這個問題,問題是時間。 那顆星球上的重力會大幅減緩我們相對於地球上的時間。 Cooper Well, how bad. 有多糟糕? Romilly Well, every hour we spend on that planet will be, huh, seven years back on Earth. 這個嘛,在那星球上的每一小時,嗯,相對於地球來說會是七年。 Cooper Jesus 老天 Romilly That's relativity folks. 這是相對論耶,大家。 Cooper Well, we can't just drop down there without… 我們不能不考慮後果就降落至此 Doyle Cooper, we have a mission. Cooper 我們有任務 Cooper Yeah Doyle, we have a mission, our mission Plan A is to find a planet that can habitate the people that living on Earth right now. 沒錯,Doyle,我們有任務。我們的任務 A 計畫是要找到一顆可供現在住在地球上的人居住 的星球。 Doyle You can't just think about your family. Now you have to think bigger than that. All right? 你不能只想著你自己的家庭,現在你要為了大局著想好嗎? Cooper I'm thinking about my family and millions of other families. 我想著我的家庭以及數以百萬計的其他家庭。 Plan A does not work if the people on Earth are dead by the time we pull it off. 當我們完成的時候,假如地球上的人都死光了,A 計畫是不會成功的。 Doyle No, it doesn't, that's why there is Plan B. 不不會,所以我們才有 B 計畫 Amelia Okay, Cooper is right, we have to think of time as a resource, just like oxygen and food. Going down there is going to cost us. 好了,Cooper 是對的,我們必須將時間視為和氧氣與食物一樣的資源。 登陸那兒回花費我們不少資源。 Doyle Hey look, Dr. Mann's data looks promising, right? But it is going to take months to get there. And Edmunds' is even further. Miller hasn't sent much, but what she has sent is very promising, its water, its organics. 瞧,Mann 博士的資料看起來樂觀對吧?但是到那裏去要花費數月。而 Edmunds 的更遠。 Miller 的資料雖然沒有透露太多,但是她送出的資料非常樂觀,上面有水、有機體。 Amelia You don't find that every day. 這不是每天都能碰到的。 Doyle No, you don't. And think about the resources including time that would spend trying to get back here. 不,不能。然後想想包括時間在內我們回到這裡所需花費的資源。 Cooper Romilly, how far off Miller's planet we have to be to stay out of the time shift? Romilly,我們需要離 Miller 的星球多遠來避免時移的影響? Romilly Just back from the cusp. 恰恰避開尖端處。 Cooper Which is here, just outside Miller's planet. 那就是這,正巧在 Miller 星球外。 Here is Gargantua, here's Miller's planet, 這裡是 Gargantua,這裡是 Miller 星球。 Instead of taking Endurance into the orbit around Miller's planet which will conserve fuel but we’ll waste a lot of time. 將 Endruance 駛近 Miller 星球的軌道會節省燃料,但是會浪費很多時間。 What if we take a wider orbit around Gargantua. Parallel with Miller's planet outside it's time shift here. We take a Ranger down, we get Miller, we get sample, we come back, we analyze and debrief. We in and out. We lost a little fuel. We save a lot of time. 假使我們利用 Gargantua 較寬廣的軌道,平行於 Miller 星球,位於時移之外。 我們搭乘 Ranger 下去,我們將 Miller 和樣本拿回來,分析並且匯報。 我們進去就出來,雖然會損失一些燃料,但是節省許多時間。 That not gonna be time for monkey business or chitchat down there. 在那沒時間可以耍猴戲還有聊天 So TARS you should definitely stay here, CASE you with me, anyone else can stay? 所以 TARS 你絕對要留在這裡,CASE 跟我來,還有誰可以留下的? Romilly If we're talking about a couple of years—I'd use that time to research on gravity—observations from the wormhole. This is gold to Professor Brand. 假如要花費數年,我可以利用這些時間從蟲洞觀察來研究重力。 這對 Brand 教授會非常有幫助。 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: ※ 文章網址: http://www.ptt.cc/bbs/movie/M.1417017474.A.B2E.html
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