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媽啦我腦袋好像不太正常... 就是這樣囉,感謝之前所有回覆的版友 尤其感謝angelicwing, Anzar, asgard1991, Fairytale929, kosjmns, MadAngel, redbilly, tephiroth (以上照字母順序排列) 歡迎各位版友補充與勘誤,本文歡迎自由轉載,但請勿用於商業用途 Chat 聊天 * BC: Burning Crusad 燃燒的遠征(第一資料片) * AFAIK: As far as I know 就我所知 * AFK: Away from keyboard 暫離 * ATM: At the moment 此刻、當時 * ASAP: As soon as possible 儘快 * Bio: Short for "biological," this refers to fulfilling biological needs (i.e. using the restroom); often used to explain AFKs in groups 解決生理問題 * BRB: Be right back 立刻回來 * BRT: Be right there 馬上到 * BTW: By the way 順代一提、反正 * CBA: Can't be arsed 不想被打擾 * DIAF: Die in a fire 不是被火燒死或被子彈打死,而是「去死啦、吃屎吧」 嗆人用,而非殺人用的那種"去死" * FFS: For f---'s sake For fuck's sake,不是罵人的話,只是代表說話的人不爽的口語而已 類似:靠邀啦!又滅團了 這個"靠邀啦"並不泛指罵某人 * FTL: For the loss (means "is bad") 不好 * FTW: For the win (means "is good") 很棒! * GTFO: Get the f--- out 去他媽的滾開 * GTG: Go to go 立刻出發 * IDC: I don't care 我不在意 * IDK: I don't know 我不知道 * IIRC: If I recall correctly 如果我沒記錯 * IMHO: In my humble opinion 依我的淺見(一種謙虛的用法) * IMO: In my opinion 我覺得 * Inc: Incoming 怪物來囉,常用在拉怪時 * LF: Looking for ("LF tank," etc.) 尋找……中(缺坦這類的) * LF1M/LF2M/etc.: Looking for one more, two more, etc. 隊伍-1、隊伍-2 * LFG: Looking for group 尋求組隊 * LFM: Looking for more (for a group) 徵求隊員 * MT: Mistell (means "I sent this message to the wrong channel or person") 密錯 * Ofc: Of course 當然 * OMW: On my way 在路上了 -- 通常用作隊伍人都到了,問你在哪邊時你回答OMW * STFU: Shut the f--- up 他媽的閉嘴 * TBH: To be honest 老實說 * WC: Wrong channel 錯頻(上面的MT通常是用在密錯對象或者要密人的話不小心發到頻道上) * WTB: want to buy 想要買…… * WTF: What the f--- 媽的 * WTH: What the hell 同上,反正就是表達不爽,比較文明點的講法 * WTS: Want to sell 想要賣…… * WTT: Want to trade 想要交易 Forums: 討論版 * BC: Burning Crusade 燃燒的遠征 * CM: Community manager 社群管理者,像是版主這類的 * GG: Good game (often sarcastic) 好遊戲(常常是反諷) * GJ: Good job (often sarcastic) 幹得好(常常是反諷) * Imba: Imbalanced; usually means "overpowered" 不平衡,通常意指過強 * IBTL: In before the lock 在鎖文前進入,有些文章可能因為各種原因被限制回覆,在之前回的文都可以被說 是IBTL * L2P: Learn to play 多學著怎麼玩吧 * OP: Original post/original poster 原始的文章/發表者 * OT: Off-topic 離題 * QFE: Quoted for excellence 這段講的好 * QFT: Quoted for truth 這段講的對 * QQ: Doesn't "stand for" anything per se; rather, it's an emoticon: it looks like two crying eyes. It basically means "you're complaining," although it can also be used as a verb ("stop QQing"). 哭哭 * TL;DR: Too long; didn't read 文章太長了,end * Vanilla: Pre-BC 在資料片之前 Battlegrounds: 戰場 * AB: Arathi Basin 阿拉希高地 o BS: Blacksmith 鐵匠鋪 o Farm: Farm 農場 o LM: Lumber Mill 伐木場 o GM: Goldmine 金礦 o Mine: Goldmine 金礦 o ST: Stables 馬廄 * AV: Alterac Valley 奧特蘭克山谷 o IB: Iceblood 冰血 * BG: Battleground 戰場 * EotS: Eye of the Storm 風暴之眼 o BET: Blood Elf Tower 血精靈哨塔 o DR: Draenei Ruins 德萊尼廢墟 o FRR: Fel Reaver Ruins 惡魔搶奪者廢墟 o MT: Mage Tower 法師塔 * GY: Grave Yard, or the respawn point when you release. 墓地 * Twink: A character that has unusually high quality gear & enchants 有不尋常的高強度裝備的角色,通常指在非最高等級戰場中 * WSG: Warsong Gulch 戰歌峽谷 o EFC: Enemy Flag Carrier 敵方的棋手 o EFR: Enemy Flag Room; the room in which the flag resides inside the enemies' base. 敵方的旗房 o FR: Flag Room; the room in which your flag resides, also the main focal point of defense. 我方的旗房 o Tun: abbreviation for "tunnel," the underground section leading from the FR. 通往棋防的地下通道 o Ramp: the area leading from the FR or EFR that leads outside, once outside they may go GY side or just ramp. 斜坡,從旗房通往外面的區域,其中一塊通往墓地;另一塊通往單純的斜坡 Miscellaneous: 雜項 * 1h: One-handed 單手武器 * 2h: Two-handed 雙手武器 * 5SR: Five-second rule (the rule that mana regeneration from spirit only occurs if you haven't spent mana on a spell in the last five seconds) 五秒回魔規則 * Add: An "additional" mob that has been aggroed, usually unintentionally 引到額外的怪,通常都是意外中引到的 * Agg/Aggro: Probably short for "aggression" or some related word, it refers to who a mob is attacking -- that player is said to "have aggro" or have "pulled aggro" 是aggression的縮詞,意指拉到怪了 * AoE: Area of effect 範圍效果,亦做AE * AP: Attack power 攻擊強度 * Alt: An "alternate" character -- not your main (character) 一個『備用的』角色,不是主要角色 * BE/Belf: Blood Elf 血精靈 * BoE: Bind on Equp 裝備後綁定 * BoP: Bind on Pick-up 拾取後綁定 * BoU: Bind on Use 使用後綁定 * BS: Blacksmith/Blacksmithing 鍛造 * Buff: A beneficial spell, or a change to the game that makes a given class/spec stronger 增益效果 * CC: Crowd control 控場,控場者可作CCer * DDer: Damage Dealer 傷害製造者,意指攻擊職業 * DKP: Dragon Kill points, a cover term for a number of systems guilds use to distribute loot 屠龍點數,公會劇場的主要來源之一 * DND: Do not disturb 勿擾 * DPM: Damage per mana 每點法力所造成的傷害 * DPS: Damage per second 每秒造成的傷害 * DR: Damage reduction (due to armor) 由護甲所獲得的傷害減免 * DR: Diminishing returns 邊際效益遞減,大概是指護甲吧 XD * DS1/DS2/DS3: Class-specific sets of gear that drop from 5-man dungeons. DS1 and DS2 were known as T0 and T0.5, respectively, but that analogy breaks down when it comes to DS3. 副本套裝一二三,從五人副本得來的職業套裝,DS1和DS2過去被稱為T0和T0.5 * DW: Dual wield 雙持 * DoT: Damage over time 一定時間內造成傷害 * Drae: Draenei 德萊尼 * Eng/Engi/Engy: Engineering 工程學 * FA: First Aid 急救 * FP: Flight point/flight path 飛行點/飛行路徑 * FR: Fire resistance 火焰抗性 * GL: Guild Leader 女女(誤)公會領導 * GM: Game master 遊戲管理者 * GTAoE: Ground-targeted AoE 需要指定目標的範圍效果,例如暴風雪 * HPM: Healing per mana 每點法力所提供的治療 * HPS: Healing per second 每秒治療 * HS/Hearth: Hearthstone 爐石 * HoT: Heal over time 一定時間內提供治療 * IRL: In real life 現實生活中 * LOM: Low on mana 法力低落 * LW: Leatherworking 製皮 * MA: Main assist 主標手,這是在過去不能在怪物頭上放標記的時候,團隊需要指定一個人,讓人盯 著他的目標打 * MAP: Melee attack power 近戰攻擊強度 * Mats: Short for "materials;" refers to the ingredients in a crafted item 專業技能需要的材料 * ML: Master loot/master looter 隊長拾取 * Mob: Short for "mobile" 怪物 * MP5: Mana per five seconds 五秒回魔 * MT: Main tank 主坦 * NE: Night Elf 夜精靈 * NPC: Non-player character 非玩家的角色 * NR: Nature resistance 自然抗性 * NW: Netherweave 幽紋布 * Nerf: A change to the game that makes a given class/spec weaker 對某個職業或天賦造成削弱的遊戲中改變 * OH: Off-hand 副手 * OOM: Out of mana 沒有法力了 * OP: Overpowered 過強 * Pat: Patrol 巡邏 * PBAoE: Point-blank AoE 不需要指定目標範圍效果,例如魔爆 * Pot: Potion 藥水 * Proc: Programed Random Occurrence 隨機觸發效果,在魔獸中玩家通常把那些做某些行為後有機率隨機觸發效果的物品 稱為「有proc」 * PUG: Pick-up group 野團 * PvE: Player vs. Environment 玩家對抗環境,簡而言之就是打怪,但也有解謎類型的遊戲不需要殺怪的,這都被 稱為PVE * PvP: Player vs. Player 玩家對抗玩家,就是互毆啦 * RAP: Ranged attack power 遠程攻擊強度 * Res/Rez: Resurrect/Resurrection 復活 * RL: Real life / Raid leader 真實生活/團隊領導 * RP: Role-play[ing] 角色扮演 * SR: Shadow resistance 暗影抗性 * Spec: Specialization (in a profession or talents) 專精(專業技能或者天賦) * T1/T2/etc.: Class-specific (Tier) sets of gear that drop from raids. 團隊副本中掉落的職業套裝 * UD: Undead 不死族;被遺忘者 * UI: User interface 使用者介面 * Xmute: Transmute 煉金中的轉化 Zones: 地區 Eastern Kingdoms:    東部王國 * BB: Booty Bay    藏寶海灣 * EPL: Eastern Plaguelands    東瘟疫之地 * IF: Ironforge    鐵爐堡 * SMC: Silvermoon City    銀月城 * SoS: Swamp of Sorrows    悲傷沼澤 * STV: Stranglethorn Vale    荊棘谷 * SW: Stormwind City    暴風城 * TM: Tarren Mill    塔倫米爾 * UC: Undercity    幽暗城 * WPL: Western Plaguelands    西瘟疫之地 Kalimdor:    卡林姆多 * Darn: Darnassus    達納蘇斯 * Exo: Exodar    艾克索達 * Gads/GZ/Gadget: Gadgetzan    加基森 * Org: Orgrimmar    奧格碼 * STM: Stonetalon Mountain    石爪山脈 * STP: Stonetalon Peak    石爪峰 * TB: Thunder Bluff    雷霆崖 * XR: Crossroads    十字路口 Outlands:    外域 * OL: Outlands    外域 * BE: Blade's Edge    劍刃山脈 * HFP: Hellfire Peninsula    地獄火半島 * HH: Honor Hold     榮譽堡 * NS: Netherstorm    虛空風暴 * SH/Shat: Shattrath City    撒塔斯 * SMV: Shadowmoon Valley    影月谷 * Tero: Terokkar    泰洛卡森林 * TM: Thrallmar    索爾瑪 * ZM: Zangarmarsh    贊格沼澤 Instances (5-man):    五人副本 * RFC: Ragefire Chasm   怒焰烈谷 * WC: Wailing Caverns    哀號洞穴 * VC/DM: Deadmines    死亡礦坑 * Stocks: Stockade    暴風城監獄 * SFK: Shadowfang Keep    影月城堡 * BFD: Blackfathom Depths    黑暗深淵 * Gnomer: Gnomeregan    諾姆瑞根 * RFK: Razorfen Kraul    剃刀高地 * SM: Scarlet Monestary    血色修道院 o GY: Graveyard wing    墓地 o Arm: Armory wing    軍械庫 o Lib: Library wing   圖書館 o Cath: Cathedral wing   大教堂 * RFD: Razorfen Downs    剃刀沼澤 * Ulda: Uldaman    奧達曼 * ZF: Zul Farrak    組爾法拉克 * Mara: Mauradon    瑪拉頓 * ST: Temple of Atal'Hakkar    沉沒的神廟 (a.k.a. Sunken Temple) * BRD: Blackrock Depths    黑石深淵 * BRS: Blackrock Spire    黑石塔 o LBRS: Lower Blackrock Spire   黑石塔下層(黑下) o UBRS: Upper Bloackrock Spire    黑石塔上層(黑上) * DM: Dire Maul    厄運之槌 o DM Trib: Dire Maul tribute run  大王供品 o DM East: Dire Maul East    厄東 o DM West: Dire Maul West    厄西 o DM North: Dire Maul North    厄北 * Strat: Stratholme    斯坦索姆 o UD Strat:    死人區(斯後) Undead side of Stratholme o SC/Live Strat:    血色十字軍區(斯前) Scarlet side of Stratholme * Scholo: Scholomance    通靈學院 * HFR: Hellfire Ramparts    地獄火堡壘 * BF: Blood Furnace    血熔爐 * UB: Underbog    深幽泥沼(毒牙沼澤) * SP: Slave Pens    奴隸監獄 * SH: Shattered Halls    破碎大廳 * SL: Shadow Labyrinth    暗影迷宮 * SV: Steamvaults   蒸汽洞窟 * BM: Black Morass   黑暗沼澤 * MGT: Magister's Terrace   博學者殿堂 Instances (Raid): 團隊副本 * ZG: Zul'Gurub   祖爾格拉布 * AQ20/RAQ: Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj   安其拉廢墟 * AQ40/TAQ: Temple of Ahn'Qiraj   安其拉神廟 * MC: Molten Core   熔火之心 * Ony: Onyxia   奧妮克希亞的巢穴(龍妹家) * BWL: Blackwing Lair   黑翼之巢(龍哥家) * Naxx: Naxxramas   納克薩瑪斯 * Kara/KZ: Karazhan   卡拉贊 * ZA: Zul'aman 祖阿曼 * Gruul: Gruul's Lair 戈魯爾之巢 * Mag: Magtheridon's Lair 瑪瑟理頓的巢穴 * SSC: Serpentshrine Cavern 毒蛇神殿洞穴 * TK/Eye: The Eye 風暴要塞:風暴之眼 * MH/HS/Hyjal: Battle for Mount Hyjal 海加爾山之戰 * BT: Black Temple 黑暗神廟 * SWP: Sunwell Plateau   太陽之井高地 (大腸丼) Class Specific 職業特定 Druid: 甲洨德 * FF: Faerie Fire 精靈之火 * FFF: Faerie Fire (Feral) 精靈之火(野性) * GotW/Gift: Gift of the Wild 野性祝福 * HT: Healing Touch 治療之觸 * Inn/Innerv: Innervate 啟動 * HotW: Heart of the Wild 野性之心 * LotP: Leader of the Pack 獸群領袖 * MotW/Mark: Mark of the Wild 野性印記 * NS: Nature's Swiftness 自然迅捷 * OoC: Omen of Clarity 清晰預兆 * Paw: Mark/Gift of the Wild 巴掌(笑) * Resto: Restoration talent tree 恢復天賦樹 * Roots: Entangling Roots 糾纏根鬚 * TF: Tiger's Fury 猛虎之怒 * ToL: Tree of Life 生命之樹(樹人)  Hunter: OT獵 * AS: Arcane Shot 祕法射擊 * AotH: Aspect of the Hawk 雄鷹守護 * AotP: Aspect of the Pack 獵豹守護 * AotV: Aspect of the Viper 毒蛇守護 * AotW: Aspect of the Wild 野性守護 * BM: Beast Mastery talent tree 野獸控制天賦樹(獸王) * BW: Bestial Wrath 狂野怒火 * FD: Feign Death 假死 * GftT: Go for the Throat 穿喉 * HM: Hunter's Mark 獵人印記 * IAotH: Improved Aspect of the Hawk 強化雄鷹守護 * MM: Marksmanship talent tree 射擊天賦樹 * SS: Steady Shot 穩固射擊 * TSA: Trueshot Aura 強擊光環  Mage 麵包師 * AB: Arcane Brilliance/Arcane Blast 祕法光輝/祕法衝擊 * AE: Arcane Explosion 魔爆術 * AI: Arcane Intellect 祕法智慧 * AP: Arcane Power 祕法強化 * CS: Counterspell 法術反制 * CoC: Cone of Cold 冰錐術 * Evo: Evocation 喚醒 * FB: Firebolt/Fire Blast/Frostbolt 火球術/火焰衝擊/寒冰箭 * PoM: Presence of Mind 氣定神閒 * Poly/Sheep: Polymorph 變形術 * Port: Portal 傳送門(開門) * Pyro: Pyroblast 炎爆術(大火球) * Tele: Teleport 傳送術(自己) * Table: Ritual of Refreshment 餐點儀式 * TP: Teleport 傳送術(自己)  Paladin: 834 * BoK/Kings: Blessing of Kings 王者祝福 * BoL/Light: Blessing of Light 光明祝福 * BoM/Might: Blessing of Might 力量祝福 * BoP: Blessing of Protection 保護祝福 * BoS/Salv: Blessing of Salvation 拯救祝福 * BoW/Wis: Blessing of Wisdom 智慧祝福 * DI: Divine Intervention 神聖干涉 * DS: Divine Shield 神聖之盾 * FoL: Flash of Light 聖光閃現 * HL: Holy Light 聖光術 * HoJ: Hammer of Justice 制裁之鎚(暈鎚) * HoW: Hammer of Wrath 憤怒之鎚 * LoH: Lay on Hands 聖療術 * Pally: Paladin 聖騎士 * Prot: Protection talent tree 防護天賦樹 * Ret: Retribution talent tree 懲戒天賦樹 * SoB: Seal of Blood 血之聖印 * SoC: Seal of Command 命令聖印 * SoL: Seal of Light 光明聖印 * SoR: Seal of Righteousness 正義聖印 * SotC: Seal of the Crusader 十字軍聖印 * SoV: Seal of Vengeance 復仇聖印 * SoW: Seal of Wisdom 智慧聖印 Priest: 野狗補 * CoH: Circle of Healing 治療之環 * Disc: Discipline talent tree 戒律天賦樹 * DS: Divine Spirit 神聖之靈(精神) * FH/Fheal: Flash Heal 快速治療 * Fort: Power Word: Fortitude 真言術:韌 Prayer of Fortitude 堅韌導言 * FW: Fear Ward 防護恐懼結界 * GH/Gheal: Greater Heal 強效治療術 * HF: Holy Fire 神聖之火 * IDS: Improved Divine Spirit 強化神聖之靈 * IF: Inner Fire 心靈之火 * LW: Lightwell 光束泉 * MB: Mind Blast 心靈震爆 * MC: Mind Control 心靈控制 * Medi: Meditation 冥想(戒律第三層天賦) * MF: Mind Flay 心靈鞭笞 * PI: Power Infusion 能量注入 * PoH: Prayer of Healing 治療導言 * PoM: Prayer of Mending 癒合導言 * PS/Fear: Psychic Scream 心靈尖嘯 * PW:F: Power Word: Fortitude 真言術:韌 * PW:S/Shield: Power Word: Shield 真言術:盾 * SF: Shadowform 暗影型態 * SoL: Surge of Light 光之澎湃(神聖第六層天賦) * SoR: Spirit of Redemption 救贖之魂(神聖第五層天賦) * SR: Silent Resolve 無聲消退(戒律第二層天賦) * SW:D: Shadow Word: Death 暗言術:死 * SW:P: Shadow Word: Pain 暗言術:痛 * VE: Vampiric Embrace 吸血鬼的擁抱 * VT: Vampiric Touch 吸血之觸 Rogue: 野狗打 * BF: Blade Flurry 劍刃亂舞 * BS: Backstab 背次 * Camo: Camouflage 偽裝 * CB: Cold Blood 冷血 * CloS: Cloak of Shadows 暗影披風 * CS: Cheap Shot 偷襲 * Evis: Eviscerate 剔骨 * Hemo: Hemorrhage 出血 * ISS: Improved Sinister Strike 強化邪攻 * KS: Kidney Shot 腎擊 * MoD: Master of Deception 欺詐大師 * Premed: Premeditation 預謀 * Prep: Preparation 準備 * SF: Seal Fate 封印命運(冥王會生氣的) * SnD: Slice and Dice 切割 * SS/ShS: Shadowstep 暗影步 * SS: Sinister Strike 邪惡攻擊 Shaman: 消失中 * AR: Astral Recall 星界召喚 * Ele: Elemental talent tree 元素天賦樹 * Enh: Enhancement talent tree 增強天賦樹 * ES: Earth Shock 地震術 * FS: Frost Shock 冰霜震擊 * GoA: Grace of Air totem 風之優雅圖騰 * GW: Ghost Wolf 幽魂之狼 * HW: Healing Wave 治療波 * LHW: Lesser Healing Wave 次級治療波 * NS: Nature's Swiftness 自然迅捷 * Resto: Restoration talent tree 恢復天賦樹 * Shammy: Shaman 薩滿 * SoE: Strength of Earth totem 大地之力圖騰 * SS: Stormstrike 風暴打擊 * ToW: Totem of Wrath 憤怒圖騰 * WF: Windfury (weapon or totem) 風怒(武器或圖騰) Warlock: 頭目 * Aff/Afflic: Affliction talent tree 痛苦天賦樹 * Ban: Banish 放逐術 * CoA: Curse of Agony 痛苦詛咒 * CoD: Curse of Doom 厄運詛咒 * CoE: Curse of the Elements 元素詛咒 * CoEx/CoX: Curse of Exhaustion 疲勞詛咒 * Conflag: Conflagrate 燃燒 * CoR: Curse of Recklessness 魯莽詛咒 * Corr: Corruption 腐蝕術 * CoS: Curse of Shadows 暗影詛咒 * CoT: Curse of Tongues 語言詛咒 * CoW: Curse of Weakness 虛弱詛咒 * DC: Death Coil 死亡纏繞 * Demo: Demonology talent tree 惡魔學識天賦樹 * Dest/Destro: Destruction talent tree 毀滅天賦樹 * DL: Drain Life 吸取生命 * DP: Dark Pact 黑暗契約(抽魔) * DS: Drain Soul 吸取靈魂 * HF: Hellfire 地獄烈焰 * HoT: Howl of Terror 恐懼嚎叫(群恐) * HS: Healthstone 治療石(糖) * Imm/Immo: Immolate 獻祭 * Incin: Incinerate 燒盡 * Lock: Warlock 術士 * LT/Tap: Life Tap 生命分流(轉魔) * MD: Master Demonologist 惡魔學識大師 * MS: Master Summoner 召喚大師 * NF: Nightfall 夜幕 * Sac: Demonic Sacrifice 惡魔犧牲 * SB: Shadow Bolt 暗影箭 * SL: Siphon Life 生命虹吸 * SL: Soul Link 靈魂連結 * SM: Shadow Mastery 暗影專精 * SoC: Seed of Corruption 腐蝕種子 * SS: Soulstone 靈魂石 * Succy: Succubus 魅魔 * UA: Unstable Affliction 痛苦動盪 * VW: Voidwalker 虛空行者(藍胖) Warrior: 打臉 * BS: Battle Shout/Battle Stance 戰鬥怒吼/戰鬥姿態 * BT: Bloodthirst 血之狂暴 * Def/DS: Defensive Stance 防護姿態 * Demo: Demoralizing Shout 挫志怒吼 * Deva: Devastate 挫敗 * DW: Death Wish 死亡之願 * Exec: Execute 斬殺 * HS: Heroic Strike 英勇打擊 * LS: Last Stand 破釜沈舟 * MS: Mortal Strike 致死打擊 * OP: Overpower 壓制 * SB: Shield Bash/Shield Block 盾擊/盾牌格檔 * SS: Sweeping Strikes/Shield Slam 橫掃攻擊/盾牌猛擊 * SW: Shield Wall 盾牆 * TC: Thunder Clap 雷霆一擊 * TM: Tactical Mastery 精通戰術 * Warr: Warrior 戰士 * WW: Whirlwind 旋風斬 * ZS/Zerker: Berserker Stance 狂怒姿態 -- 血尿控述大補帖誤我一生 美少女夢工廠二篇 「從今天開始妳不再是我的女兒,而是我最愛的女人。」 當初還是國小的我對這句話留下了無法抹滅的深刻印象。 YOHGAS NAPA2 CSETU SAKURA DK4 KINBAKU NANPA2 YESHG NANAEI TTN DOSOKAI TK WE 小學生與大補帖的燦爛回憶 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc) ◆ From:
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