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這是Sophie Turner(珊莎)的訪問。 主要是在講308珊莎/提利昂婚禮(包括婚宴與新婚夜)的拍攝 圖片是我自己加的,有劇照截圖和時裝照。 文章前大寫Q可看網頁版網址 http://www.ptt.cc/bbs/EAseries/M.1369741280.A.8EA.html 然後有一位熱心F君提供了全篇翻譯 但害羞不願屬名。在這裡再次感謝! Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner on Sansa’s Wedding Day and Drunk Tyrion By DENISE MARTIN The chances of Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark getting out of King's Landing may have just disappeared. But if she has to be "wedded and bedded" by someone, better Tyrion than anyone else, especially since he is in no rush to give Tywin more grandkids. Still, Sophie Turner found it "really weird" to even pretend to get married; in real life, Turner is 17, three years older than Sansa. Vulture rung up the actress the morning after her character's long walk down the aisle, and she weighed in on whether Sansa could learn to love Tyrion, Peter Dinklage's amazing affinity for playing drunk, and her rap sessions with King Joffrey. GOT珊莎史塔克逃離君臨的機會幾乎沒有了,但如果珊莎不得不嫁給某人 並與某人同房,那個某人將非提利昂莫屬,尤其是他也不急著給泰溫更多的孫子。 但蘇菲特納還是覺得即使假結婚也很怪;現實中特納17歲,比珊莎大3歲。 Vulture在看完GOT珊莎走完聖殿的鏡頭後給演員打電話, 蘇菲談到珊莎是否應該學著去愛提利昂、彼得(小惡魔)對扮醉的驚人熱情、 以及她和小喬的"說唱課程"。 http://i.imgbox.com/abxRUByZ.jpg 現代裝
http://i.imgbox.com/actkI8GH.jpg 提利昂為珊莎繫上斗篷
http://i.imgbox.com/acq9bJdF.jpg 提利昂珊莎立於聖壇
Drunk Tyrion! He's back! Oh my God, it was so funny. We had such a good time with all of it. Peter did something different every time. He's just a hilarious person to work with. It brought back good memories of Peter Drunklage. Ooooh, good old Peter. He's good at playing drunk, isn't he? He was doing all this stuff to distract us and make us laugh, like falling over, when we were filming. It was so hard to concentrate. I was trying to keep busy mushing up the food on my plate, because it was kind of gross anyway. Then Conleth Hill, who plays Varys, he kept trying to distract Peter and me when the cameras were on us. Have you heard of Facejacker? No. It's this British show where this guy dresses in characters and interacts with real people. He has this one character, Brian Badonde, who goes, "Baaa!" all the time, and Conleth just kept doing that during the whole scene. Total professional. He's the hardest person to work with and keep a straight face. 醉酒的提利昂回來了! OMG,太有意思了,在此期間我們相處的不錯。 彼得每次都做些不同的事情,他是一個非常好相處的有意思的人。 GOT為觀眾帶回了對彼得的好印象。 喔!!! 超讚的老彼得。他很適合裝醉,不是嗎? 他故意做這些來分散我們的注意力逗我們笑, 例如我們拍攝時他假裝絆倒。拍攝時很難集中精力,我努力使自己忙於把盤子裡的 食物堆在一起,因為無論如何它實在太噁心了。接著Conleth Hill(瓦里斯演員) 在鏡頭拍向我們時試著分散彼得和我的注意力。 你們聽過Facejacker(英國真人秀節目)嗎? 沒。 一部英國秀,演員穿著角色的衣服與現實中的人交流。 那個演員扮過一個角色,Brian Badonde,時刻都發出"Baaa!"的聲音 Conleth就在拍攝過程中老是這樣。他做這個十分專業。 他是最難板著臉孔一起工作的人 Why was the food gross? We shot the feast over two days and I think the food was the same from the first day, and so on set there were a lot of flies. It was actually really nice to snack on the bread and berries on the first day. The second day it was kinda rank. And then there's the wine, which is grape juice. Everyone hates it. Peter has to drink it all the time. It's nice for one or two scenes, but Peter is constantly downing that stuff because Tyrion does. So he's always like, "Can we get a break from the grape juice? Please?" http://i.imgbox.com/abxyyCit.jpg
提利昂表示:杯底不可飼金魚(落下一滴清淚) 為什麼食物是噁心的? 我們拍攝婚宴拍了兩天多,我認為兩天的食物是同一桌, 在劇組有很多蒼蠅飛來飛去。第一天麵包和漿果還不錯 第二天就有點臭了。還有酒,其實是葡萄汁,每個人都恨它。 彼得不得不時刻都在喝。喝一兩次還不錯,但因為提利昂嗜酒 所以彼得也不停地喝這噁心的葡萄汁。 以至於他經常的反應就是:我們能不能從葡萄汁裡消停會兒?求你們了! I thought Sansa's wedding gown was kind of matronly. She doesn't get to dress like Margaery. What did you think of it? Well, it's certainly the most elaborate dress she's worn. If you could see the embroidery up close, it was beautiful, and I thought it was really well styled. The way she didn't have any sleeves and the way the collar wrapped around her made her seem even more vulnerable. It turned out really cool! The collar even had a little lion on it! It's a shame you guys couldn't see all the detail because it was really clever. 我覺得珊莎的婚服有點厚重,她不像瑪格麗那麼穿,妳怎麼看? 這絕對是她穿過最精緻的衣服,如果你們近距離看它的刺繡,非常美 我想它被設計的很好。沒有長袖和衣領立起來的風格讓她看上去比較脆弱易受傷害 效果真的很好。衣領上甚至有個小獅子 好可惜你們不能看到所有的細節,它實在被設計的很精巧。 http://i.imgbox.com/abqAXIw2.jpg 腰帶
http://i.imgbox.com/abk9fY5t.jpg 立領後方
http://i.imgbox.com/adxY9SzW.jpg 領口與獅子項鍊
How did it feel to pretend to get married? It was so weird [laughs]. Really weird. I got a card from HBO saying, "Congratulations on your fake wedding day!" The walking took a whole day to shoot, a whole ten hours just walking down the aisle. Why? I think it was just that we had so many shots and I kept tripping up in that dress. I can't even tell you how many times I tripped up the stairs. It was so embarrassing. I wear heels with all my costumes as well, and this dress was super long, super heavy. I kept falling. 假結婚感覺如何? 很怪[哈哈],真的很怪。我從HBO接到一張卡片說:恭喜你的假婚禮! 走台花了整整一天,光走聖殿花了十小時來拍攝。 為什麼? 我想因為我們需要更多的鏡頭,而且我還不停的被那個長裙絆倒, 我都不能說清楚我在臺階上被絆過多少次,特別尷尬。 我在所有戲服裡都穿著高跟鞋,這個裙子尤其長、重,我不停的被絆。 裙子正面 http://i.imgbox.com/abpXeV4n.jpg
裙子背面 http://i.imgbox.com/abzZlaKO.jpg
You read the books, so you knew this day was coming for her, right? Yeah. It's one of the big changes in Sansa's story line. I'd always anticipated it and was really looking forward to it. Did you and Peter discuss how to play things beforehand at all? We didn't really do anything special to prepare because all three scenes — the wedding, the feast, and the night after — are supposed to be really awkward. I consider Peter a very good friend, but I don't think they needed any discussion because too much of that would have taken away from the awkwardness of the situation. 妳讀過原著,所以妳知道這一天是為她而來的,對嗎? 是的,這是珊莎線中重要的改變,我經常期待它,也十分想要拍這段戲。 妳和彼得事前討論過如何拍嗎? 我們沒特別準備。 因為所有三個場景:婚禮、婚宴和那天晚上,都應該是十分尷尬的境況。 我覺得彼得是個十分好的朋友,但太多交談反而會淡化那種尷尬的效果。 http://i.imgbox.com/abbhehUz.jpg 喬佛里(衣服真精緻....)
http://i.imgbox.com/aby2e8fL.jpg 喬佛里挽珊莎
Meanwhile, Joffrey was being the worst. But all the actors love to say that the actor, Jack Gleeson, is the nicest person alive. Always "the nicest." It's because he's the most polite, lovely, intelligent person in the whole cast! He's just so humble and everyone loves him. There's nothing anyone can say bad about Jack. He literally just turns it on. As soon as they go, "Action!" he goes from lovely Jack to the most sadistic, horrible creep on television. Between takes, we have lovely conversations. And that day, because the walking down the aisle took so long, we had to make our own entertainment and so we rapped a lot. You rapped? We rap a lot on set. It's really bad rapping, obviously, but we try our best. It's our own raps, too. I should say he's the one that does all the rapping, I just give him the beat. It's more of my attempt at beat boxing. I just feel so sorry for the crew who have headphones on because they're all ready to listen to us doing our scenes and then for fifteen minutes all they can hear is Jack and I giving it our all. Jack was rapping about Winnie the Pooh and all the money he has — "Monies and Honeys." Someone should have recorded it for the DVD extras. 同時,小喬簡直壞透了。但所有演員都說小喬的扮演者傑克格雷森是最好的人 他們都說他最好。 因為他是所有卡司中最彬彬有禮,可愛並且聰明的人! 他太謙虛了,每個人都愛他。沒有人能說出傑克不好的地方 他就是那麼厲害地轉換著角色。一說“Action” 他便從可愛的傑克變成了最變態、恐怖可怕的角色。 拍攝期間我們的談話也很有趣,因為那天走聖殿花了很長時間 我們不得不自娛自樂,然後rap了很多。 妳說唱了? 在劇組做了很多,當然是很爛的rap,但我們盡力了,而且是我們自己的rap。 應該說他是那個一直rap的人,我只是給他伴奏。 我更願去做beat boxing的那部分。 我對那些帶著耳機準備我們鏡頭的工作人員感到抱歉, 因為有十五分鐘裡他們聽到的就是傑克和我的rap。 傑克說唱了小熊維尼,小錢錢和小甜甜,真該有人錄下來作為DVD特別放送。 附贈Sophie在第二季評論音軌和Maisie(艾莉亞)與Isaac(布蘭)做的RAP版主題曲 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnKxlncdZoM
平常是純良大學生的Jack http://i.imgbox.com/adisVTOo.png
Now that Sansa's married to Tyrion, who's been so kind to her, will things get better for her? Well, it basically means that she is kind of trapped in King's Landing with absolutely no means of escape [laughs]. She's denied her only route out. So she's pretty stuck at the moment. It means she has more responsibilities, more duties. It's never a good time for her. Could she learn to love Tyrion? That's a good question. In the future, maybe, but I think it would be this kind of false love. She definitely has trust issues, so someone who's even remotely close to her, she really clings to. I think that if she and Tyrion became good friends, she'd probably wind up convincing herself she was in love with him. 珊莎嫁給提利昂了,那個對她很好的人,這件事對她來說會變的不錯嗎? 基本上說她被困在君臨了,沒辦法逃走。 她拒絕了她唯一離開的機會,所以她被困在了當下 意味著她有更多的責任和義務,對她來說永遠不是好事。 她會學著愛提利昂嗎? 好問題。未來也許可能,我想是一種假愛。 她實在有信任方面的問題,所以一些人即使只表現出細微的好意 她也會去依賴這種親近。我想她會跟提利昂成為好朋友,甚至會試圖勸說自己愛他。 What about Littlefinger? He seemed pretty intent on helping Sansa in the beginning of the season. His plans got derailed, but could he reenter the picture? We'll see. For now, we saw him sail away on his ship. Far away. Too far. It wouldn't be impossible for him to come back. Sansa spends a lot of time sadly looking at ships. A lot of time. She's always dreaming of those ships, being on one. I'm actually looking at nothing of course. Water. I'm looking emotionally at water. 小指頭呢?他似乎在季初很熱衷於幫助珊莎,他的計畫落敗後會重啟嗎? 我們接著看吧。到此為止我們看到他坐船走了,遠遠的離開了。 但也不是沒可能不回來。 珊莎很長時間都盯著那些船在悲傷。 是很長時間。她夢想著這些船,並希望有朝一日自己在上面。 當然我什麼都沒看,只盯著水,悲傷的看著水 Besides the feast scene, what else have you enjoyed getting to do this season? I really don't know why, but when Sansa's crying with Shay at the end of episode six. That might be my favorite, probably because it was the first time I felt like I was a real actress. I really didn't enjoy filming it because I was getting really emotional, and I just kind of bawled after we finished. I remember going into the pilot saying to my mom, "I'm going to have to learn to cry." I did not expect I was going to have to cry so much. Has working up tears gotten any easier? Well, it's always been quite easy for me because it was the way I would get out of school when I was younger. I've gotten faster, but it's just kind of a skill that I've had since I was very little. 除了婚宴場景,你在本季對哪些場景很滿意? 不知道為什麼,珊莎跟雪伊在第六集結尾哭的時候是我最喜歡的時候 大概因為這是第一次我感覺自己是個演員。 拍攝的時候我不太喜歡,因為那時我真的感情很衝動, 及至拍完我幾乎不能忍住,變成了放聲大哭。 我記得當初試鏡的時候我和媽媽說:我一定要學會如何哭。 但我沒想到我不得不哭這麼多。 流眼淚容易嗎? 對我來說蠻容易的,因為這是我小時候可以離開學校的方式 我學的很快,這幾乎是我從小就擁有的技能。 http://i.imgbox.com/abxT2hBn.jpg 以時裝圖開場,以古裝圖做結
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