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來源:https://www.ssbwiki.com/Plot_summary_of_The_Subspace_Emissary 今天放第三第四章 從Lucas在廢棄動物園被襲擊開始,到紅綠帽等人追擊嗲嗲嗲大王追到他的城堡 ======================================= Chapter three 第三章 Far to the south, Lucas is wandering around a deserted zoo. The Subspace Army appears, headed by the Porky Statue, and Lucas runs away in fear. Eventually, Lucas trips over a root and gets his foot stuck under it. He panics, but Ness appears and uses a combination of PK Thunder and PK Flash to attack and destroy the statue. The statue is revealed to have contained Porky Minch and his spiderlike mech. The two psychic boys engage it in battle and defeat it. Shortly thereafter, though, the pair see Wario on top of a pillar. He fires his Dark Cannon at Ness several times, but Ness easily dodges every shot. Wario shrugs and sets his sights on Lucas instead, who is too scared to dodge - so Ness pushes him aside and takes the shot himself. Unconcerned with who exactly he got, Wario walks up to Ness's trophy and laughs while Lucas runs away. Lucas eventually bumps into a Pokémon Trainer that currently has a Squirtle. After the pair fight through more of the zoo, the Trainer heads on his way, while Lucas decides to go with him in an effort to rescue Ness. 南邊的遠方,琉加(Lucas)在一個廢棄的動物園中漫步。亞空間軍團突然出現,並由Porky (譯註:Porky是地球冒險2&3中的主要反派)雕像帶領,琉加害怕的逃走了。他跑過一 條樹根時腳被卡住,當他驚慌時奈斯(Ness)出現,並用PK雷電和PK火焰擊毀雕像,雕像中 出現了Porky Minch和他的蜘蛛機甲。兩人靠著自己的超能力擊敗了Porky,不久後他們發 現瓦利歐在一根柱子上,他朝奈斯射了好幾發黑暗加農砲,但都被奈斯輕易避開。瓦利歐 聳了聳肩膀,把目標轉向怕的動彈不得的琉加—結果奈斯把琉加推開,自己吃下了那擊。 瓦利歐也不在意到底是誰被打到,他走到了奈斯的公仔旁,看著逃跑的琉加大笑。琉加最 後撞到了帶著傑尼龜的神奇寶貝訓練師,兩人在動物園經歷更多戰鬥後,訓練師繼續朝他 的目標前進,而琉加決定跟著他以救出奈斯。 To the northwest, the Subspace Army is attacking a fortress that stands in the middle of an ancient battleground. After seeing a Subspace Bomb detonate in the distance, Marth is roused from the fortress and fights his way out to investigate. Upon reaching the blast zone, Meta Knight appears and initiates a swordfight, each assuming the other is with the Army. When both are attacked, they are set straight and team up to cross the battlefield. Eventually they catch sight of the Ancient Minister, who has another bomb ready to be dropped; they fail to reach him, but then Ike appears and uses Aether to damage the bomb and send the Ancient Minister flying erratically into the distance. Now a trio, the swordsmen continue their pursuit of the Army. 西北方,亞空間大軍正在攻擊一個位於古戰場中間的堡壘。在看到一顆亞空間炸彈在遠方 爆炸後,馬爾斯(Marth)決定離開堡壘,邊戰鬥邊前往調查。他抵達爆炸地點時魅塔騎士 突然出現,兩人都以為對方是亞空間軍團的人並展開一場決鬥。他們一起被軍隊攻擊,發 現自己搞錯了,並組隊殺過整個古戰場。他們最後發現了正要扔下另一枚炸彈的遠古大使 ,兩人無法即時抵達,但艾克(Ike)出現,使出Aether砍壞炸彈並把遠古大使砍飛。劍客 三人組繼續追擊軍團。 By now, King Dedede has realized that the enemy (Bowser & Wario) is collecting the trophies of defeated Smashers and taking them away so they cannot be revived. He decides to start his own collection, which he plans to keep safe with his brooches. He starts his collection by ambushing Luigi on a dirt road and turning him into a trophy. Seemingly knowing that someone is approaching, he hides alongside his army of Waddle Dees while leaving Luigi's trophy on the road as bait. Indeed, Wario rides up the road on his Cargo carrying Zelda/Peach and Ness. Seeing a free Luigi on the road, he pulls over, takes the trophy, and laughs. Distracted, he is then ambushed by the Waddle Dee Army. Dedede then takes Luigi, tosses him onto the Cargo, and drives away with it and all of the trophies. As the Waddle Dees follow Dedede, Wario gets up and yells at them in anger and frustration. 帝帝帝大王現在知道軍團的人(庫巴和瓦利歐)在收集並帶走被擊敗的大亂鬥角色公仔, 這樣他們就不能復活了。他決定也來收集公仔,並用自己做的胸針來保護他們。他先在一 條路上埋伏路易吉,把他打成公仔。他注意到有人接近,便把自己和他的Waddle Dee軍隊 藏在一旁,留下路易吉的的公仔在路上當作誘餌。接近的人是瓦利歐,他帶著一台貨車, 上面放著薩爾達/碧姬和奈斯的公仔。瓦利歐看到有個免費的路易吉公仔在路上,就停下 來拿公仔還笑得很開心,他馬上就被埋伏的Waddle Dee軍隊攻擊,帝帝帝大王趁機把路易 吉扔到貨車上並把貨車開走,Waddle Dee軍隊也跟著帝帝帝大王一起跑走,留下醒來的瓦 利歐氣急敗壞的朝他們怒吼。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter four 第四章 In a forest to the southwest, Link finds the Master Sword in a pedestal and draws it. He passes by Yoshi, who is asleep on a large tree stump. As the Halberd passes overhead and deploys Shadow Bugs, the two team up and fight through the forest in pursuit of the ship. Meanwhile, a cardboard box on the Halberd is seen moving and fidgeting. 在西南方的一個森林,林克在一個臺座上發現了大師之劍並拔起來。他經過在一個大樹墩 上睡覺的耀西,此時戰艦Halberd出現在上空開始部署影蟲,林克和耀西組隊打過整個森 林以追擊戰艦。同時,Halberd上面有個厚紙板箱子好像在蠢動。 Inside the Isle of Ancients' research facility, Zero Suit Samus has snuck inside and is wandering around while fighting Subspace Army minions and parts of the R.O.B. Squad. She finds some sort of generator holding Pikachu captive, and breaks it to release it; the pair continue to move through the complex. After a while, they find a control room, which lets Samus see the room where the Power Suit is being held. 在遠古之島的研究設施內,零裝甲薩姆斯潛入內部探索,並跟亞空間軍團及一些R.O.B.部 隊交戰。她發現了一部分的反應爐,裡面關著皮卡丘。薩姆斯破壞反應爐救出皮卡丘並搭 檔繼續探索,一陣子後,她們發現一間控制室,薩姆斯在裡面找到放有她的裝甲的房間的 位置。 Kirby and Peach/Zelda have reached the shore of the western lake. Kirby spots something and rushes off in pursuit, leaving Peach/Zelda behind, who is ambushed by Bowser and shot by his Dark Cannon. A waiting Shadow Bug clone of Bowser uses the defeated trophy to change into a clone of Peach/Zelda while he sneaks off with the real one. By this time, Mario/Link and Pit/Yoshi have also reached the shore in pursuit of the Halberd. The Peach/Zelda clone attempts to use the Dark Cannon that Bowser left behind to fire at them, but Link/Mario and Yoshi/Pit have also arrived, destroying the weapon in one slash. The two Smashers then fight the clone and destroy it. However, Mario/Link has noticed the fight from a distance, and believes that Peach/Zelda has been attacked and defeated, so he attacks the pair in rage as his partner joins in. Once the two-on-two fight finishes, before the winners can revive the losers, King Dedede drives by and snatches the two defeated Smashers with the Cargo's arm. Link/Mario manage to see that Zelda/Peach's trophy is aboard the Cargo as Dedede drives away. Dedede then realizes that Kirby has snuck onboard the Cargo (due to spotting it earlier). Kirby uses Final Cutter to cut the arm and release the two trophies, and quickly revives them before they hit the ground. Irritated, Dedede turns the Cargo around and begins to flee, but the revived Pit/Link nails it in the nose with an arrow. The five Smashers join together and chase the damaged Cargo, assuming that, like the other antagonist Smashers, Dedede is collecting trophies to hide them away so they cannot be revived. Seeing the busted Cargo at the entrance of a set of caves, the group heads inside and fight through the Subspace Army and Koopa Troop to see a castle in the distance, with the Halberd hovering overhead. (譯註:這邊會因為第一章的選擇而有角色上的分歧,比較亂) 卡比和碧姬/薩爾達抵達湖的西岸。卡比注意到什麼東西而扔下碧姬/薩爾達跑走,而後她 被埋伏的庫巴用黑暗加農砲攻擊,此時一直偷偷跟在後面的影蟲庫巴用被擊敗的公仔做出 碧姬/薩爾達的複製人。這時,馬利歐/林克和彼特/耀西正好為了追擊Halberd也來到湖畔 ,碧姬/薩爾達複製人要用庫巴留下來的黑暗加農砲攻擊他們,但林克/馬利歐和耀西/彼 特正好到達並把加農砲打碎。他們跟複製人交戰並摧毀她,但馬利歐/林克從遠方看到這 場戰鬥,認為碧姬/薩爾達是被他們攻擊並打敗,因此氣的朝他們出手,他的搭檔也跟他 一起上。這場二對二戰鬥結束後,在贏家要復活輸家之前,帝帝帝大王跑出來,用貨車的 吊臂搶走兩個公仔。而後帝帝帝大王發現卡比(早就注意到貨車而)躲在裡面,卡比使出 Final Cutter斬斷吊臂解開兩個公仔,在公仔落地以前復活他們,惱怒的帝帝帝大王調轉 方向開始逃跑,但復活的彼特/林克用箭射中他的鼻子。五名大亂鬥角色聚在一起追擊受 損的貨車,他們認為帝帝帝大王就像其他敵對的大亂鬥角色一樣在蒐集公仔並藏起來不讓 公仔被復活。他們在一個洞穴口看到壞掉的貨車,進到裡面後跟亞空間軍團和庫巴軍團大 戰,最後看到遠方有一座城堡,Halberd正在上方盤旋。 Ganondorf, in his undisclosed location, has become aware that Dedede is planning something and is hoarding trophies in his castle. He transmits this information to Bowser, who sets off to ambush the castle. 位於祕密地點的加儂多夫已經注意到帝帝帝大王在打什麼算盤,還把公仔藏在自己的城堡 。他把消息傳達給庫巴,庫巴準備要突襲城堡。 ======================================= 當時我和我妹第一章是救薩爾達 結果第四章我看到薩爾達被偷襲變成公仔,之後林克又打輸,超難過的XD 另外當時覺得Lucas根本小孬孬,兩次被Ness救,然後還自己開溜,根本豬隊友 大概是這樣 請大家指正我的翻譯內容,感謝 --
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