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來源:https://www.ssbwiki.com/Plot_summary_of_The_Subspace_Emissary 最後兩章啦~ 這樣亞空使者劇情翻譯就功德圓滿啦~ ======================================= Chapter nine 第九章 The Subspace Gunship emerges from where the Isle of Ancients used to be and fires a shot of its main cannon into the distance, rendering an enormous patch of unused ocean into a Subspace detonation. Bowser and Ganondorf are perched on the ship's command platform overseeing the test. The Halberd is then seen approaching from the distance. Knowing the Halberd has been taken over by the other Smashers, Ganondorf orders the Gunship to open fire with its primary turrets. It does not take long for the Halberd to be destroyed, but the Falcon Flyer, Samus's gunship, an Arwing, and the Hocotate Ship fly out of the wreckage and continue advancing. Ganondorf commands the secondary weapons to also fire, but none of them can land a hit on the smaller craft. Kirby then arrives riding the Dragoon from a different direction, suggesting the Halberd and the other ships were a distraction, and flies it directly though part of the Subspace Gunship's cannon. The entire Gunship begins to explode as Bowser and Ganondorf retreat into Subspace, while the Smashers fly their ships inside and begin their campaign to fight through the Subspace Army and find out a way to stop them. 亞空間炮艦出現在遠古之島原本的位置,用主炮對遠方開了一炮,把一大片無人的海洋吸 進亞空間,庫巴和加儂多夫在炮艦的指揮平台觀看這次測試。之後他們觀測到Halberd從 遠方接近,加儂多夫知道Halberd已經被其他鬥士搶走,便命令炮艦的主砲塔朝它開火。 Halberd不久後被摧毀,但飛隼飛行者、薩姆斯的砲艇、一架Arwing和Hocotate火箭飛出 殘骸朝炮艦衝過去,加儂多夫命令次武器朝他們開火,但全部都沒打中。卡比接著從另一 個方向開著龍騎兵抵達,靠著Halberd和其他人吸引了炮艦的注意力,他直接衝進了亞空 間炮艦的主炮。整艘炮艦開始爆炸,庫巴和加儂多夫撤回亞空間,鬥士們則緊追在後,衝 進亞空間入口與軍團戰鬥以阻止他們。 As the Smashers progress through Subspace, Bowser and Ganondorf are due to meet with Master Hand. Before he appears, Ganondorf decides now is the time to take over, and fires upon Bowser with a Dark Cannon. Kicking Bowser's trophy off to the side, Ganondorf meets Master Hand - and sees the Chains of Light for the first time, connecting him to Tabuu. Upset that he has been fooled the whole time, Ganondorf attempts to attack Tabuu, but his offensive is easily blocked. As Ganondorf falls back to the ground and becomes a trophy, he collides with Master Hand, breaking him free from the Chains of Light and from Tabuu's control. Now free, Master Hand also attempts to attack Tabuu, but also fails to accomplish anything, being knocked back to the ground by Tabuu with little effort and lying still, seemingly dead. At this point, the Smashers arrive and realize what is going on, only for Tabuu to unleash his Off Waves and defeat all of them. With no more Smashers around, Tabuu begins assembling The Great Maze out of the colonies created by the Subspace Bombs, and fills it with the remnants of the Subspace Army plus subspacial clones of the Smashers and the bosses they had previously defeated. 當鬥士們在亞空間前進時,庫巴和加儂多夫前往見Master Hand。在他出現之前,加儂多 夫決定攤牌、黑暗加農砲射擊庫巴並把他的公仔踢到一旁。加儂多夫看到了Master Hand —並第一次看到連接著他與Tabuu的光之鎖鏈。加儂多夫對於自己被騙了那麼久感到憤怒 而試圖攻擊Tabuu,但他的攻擊被輕易擋下。加儂多夫隨後被摔到地上變成公仔,撞到 Master Hand並讓他掙脫光之鎖鏈的束縛和Tabuu的控制。重獲自由的Master Hand也試圖 攻擊Tabuu,但一樣失敗並被打到地上,掙扎了一下後就躺平不動,似乎是死了。此時其 他鬥士也抵達現場,理解了發生的所有事情。Tabuu隨後發動Off波擊敗所有人。在沒有其 他鬥士存活的情況下,他在亞空間炸彈創造出的區域中建構出大迷宮,裡頭塞滿了剩下的 亞空間軍團、鬥士的複製體和他們以前擊敗過的王。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chapter ten 第十章 In the colony containing King Dedede's castle, the Dedede Brooches activate, reviving Luigi and Ness. Ness connects the brooches with Dedede's trophy and deduces that he is the reason for their revival, so he and Luigi revive Dedede in return. His plan successful, Dedede hugs them in elation. He then teams up with the other two and begin crossing Subspace towards the Great Maze, reviving all the Smashers they find along the way. Upon reaching the staircase at the Great Maze's entrance and seeing Bowser lying there, they revive him as well, only for him to attack Dedede. Dedede wins the subsequent fight and revives Bowser again; Bowser tries to start another fight but is flicked in the face by Dedede, who directs Bowser to Master Hand's motionless form. Bowser begrudgingly decides to join the group to get revenge on Tabuu. 亞空間連接到帝帝帝城堡的地區,帝帝帝胸針開始運作,復活了路易吉和奈斯。奈斯把胸 針和帝帝帝大王的雕像接在一起,理解到他們是因為帝帝帝大王而復活的,因此他和路易 吉一起復活帝帝帝大王。帝帝帝大王的計畫成功了,他開心的抱住兩人,之後三名鬥士組 隊穿過亞空間朝大迷宮前進,一路上復活他們遇到的所有鬥士。他們抵達大迷宮的入口階 梯時看到庫巴的公仔倒在那邊。他們也復活了庫巴,但庫巴卻要攻擊帝帝帝大王,帝帝帝 大王擊敗他後再度把他復活,庫巴還想打卻被帝帝帝大王賞了一巴掌,並讓他看Master Hand毫無生氣的模樣。庫巴勉強決定加入他們,以對Tabuu復仇。 At the same time, Kirby is revived, having eaten the Dedede Brooch that had fallen off the princess Dedede had collected. Kirby sets out across Subspace and collects the rest of the Smashers that Dedede's group had not come across. Kirby reaches Ganondorf's trophy, but Bowser shows up and vents his rage on it as revenge for Ganondorf shooting him with a Dark Cannon, giving Kirby second thoughts about getting near it. Dedede then appears, hugs Kirby, and drags him along towards the Great Maze. 與此同時,卡比因為之前吃了從公主身上掉下來的帝帝帝胸章而復活,他穿過亞空間並復 活剩下帝帝帝團沒遇到的鬥士。卡比遇到加儂多夫的公仔,但庫巴突然出現並對加儂多夫 的公仔發洩怒氣,因為之前加儂多夫拿黑暗加農砲射他,這讓卡比思考是否要復活他。帝 帝帝大王接著出現,抱了卡比並把他拉向大迷宮。 As the Smashers are preparing to enter the Great Maze, the revived Wario shows up, boots Dedede in the head as revenge for stealing his Cargo and trophies, and has a laugh over it. Seeing that two of said trophies (Luigi and Ness) are on Dedede's team surprises him enough to stop fooling around. Wario is then offered to join the group; after a bit of reflection, he agrees, and rides his bike up the stairs to the entrance. 當鬥士們準備進入大迷宮時,復活的瓦利歐出現,賞帝帝帝大王一記頭鎚以報復之前他偷 走貨車和公仔,並為此大笑。他隨後看到那兩個公仔(路易吉和奈斯)在帝帝帝大王的隊 伍中,嚇了一跳並不敢再造次。瓦利歐隨後也被邀加入團隊,他思考了一下後答應,並騎 著他的重機爬上入口樓梯。 Finally, Link and Zelda have come upon Ganondorf's trophy, and agree to revive him. Directed to the Great Maze, Ganondorf is averse to join forces with his two biggest enemies. Nevertheless, he sees that Tabuu is the bigger foe, and infuriated that he had been manipulated, he agrees to help. 最後,林克和薩爾達走到加儂多夫的公仔旁,並決定復活他。加儂多夫原本不想和他兩個 畢生最大的敵人一起入團進入大迷宮,但他知道Tabuu是更強的敵人,而且他對之前被幹 掉很不爽,最後同意幫忙。 The thirty-five Smashers enter the Great Maze. After a lengthy and combat-filled trek, they finally reach the center and break all the seals guarding the final door to Tabuu's residence. Tabuu attempts to use another set of Off Waves against them, but Sonic appears and damages his wings, rendering the attack unable to knock out the entire group at once. Thus, Tabuu faces three dozen Smashers in the final battle, and is ultimately defeated. All the colonies composing the Great Maze are restored to their rightful positions in the real world, with the Subspace detonations all being sealed off. However, the amount of Subspace Bombs simultaneously detonated on the Isle of Ancients has ruined the isle's ability to return to real space - it is claimed to be destroyed forever. Instead, there is a giant X of light in its place. The Smashers manage to escape to their world. 35名鬥士進入大迷宮,在經過漫長且不斷戰鬥的旅程後,他們最終抵達中心並破壞所有封 印,打開前往Tabuu居處的最終大門。Tabuu原本想用另一發Off波解決他們,但音速小子 亂入(譯註:無誤)打壞他的翅膀,使他無法一發秒殺所有人。現在Tabuu要一次面對三 打鬥士,最後終於被擊敗。所有組成大迷宮的區域開始回到它們原本在現世的位置上,亞 空間爆炸產生的區域則開始消退。但遠古之島由於受到太多亞空間炸彈的爆炸,已經無法 回到它原本的位置上了—遠古之島永遠毀滅了,在它原本的位置上出現了一道巨大的X型 光束。鬥士們隨後逃回他們的世界。 ======================================= 整個亞空使者裡面,劇情問題比較大的大概就是帝帝帝大王怎麼知道Tabuu的計畫 以及最後音速小子莫名其妙亂入,其他都讓人很享受 之後我一定要找時間重玩一次>"< 大概是這樣 請大家指正我的翻譯內容,感謝 -- 標題 [Live] 小牛 VS 熱火 Game6 GauYi :今天不可能封王拉 今天封王我喝機油100mL 06/13 08:01 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 作者 GauYi (高義®) 看板 ask 標題 [請問] 人類喝機油會怎麼樣嗎? 時間 Mon Jun 13 08:10:12 2011 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/NSwitch/M.1541639655.A.726.html
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