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其實中文報導是全文照翻外電,但是要翻也不全翻,有點斷章取義 外電原文就已經有種「標題殺人」之感,但至少裡面將脈絡解釋清楚 原文在此: http://www.vulture.com/2016/09/ michael-fassbender-embarrassed-magneto-x-men-toronto.html 我自己發瘋翻了全文 http://yukino0305.lofter.com/post/1d1c1205_c4a8d16 友人建議我把全文放上來 那我就在底下把原文和我的翻譯註解和個人意見一起貼出來好了 ---------------------------------------------------------- Michael Fassbender Is Embarrassed About His Magneto Performance, and Really Wanted Out of Steve Jobs [翻譯] 麥克法斯賓達2016 TIFF Soiree 註:原標題筆者以為有誤導成份,所以就不採用了(喂) 法斯賓達已經很久沒有這樣對工作暢所欲言了, 訪談中仍不時流露出不安全感,還滿虐的。 The best part of attending an actor's career retrospective is getting to see a famous person forced to rewatch his own work in front of an audience, in real time. At last night's TIFF Soirée, the Toronto Film Festival's pre-opening-night fundraising event, honoree Michael Fassbender did not disappoint, particularly when he started cringing and rubbing his face with embarrassment during a clip of himself as Magneto nearly taking down a plane while in a rage against James McAvoy's Professor X in a scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past. "I don't actually like that performance there, to be honest," Fassbender said as the lights came up. "I just think it's me shouting. It’s just like" — he made an angry face and flailed his arms around — "some dude shouting." 回顧演員生涯作品最棒的部份,就是逼他當場在觀眾面前看自己以前的作品。 昨晚多倫多影展開幕前募款活動TIFF Soiree 嘉賓麥克法斯賓達就沒讓大家失望, 尤其當他看到《未來昔日(X-Men: Days of Future Past)》中,扮演萬磁王的自己對 詹姆斯麥艾維(James McAvoy)所飾演的 X教授暴怒,幾乎要把飛機給拆了的片段,他 尷尬得抖了一下,用手摩擦著臉頰。「老實說,我其實不太喜歡那段演出。」 燈光亮起來之後,法斯賓達說:「我想這是我演的吧!看起來就只不過是——」 他做出生氣的表情,揮動手臂,「一個誰在那邊鬼吼鬼叫。」 註:這是多倫多影展前一天的慈善募款活動TIFF Soiree 參加的票價也很華麗,低消好像要七百多加幣的樣子 個人意見: 正好看過《未來昔日》的幕後花絮 要先說明,法斯賓達演技怎麼樣先不論,他對台詞下的苦工是不可否認的 後面文章中也講到他如何苦練《飢餓》的一鏡到底 還有《Steve Jobs》中的台詞又多又長字字珠璣他都在第一次上工前背下來了 可是在《未來昔日》花絮中,那一段的法斯賓達變成了忘詞王 NG的幾次都是講一些自己亂編的詞帶過 雖然我們不知道當時拍片發生了什麼事 但是很可能攸關於法斯賓達為何會有這種反應 搞不好是因為看到了詹姆斯麥艾維驚惶的臉XDDDD "Too late now!" said moderator and TIFF artistic director Cameron Bailey. "I know," said Fassbender, laughing and burying his head in his hands. "Tell me about it." He had a better time watching himself getting screamed at by Charlize Theron as android David in Ridley Scott's Prometheus. "I like the way I finished that sentence," he said, laughing, and explained he'd based his character's androgynous robot physicality on David Bowie and, of all people, Olympic diving great Greg Louganis. "My mom was a fan of Greg Louganis and I just remember watching the Olympics thinking his walk [to the diving platform] was so funny and mesmerizing, the economy of movement." 「來不及了!」主席Cameron Bailey說,他也是多倫多電影節的藝術總監。 「我當然知道。」法斯賓達一邊笑一邊把頭埋在手掌中,「這還要你說嗎?」 而看到雷利史考特的《普羅米修斯(Prometheus)》中,機器人大衛被莎莉賽隆 (Charlize Theron) 大聲斥喝命令的場景時,這次就比較好了。「我喜歡我表現這 句話的方式。」他笑著解釋道,他參考了大衛鮑伊(David Bowie) 雌雄同體機器人 的身體特徵,還有奧運跳水選手盧根尼斯(Greg Louganis)。 「我媽很迷他,我記得看奧運時,覺得他走向跳板的動作真是有趣又迷人,沒有 一點多餘的動作。」 So why was Fassbender putting himself through this? For one, it's a good cause: TIFF is actually a year-round charitable organization that connects youth in underserved Toronto communities with the film community in a variety of ways, such as providing free transportation to TIFF events, hosting workshops around the city, and bringing screenings and directors to mental hospitals. But the prospect of public humiliation also seems to turn Fassbender on. He admitted that he often doesn't get to see his own movies until their film festival premieres, when he's sitting with an audience and all eyes are on him, and he LOVES it. 那麼為什麼法斯賓達會來參加這場活動了,一是因為多倫多電影節以各種方法伸 出慈善的援手,為多倫多缺乏資源的年輕人與電影搭起了橋樑,像是提供免費的交通 工具,在城市各處舉辦講座,在精神安養院辦放映和訪談。 但公開羞辱似乎令法斯賓達很是興奮,他承認他通常得等到演出的電影首映時才 會觀賞,和觀眾們坐在一起,大家都在看他,他可愛這種感覺了。 "I get off on it a little bit," he said with a grin. "It’s nice when the sort of nerves and excitement are at maximum and you get to experience it with a very passionate audience and they’re usually very honest as well, so you get the full effect, as it were." (Sadly, Bailey didn't ask him what it was like sitting in an audience watching himself pee and have sex against the windows of the Standard Hotel in Shame.) What else did we learn about Fassy in the nearly two-hour discussion? 「還滿爽的。」他咧嘴大笑,「你和一群熱情的觀眾一起體驗這緊張刺激滿點的 時刻,滿不錯的,他們也非常老實,所以能得到完整的效果。」(只可惜主持人沒問 他坐在觀眾席看《性愛成癮的男人(Shame)》中的自己小便、在Standard Hotel 的 臨窗性愛場景時的感受。) 從這近兩小時的討論中,我們還知道了些法鯊的什麼? If he were a superhero, he'd mostly fall asleep at inopportune times. "I'm a great power napper," Fassbender said when Bailey asked how he conserves his energy on long shoots. "Having been a mutant with superhero powers, that is my real superhero power. I could do it now. I could just lie down on the stage, if it goes that way. There is the downside to it, when I get tired, I have to sleep. I can’t keep awake." If we can have a super-movie featuring a guy who throws boomerangs, surely there's room for a power-napper. 如果他是超級英雄,他會在最不恰當的時間睡著 「我是偉大的午睡高手。」法斯賓達這麼回答主持人Bailey的問題:如何在長時 間拍攝時保留體力?「作為一個有超級英雄能力的變種人,這是我真正的超能力。我 現在就能睡,我可以直接躺在這個舞台上睡,如果有需要的話,缺點就是,我累了的 話就一定要睡。沒辦法撐著不睡。」如果有回力鏢男超級英雄電影,當然也可以有午 睡男。 He makes a really bad first impression. When he was a struggling 30-year-old actor ("it wasn't like my door was getting knocked down with offers or anything") and met with Steve McQueen about playing IRA hunger-striker Bobby Sands in Hunger, he thought the meeting went great! "Then I later found out that he hated me," said Fassy. "I think he thought I was arrogant. I guess I was a little defensive. I hadn't been working a lot, and I don’t know how I came across in the room. I thought I came across well, but that just goes to show how much I know." McQueen's impression of Fassbender was so bad, in fact, that he only let him come back to read for the part after a lot of pleading and convincing from people who told him he wouldn't regret it. 他給史帝夫麥坤(Steve McQueen)的第一印象很差 三十歲的他,仍然在不順遂的演員之路上掙扎求生,「可不是什麼邀約擋都擋不 住」。他為了演出《飢餓(Hunger)》中絕食抗議的愛爾蘭共和軍(IRA) 巴比山德 (Bobby Sands)的機會與導演史帝夫麥坤見面,對會面結果相當自我感覺良好。 「但後來我發現他討厭我」法鯊表示:「我想他覺得我很自大,我猜我有點防衛 心,我當時沒有太多工作資歷,也不知道在試鏡的房間裡我表現怎麼樣,我以為我令 大家印象深刻,但是我不過是暴露了自己所知甚少。」麥坤對法斯賓達的印象極差, 事實上,導演讓他回來讀本是因為很多人為他說情,懇求導演說你一定不會後悔的。 If acting doesn't work out, he could always be a mime. Much has been made of Fassbender's unique physicality onscreen, and a lot of it has to do with how, starting at 17, he used to go around to pubs doing pantomime. Fun fact: You can trace his part in Inglourious Basterds back to when he produced, directed, and starred as Mr. Pink in a stage version of Reservoir Dogs he and his friends put on in a nightclub. 如果演戲不成,他可能永遠在演默劇 法斯賓達螢幕上獨特的身體語言,有一大部份歸功於他十七歲開始在酒吧演默劇 的經驗。有趣的一點是:他在《惡棍特工(Inglourious Basterds)》中的角色,可 以回溯至他和他朋友在夜總會搬演自製自導的《霸道橫行》舞台劇版,自己還演出了 Mr. Pink的角色。 譯註:《霸道橫行》(或直譯為《落水狗》(Reservoir Dogs)) 是《惡棍特工》導演昆丁塔倫提諾(Quentin Tarantino)的電影處女作。 Shoes are the most important part of getting into character for him. He's not sure why, but once he has the shoes figured out, everything else falls into place. "It grounds me from the feet up." He went barefoot, and sometimes pants-less, to play sadistic plantation owner Edwin Epps, because he thought it helped convey Epps's dangerous lack of smarts and the intense boredom of being in charge of a plantation where your nearest neighbor is miles away. 對他而言,要進入角色,最重要的是鞋子 也不知道為什麼,但只要搞定鞋子,萬事就會到位,「為我打下了立足點。」他 為了演出虐待成性的農場主人Edwin Epps時,他會光腳,有時候還不穿褲子,因為他 認為這有助於詮釋Epps的毫無悲憫之心,還有要掌管一個最近的鄰居在幾哩之外的農 莊是多~麼~的無聊。 Somebody offer him a comedy already! He told Bailey he's dying to do one, "but maybe people don't think of me that way," he said, laughing. He actually met Seth Rogen long before they worked together on Jobs because he was a fan of Rogen's work. "I think I threw a blueberry at him at one of these dinners, and he was at a table across the way, so that was our introduction," Fassbender said. "So when we were on Jobs, he said, 'I thought we'd work together at some point... on one of my movies!' So maybe at some point." 「來人哪!快給他部喜劇演哪!」(*去掉"already"就可以看出反諷用法) 他告訴主持人說他非常想演喜劇「可是別人可能覺得我不是演喜劇的料。」他笑 著說。 在和西斯羅根(Seth Rogen)合演《Steve Jobs》老早之前就見過面,他非常喜 歡羅根的作品,「我在某次晚餐時對坐在走道對面那張桌子的他扔藍莓,充作見面開 場白。」法斯賓達表示:「所以當我們演出《Steve Jobs》時,他就說:『我想我們 有朝一日會合作......在我的電影中合作。』所以,也許真的會有那麼一天唷!」 Hunger is still the film with the most personal resonance for him. "I was just so ... hungry!" he said, "in more ways than one." For one thing, he left the production for ten weeks so he could go off on his own and lose enough weight to look like he was starving ("it was a very solitary and profound experience"), and then came back to shoot the final scene. But he was also hungry to be a real actor, the kind who didn't have to do pantomime in pubs, and this was his first chance to play a lead role onscreen. "I really wanted to do this for a living and I got this opportunity to play a lead role in a film, and I really wanted to make sure that I grabbed that opportunity with both hands," he said. 《飢餓》仍是和他最切身共鳴的一部片 「我是如此飢餓。」他說:「這裡不單指肉體上的飢餓。」一方面是製作中間隔 了十個星期,他減重後再回來拍絕食後的最後一幕,這是難以為外人道也的經驗,孤 寂而深切。除此之外,他也渴望成為真正的演員,不用再在酒吧裡演默劇,這是他第 一次主演電影的機會。「我真的很想演戲為生,有這個主演電影的機會,我得確保我 能好好把握。」 So he took nearly two months to learn the movie's centerpiece 23-minute, one-take scene between Sands and Father Moran (Liam Cunningham) — now considered one of the classic scenes in cinema history. Fassbender admitted that he's really slow at learning lines, so he likes to show up to set having memorized the entire script; it allows him to be looser on the day. That scene — The Scene, as it's know among those in awe of it — was 27 or 28 pages long, to be filmed all at once. For comparison, Fassbender said that on a Marvel film he might shoot two pages of dialogue a day, and that's considered fast. 所以他花了將近兩個月來研究電影中最核心的那場戲,23分鐘一鏡到底,是山德 和莫朗神父(Father Moran,Liam Cunningham飾。譯註:GoT中的洋蔥騎士)的對戲 ,在今天成為電影史上的經典。法斯賓達承認他台詞背得很慢,所以他會把整本劇本 背起來以後再上工,這樣會比較輕鬆。在那場戲中,那場令人敬畏的戲長達27到28頁 ,要一氣呵成。相較之下,拍漫威電影他一天只要拍個兩頁的台詞,還是拍得快的時 候。 McQueen didn't tell them he wanted to shoot the scene in one take until Cunningham arrived on set. Cunningham went into a panic; Fassbender asked his scene partner to move into the two-bedroom flat he was staying in. "We got up every morning, cooked porridge, and we started rehearsing," says Fassbender. "We did it every day for 11 days and had people bring lunch to us. The goal was to do it ten to 15 times a day and then Steve would come in in the evening and watch us, give us some notes, next day same thing." 等到Cunningham到現場,導演才告訴他們說想要一鏡到底,Cunningham嚇壞了, 法斯賓達邀請他的對戲夥伴搬進他住的兩房公寓,「每天早上我們起床,煮些粥餬口 ,然後就開始排練。每天如此,一共11天,這種間有人會幫我們送飯,預計每天排練 個十到十五遍,晚上導演就會來看我們,給我們一些建議,然後第二天又是同樣的事 。」 The morning they shot it, "I remember it very clearly, it was a Wednesday," said Fassbender, "and we ran the whole 23 minutes and in four takes we were done." The producers had wanted McQueen to shoot coverage, or film the scene from each character's perspective, rather than just a two-shot of them sitting at the table, "and we did about two minutes of those and Steve was like, 'I don't want to do this. It's a oner. We should all just go home.' It was about 12:30 in the afternoon." Fassbender remembers some objections from the producers, and some unintelligible yelling, and seeing McQueen's hands up in the air, "and that was it. We all went home." 實際拍攝的那天早晨,「我記得非常清楚,那是星期三。」法斯賓達說:「那場 23分鐘的戲,我們走了四遍就完成了。」製片人希望導演拍一些備用鏡頭,或是從不 同角色的視角來拍,不要只是拍兩個人坐在桌邊。「我們試了兩分鐘,Steve 就像這 樣子『我不要,我就要一鏡到底,不然我們收工回家好了。』當時是午後12:30 。」 法斯賓達記得製片人的抗議,還有耶些聽不清楚的吼叫聲,然後導演麥坤雙手高舉, 「就這樣!我們收工回家了!」 He considered maiming himself to get out of playing Steve Jobs. Asked by an audience member what his most difficult movie had been, Fassbender said Steve Jobs, without hesitation, and blamed Aaron Sorkin for all of it. "He wrote all that stuff!" said Fassbender. "It was so dense! It was such a mountain, and I'm a slow learner, so when the script arrived for me and the opportunity came to play the part, I really thought, This is not me. This should be somebody else. It's a miscast scenario.” 他曾想要以自殘逃避演出《Steve Jobs》 觀眾問他最難演的電影是哪一部,他毫不猶豫地回答《Steve Jobs》,「這都要 怪索金寫了像山一樣多的台詞,又很緊湊,我學得很慢,當我拿到劇本,得到這個演 出機會時,我想的是:這不是我,應該是別人,他們找錯人了。」 He only relented after his dad and his agent convinced him to go for it. "But in rehearsals I was trying to find a way to get out of the job," he said. "I remember telling my driver, 'If I put my arm in the door, you should slam it. It should cause a break and it should get me out of this gig.'" Instead, he wound up going back to his hotel and learning more lines. Boring! 後來還是父親和經紀人說服了他「但是彩排時我一直想要逃走。」他說:「我還 記得我告訴司機『如果我把手臂放在門中間,你就狠狠把門甩上吧!應該會斷的,我 就可以告退了。』但是他沒有,他只是回旅館繼續背台詞。沒什麼有意思的事發生! 個人意見: Steve Jobs這部戲不只是台詞多,而是法鯊承受了太多質疑 其中一刀還是編劇艾倫索金本人捅的,在Sony駭客事件中公開的電子郵件中, 索金說:「麥克法斯賓達,那誰啊?」 而他自己是很想要衝出一片天的,不能否認他的確渴望成功 但我想他要的比較偏向業界和觀眾的認同,而非名利 這也同時折磨著他,講文藝講誇張一點,說這侵蝕他的靈魂也不為過。 所以不要再因為殘破的翻譯報導,對他的話斷章取義了 ※ 引述《ViewMovie (ViewMovie)》之銘言: : 新聞網址:http://www.viewmovie.tw/news/758 : 麥可法斯賓達(Michael Fassbender)是穿梭在小成本獨立製片及大成本片廠作品中的知名 : 演員,今年及明年也分別會有幾部他參與演出的電影上映,包括預訂今年底上映的《刺客 : 教條》(Assassin's Creed)及明年上映的《普羅米修斯》(Prometheus)續集。近日他在多 : 倫多國際影展進行訪談,透露了一些有趣或較不為人知的想法及秘辛,摘錄如下。 : 關於其在《X戰警:未來昔日》(X-Men: Days of Future Past)的演出 : 麥可法斯賓達:「我其實並不喜歡自己的演出,老實說,就是個男人在那邊大吼大叫。」 : 關於如何保存自身的演出精力 : 麥可法斯賓達:「雖然演過具有超能力的變種人,但我真正具有的強大能力是快速入睡, : 我現在就可以睡給你看,我可以直接就在場景中睡著...只是也有些負作用,當我累了的 : 時候,我就無法保持清醒而必須睡覺。」 : 如果當初演員之路發展不順利 : 那他可能一直都會是個默劇演員,他從17歲開始就在酒吧中演出默劇,也曾在夜店中自導 : 自演舞台劇版本的《霸道橫行》(Reservoir Dogs)。 : 進入角色最重要的配件 : 他自己也不知道為什麼,但當演出時穿的鞋子對了,其他表演的部份也會陸續到位。 : 關於喜劇電影 : 他表示很想要拍一部喜劇電影,而且也已經有人提供過喜劇電影的角色給他。在他和塞斯 : 羅根 (Seth Rogen)於史帝夫賈伯斯《Steve Jobs》中合作演出前,他們就已經見過面, : 因為他是塞斯羅根作品的粉絲,只是人們大概比較不會把他和喜劇電影聯想在一起。 : 關於其成名作《飢餓》(Hunger)導演史蒂夫麥昆(Steve McQueen)對他的第一印象 : 麥可法斯賓達:「我原本以為與史蒂夫的初次會面一切順利,後來才知道他討厭我,我猜 : 應該是我防禦心有些重,所以他認為我很傲慢。」 : 關於其成名作《飢餓》(Hunger) : 他為了能夠在片中後期瘦到符合角色的設定,獨自離開劇組十週的時間努力減重,然後再 : 回來拍攝他飢餓難耐的場景。片中一個長達23分鐘的片段,在劇本中共有二十多頁,因為 : 需要使用長鏡頭一次拍攝完成,他花了近兩個月的時間才熟記所有台詞,他在該片段的演 : 出,現已被認為是影史經典之一。 : 起初史蒂夫麥昆並未透露該片段要採用一鏡到底的方式拍攝完成,直到合演的演員連恩坎 : 寧漢 (Liam Cunningham)到達現場後才告知兩位演員。麥可法斯賓達說:「我們兩人每天 : 早上就開始排練,每天預計排練10-15次,晚上導演會來觀看然後提供一些意見,就這樣 : 持續了十多天。」 : 他們在一個週三的早上開始拍攝,拍了四次後結束,當時製片希望能夠再從不同的角度多 : 拍幾次,但嘗試了一下後,史蒂夫麥昆就說:「我不想拍了...就這樣回家吧。」雖然製 : 片強力反對,但在史蒂夫麥昆的堅持下,人員就各自回家了。 : 關於最困難的電影角色 : 他毫不猶豫地回答是《史帝夫賈伯斯》(Steve Jobs),他說:「編劇艾倫索金(Aaron : Sorkin)的劇本太過密實...當我看到劇本時,我真的覺得不應該由我來,而是找別人來演 : ,這是個選角錯誤的情形。」 : 他甚至跟自己的司機說:「如果我把手臂放在門上,你就用力甩門,如果骨折的話,應該 : 就可以讓我和這個角色說再見了。」直到他的父親和經紀人努力說服他放手一搏,他不情 : 願的念頭才有所減緩。 : 新聞網址:http://www.viewmovie.tw/news/758 -- So "Shame" is autobiography? -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/movie/M.1473843254.A.F53.html ※ 編輯: hhwang (, 09/14/2016 17:01:49
aiyukkie: 一直以為他在業界已經算小有名氣...... 09/14 17:31
hhwang: 應該說他還缺乏票房號召,沒有領銜主演的賣座片 09/14 17:53
sunnyyoung: 在當時也許臉會被認出,但不見得名字會被記得 09/14 17:56
※ 編輯: hhwang (, 09/14/2016 18:43:39
joey0602: 索金認不得法鯊? 那他都沒關心業界近年變動嗎… 09/14 18:02
joey0602: 話說賈伯斯這部片還是法鯊撐場面 劇本還真沒多好 09/14 18:04
Anail: 推這篇 09/14 18:12
turnpoint: 其實看天啓片酬最明顯,休跟小珍妮佛都是千萬級的,麥 09/14 18:40
turnpoint: 艾維跟法鯊就少很多,顯示有沒有票房代表作對片酬影響 09/14 18:40
turnpoint: 很大,就算大家覺得後兩者知名度沒輸前兩者多少。 09/14 18:40
GEKKAKAJIN: 一美也曾經在訪談中稱讚過法鯊很會記台詞,可是在 09/14 18:44
GEKKAKAJIN: 未來昔日的飛機上那一段他明明就是忘詞王,一直在想 09/14 18:45
GEKKAKAJIN: 拍那一段的時候他發生了什麼事XD 09/14 18:45
GEKKAKAJIN: 至於片酬,有沒有票房代表作、有沒有奧斯卡獎都會有 09/14 18:46
GEKKAKAJIN: 影響,但有一個能橋的經紀人也同樣重要(查寧塔圖的 09/14 18:47
GEKKAKAJIN: 片酬就很高,但他有票房代表作嗎?我覺得頂多是他劇本 09/14 18:48
GEKKAKAJIN: 挑的不錯這樣,雖然他還是演過朱彼特崛起這部片XDrz) 09/14 18:49
joey0602: X戰警當年簽約時他是真的知名度不高,可是索金信件是近 09/14 18:52
joey0602: 期。說不知道他是有點扯啦 09/14 18:52
hhwang: 《舞棍俱樂部》算嗎? 09/14 18:53
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e5585: 感謝翻譯,法鯊真的是個很認真的演員 09/14 19:19
nmnscha: 查寧塔圖的龍虎少年隊也很賣啊..他本來就比較商業化 09/14 19:20
entomosandra: 推 09/14 20:02
micbrimac: 天啟的片酬真的很不公平 兩個主角的片酬跟另外兩個差超 09/14 20:15
micbrimac: 多 09/14 20:15
micbrimac: 以法鯊這種有堅持的演員怎麼有辦法接受拍一堆爛片... 09/14 20:16
Carolytc: 感謝翻譯! 09/14 20:44
damyu: 感謝原po用心翻譯~ 09/14 21:04
hhwang: 被另一位友人抓了一堆錯,等等來改 09/14 21:09
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chiao218: 推這篇,推法鯊 09/14 22:00
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shih729: 推原po翻譯 推法鯊 09/14 22:44
feiyu31515: 推翻譯,感謝原po 09/15 00:10
gidens: 推 09/15 00:26
TPhow: 推翻譯~~ 09/15 01:31
Anail: 推完整翻譯 演員真的辛苦 尤其是有想法的 09/15 08:35
Anail: 都是最近的片子了還能感受到他的不安 (秀秀 09/15 08:35
Lemonism: 感謝翻譯,中文報導真的是標題殺人。 09/15 14:26
Tehran: 謝謝翻譯,大推法鯊!真的是認真又帥氣的好演員! 09/15 16:04
ViewMovie: 感謝原PO補正!雖原文標題也是如此但該部份處理確有疏失 09/15 16:11
ViewMovie: 全文直翻對非忠實粉絲來說可能摻雜較多無關宏旨的枝節 09/15 16:16
ViewMovie: 相較全文直接照翻,另外編排摘錄在閱讀上或許仍有幫助 09/15 16:26
ViewMovie: 熱心原PO的翻譯版本也是經由版友建議修正更加精確完善 09/15 16:30
ViewMovie: 原段落已更新處理,未來將更加注意,再次感謝提點告知! 09/15 16:38
事實上這篇翻譯我是在看見中文報導前就做的 主要就是法斯賓達在這場訪談中流露出對事業的強烈不安 忝為粉絲對此很是心疼不捨 隨手摘錄幾段在自己的社群網站上分享之後,想說那我全翻了好了 粉絲和一般大眾看的層面本來就不一樣 記者也不是專家,寫稿也要有吸引讀者的考量,這我完全可以接受 只是看到中文報導引發板上讀者對法斯賓達有大頭症什麼的推論,才決定貼在電影版 重點不在於全文翻譯,而是這是什麼場合,前後文脈絡是怎麼樣要說清楚 不只是中文報導,外電報導原文標題也是這樣下的 「看電影」可以接受批評和粉絲溝通,我很感動 希望影劇記者和粉絲的關係不要是敵人(雖然我常在臉書上嗆人啦!不好意思) ※ 編輯: hhwang (, 09/15/2016 19:41:10
ViewMovie: 因為感受到妳對法鯊的熱愛,所以很能理解也真的不好意思 09/16 00:57
ViewMovie: 之後如為編譯摘錄,也會再謹慎處理,感謝妳特地回文說明! 09/16 01:08
KAKAPO: 推ㄧ下法鯊啊~最愛Frank! 09/16 19:11