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講到蟻人的科技設定, 我妹寄了一個有趣的文章給我。 https://nyti.ms/2u14NHs The Science (and the Scientists) Behind ‘Ant-Man’ July 6, 2018 Several months before production began on the new sequel “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” the director Peyton Reed and a room full of writers, artists and producers assembled in the Marvel Studios offices in Burbank, Calif., to listen to a quantum physicist explain the science of getting really, really small. Recalling the meeting recently, the quantum physicist, Spyridon Michalakis of the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter at Caltech, said that he described the subatomic realm as “a place of infinite possibility, an alternative universe where the laws of physics and forces of nature as we know them haven’t crystallized.” He had suggestions about how it might be visualized on a movie screen: “beautiful colors changing constantly to reflect transience.” The movie’s producer, Stephen Broussard, said, “I’m not completely sure I have my head around it yet, but it certainly sparked some interesting ideas for what this place could be.” In the first “Ant-Man” movie (2015), Scott Lang, the title character played by Paul Rudd, wields the power to shrink to the size of a Tic Tac under the tutelage of the scientist Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and his daughter, Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilley). “When you’re small, energy’s compressed,” Hope tells Scott. “So, you have the force of a 200-pound man behind a fist a hundredth of an inch wide. You’re like a bullet.” If an explanation of molecular density seems like an odd fit for a training montage in a superhero movie, it speaks to the way that science, including the latest developments in quantum theory, informs and inspires the “Ant-Man ” series. In “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” due Friday, July 6, with Hope taking on the nimble wings and identity of the similarly minuscule Wasp, one character suffers from a (fictional) condition referred to as “molecular disequilibrium.” Two others fuse together across a great distance, much in the way particles do in the actual phenomenon of quantum entanglement. There’ s talk of tardigrade fields and time vortexes, and Laurence Fishburne delivers a technically sound lecture on something called quantum decoherence. And yes, a character does shrink so small as to be plunged into the Quantum Realm, named after and based on scientific reality, where the laws of classical physics break down. “Marvel really has gone out of their way to incorporate real, interesting science,” Dr. Michalakis said. “I think they realize that so much real science almost feels like science-fiction.” Along with the entomologist Steven Kutcher, who suggested ways to film live ants, Dr. Michalakis worked as a scientific consultant on the first “Ant-Man.” He was even more closely involved in the sequel, collaborating with Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna, two of the writers developing the script. He also consulted on “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (2017) and “Captain Marvel,” due in 2019. Persuasive science has played a major role at the movies this year. The cosmologist Stephon Alexander consulted on the sci-fi fantasy “A Wrinkle in Time,” the geneticist Adam Rutherford advised on the multifarious mutations in the sci-fi-horror movie “Annihilation,” and the paleontologist Jack Horner lent his expertise to “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” What’s perhaps surprising is that superhero movies, fueled as they are by fantastic impossibilities, are increasingly incorporating scientific detail and authenticity. Most recently, the astronomer-physicist Adam Frank advised on wormholes and interstellar travel for “Thor: Ragnarok,” while the anthropologist Jim Ferguson and the aerospace engineering expert Daniel Bodony consulted on “Black Panther.” Since its start in 2008, the National Academy of Sciences’ Science and Entertainment Exchange, which has provided such experts for more than 2,300 television and movie projects, has played scientific matchmaker for several Marvel movies and television series, including “Agent Carter,” “Luke Cage” and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Historically, Marvel comics have tended to present at least the sheen of science, with much of the superheroics tied to characters’ skills as scientists, inventors and engineers: Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, is an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, while T’Challa (Black Panther) has a Ph.D. in physics from Oxford University. “I can’t speak to the accuracy of the comics,” Mr. Sommers, the writer, said, “but there’s definitely a willingness, over the decades, to latch onto new ideas and new theories. Ant-Man in particular involves a very specific technology that shrinks you down to an atomic and subatomic level so, now at least, making sure the science is as accurate as possible is especially important.” In fact, there’s a scientific logic to the design of the Ant-Man suit in the movies that wasn’t in the original comics: The helmet is fully contained, with a mouthpiece that presumably allows the shrunken protagonist to metabolize regular-sized but relatively giant air molecules. Not that the Ant-Man movies completely unpack the science. They go into relatively little detail about the “organic atom reduction,” apparently reducing the distance between atoms, that makes Ant-Man shrink, or what happens to his mass when that takes place. “That’s the least credible part, ” Dr. Michalakis said. “How does a 160-pound man ride on ants, if he hasn’ t somehow converted his mass into something else? You cannot just convert it into energy without containing it. Otherwise you have a nuclear bomb of unprecedented destructive power.” Mr. Broussard, the producer, acknowledged that “the movies have to work as movies, so we take a lot of liberties.” He added, “We have the philosophy that the most fun idea wins. And what’s great is that we’ll get in the room with someone like Spiros, and we’ll pitch them an idea that has no basis in science fact, and they’ll be the first to say, that’s cool, do that. Which usually tells us we’re on the right track.” It helps if the scientific consultant appreciates the needs of dramatic storytelling. It was Dr. Michalakis who mentioned the microscopic creatures known as tardigrades as something striking that one might encounter in the movie’s Quantum Realm. “They remind me of the massive worms from ‘Dune,’” he said. And he approves of the movie’s particular take on quantum entanglement, which is a stretch scientifically but narratively satisfying. “ It’s actually a good example of how real science can move the story forward. ” For the record, he does have a possible explanation for the science behind Ant-Man’s organic atom reduction. (It involves replacing electrons with their heavier cousins, muons, reducing each atom to two-hundredths of its original size.) There will be plenty of time to delve deeper into the science in future installments though. For now, he’s excited to see science play a part in a summer popcorn movie, where it might ignite the imagination of young audiences. “When I think about science outreach, I can’t think of a more fun way to do it than with superheroes.” 太長了懶得翻譯 .. = v = 不過裡面提到蟻人跟黃蜂女上映前, 漫威是有去找教授來跟編劇和導演解釋, 在量子的世界裡看起來 "可能" 會是甚麼樣子。 裡面也提到,漫威蠻多片都有跟相關的學者做討論 ﹝算是 "跨界合作" ?﹞ 所以小朋友看漫威電影然後對相關科學發生興趣, 也算一種科學推廣吧 XD ※ 引述《gundriver (淺草一郎(假名))》之銘言: : ※ 引述《glacierl (冰川)》之銘言: : : 閒聊可能含雷,防一下。 : : 不知道大家有沒有注意到,這次蟻人的電影美術設計,在科技儀器上跟其他系列作品有個 : : 很大的風格差異。 : : 因為前面看過黑豹跟復仇者,所以蟻人這次變得很顯眼。 : : 相較於其他作品裡,一路走來不斷用一些很炫砲的表現方式,像是立體投影啊,觸碰螢幕 : : 、電腦虛擬按鍵之類的。唯有這回皮姆博士所用的儀器卻幾乎都是實體按鍵或把手之類來 : : 表現。無論是實驗室或是穿梭機,甚至連他們在定位量子領域時,頭上那些面板也是以實 : : 體呈現。 : : 這不曉得只是特意要區隔作品風格?或是有什麼伏筆?(因為這個差異其實大到好像在改 : : 整體設定一樣。) : 這就是我認為漫威設定世界有趣的地方,看看這10年來的電影,有用到立體投影科技的 : 大概有史特克相關科技、神盾局、瓦甘達、星際異攻隊的各宇宙人,這些人不是超級有錢 : 人或是整個國家的最先進資原,就是遠勝地球的技術力,很明顯立體投影在地球上也算是 : 最先進的技術,一般人根本無法接觸到.. : 雖說皮姆博士也是一個絕頂天才,單是他處於被通緝的情況下,各種資源管道是非常拮据 : 的,最新的蟻人與黃蜂女不就為了一個物件,而不得不找上科技黑市商人嗎? : 在這種情況下,明明可以用普通的螢幕顯示的東西,哪有餘力還使用立體投影。 : 另外像是彼得帕克在只有一個人的時候,所做出來的蜘蛛裝非常陽春跟簡陋,這才是一 : 般人的財力管道可以做成的成品吧。一直到東尼的幫助,他的蜘蛛裝才算成形。 : 反觀JL的閃電俠,同樣也是個普通老百姓,但他做出來的閃電裝根本精美到會懷疑這真的 : 不是特別找廠商訂制的衣服嗎? -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/movie/M.1531208387.A.34F.html
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